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They have several big guns projecting from the left side of the fuselage: either two 40mm cannons or a 25mm Gatling gun that can fire up to 1,800 rounds per minute, dependin

C130 cannon

g on the version, and 40mm and 105mm cannons. Development had been made around 2000 to 2010 to arm AC-130/MC-130 with AGM-114 Hellfire missile and other guided weapons, as well as the new 30mm Mk 


C130 lasers

44 Bushmaster II cannon.The U.S. Air Force is the only user of the AC-130 Gunship. The aircraft comes in two variants known as "Sceptre" and "Spooky." With a flight crew of 13 Air Force personnel and weapons ranging from 25 millimeter Gatling guns to 105 millimeter howitzers, the AC-130 has a reputation for delivering punishing assaults in combat zones.

In addition to its firepower, the AC-130 gunship has proved popular with the U.S. Air Force because of its ability to operate in adverse weather conditions and for long periods at night. Equipped with high-tech sensors, scanners and radar, the aircraft is able to distinguish between allied forces and enemy troops from great distances. This makes the AC-130’s accuracy one of the best among conventional military aircraft.

AP AC130

AC-130 the Big Gun

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C130 live weapons

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C130 bomb

In 2007, the U.S. Air Force announced that it wants to upgrade and add to the armaments on the AC-130 Gunship. There are plans to possibly replace the aircraft’s howitzers with 120 millimeter mortars and Hellfire missiles. There have also been discussions about adding Viper Strike Glide Bombs and an Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System to the aircraft. Taken together, these additions would make the AC-130 Gunship an even more formidable piece of weaponry.

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diagram of C130 gunship systems