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Free from this and have no symptoms.All government jobs free of mental.They have the cure.Police are not corrupted.Efficient part military with advanced technology.They have troops and military machines part military.They have space forces.Many parts like squads for quick response to crime.Their continent is not crawling with crime so this is over in other continents and in space.Run faster and have more strength.One on one they pretzel and police grip huge guy.Used to war on UFP.More lethal firepower and can call protocol to change situation.They do law on spot.Excellent in energy and firearms.They are like commander and troops for urban and countryside warfare.As like the rangers in woods and jungles,bodies of water.Their shoes are water proof and they can get through most all terrains.No wet uniforms.Turn up field.Patrolling is very efficicient to pull over and inspection their roads and highways.Highway troopers go after crime.Detour off highways onto small regions.No where crime can hide.With police computer after them with all officers and new ones.Don't retire officers.They are on duty in 40's as youngmen.Being AI they don't age.AI has alot of leader and knowledge in 10,000's yrs and older.Police cars can ram and cutoff cars and render them useless,stun vehicles.They have armor and meant to do this.Police are neat and not reckless.Defense computer calls in from cameras and watching in space.Police in space and on space platforms.We're taking our case against the British and French people in space.They have a vigilant outlook on me directly as Queen Armada and have declared some sort of war on me.Subtle and piracy.I want to be part of this galaxy for them to come down iron hard on British and French before any war.They will use war vessels to arrest and incarcerate British,French and UPF Americans pitch in on this racism.They get to high and mighty about something very mental.Our military is connected with police directly.Police have military warships in space.Military are interacted on arrests.Mliltary made the polilce to go to war on crime.Crime hid in cities.It was war on criminal behaviour.Military has sections in police buildings for direct involvement.They are not separated.Troops can turn into police officers.They do so to involve war on crime with war.There are police squads but they military level.They travel in outer space to colonies and moons other planets in our alliances.They shuffle and have manpower to maintain conrol on that.Police squads got militarily improvised and they upgraded themselves with miltiary intangibles.They refined themselves rounded themselves off as part military.All parts military APB and dipsatch involvement in crimes.They are taken as records and files.Send military patrol police.Military is not older than the law as they are the same.And same importance.Police have resources available to them vs crime and interact it into militaries as Army and Airforce,Navy and space forces,Marines.All evidence of my pastlife from this continent Sol System Earth Class ON North America 20th Century and North Atlantic.Safe continent for shemales to live on their own and in pairs.To fight any light supernatural,couples.Government and police counter supernatural calls.They send someone qualified in supernatural and paranormal and they counter and take it down on maps.They raise fields defenses and lights.They have religious weapons vs supernatural and compounds,signals and energies they can do to area.Its a priority and alert when happens and response is fast as people want instant response not being alone.Someone to save them and many years ahead.Case to see their lives ahead in future.Therapy with classes for support.They have proper defenses raised in dwellings and proper percautions for them as plan.Government from a case changes and allows a backup plan to go into action.They take light supernatural serious as they know this can be a threat with ghosts and more.Government workers commuting and transports radioed new orders and go in to planning to change what protocol they are on.They are security out in middle of dark,well lit with outside defenses.But the way the government has it maintained that the manpower is supplied by government in seconds in emergency they have phones to communicate.Exo Suits are military machine robots with Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender white race alien technology.There are many types of exo suits used by government.They are in branches of military and police and give them the advantage in wars.They can fire smoke grenades and fire stun beams and projection field.More firepower and can run as fast as cars at hundreds of miles hr.They have verniers for flight and flight in space when attatchments AC units.They are combinered and pilot is interfaced with the exo suit for added power.Two pilots and it has mainframes computer core.It does its purposes in its fields.They have qualities and attributes of each branch of government.They have their technology and instruments mini compacted.Modualted.They can combat.Attatchments like pods and launchers.Stores.End any gat away and used in covert ops.Operations.They have stealth exo suits.They don't damage up city and are in service in colonies.They are on warships and carriers.They are deployed by a troop carrier.It has a force field shield and for military armor and field.It has a computer with a query.It is part of the systems of the branch of government that has them.They are stored in hangars.They have camera and telescopic modes and imagery.Instruments from each branch.They operate on energy.Use radiation for reactor and energy replication from radiation and plasma.They have anti-self destruct meaning if anything goes wrong it won't explode.It has fire retardants and fire suppression systems inside and anything to combat computer crime programs and software.It is regenerative.It is very fast and agile depending on what branch of government its in.Marines have exo suits.Transported by trains and in in cargo bays.Patrols on society as its defenses and in space to put out fires.Lift debris and cut into things and construction exo suits replace things.Health and medical by AI hospitals have replacement parts or electronic organ devices that are biology.They have replaceable parts.They can replace the senses in medical.They have advancements in health                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         where they can bring people from the dead and save them.They are far ahead in medical as alien race and an Arificial Intelligence robot people.They have urgernt response to disasters and state of the art hospital in giant towers.High up in the floors and facility of series of buildings.Emergency protocol goes on and they go to emergency for whatever response and they learn from government eye being street camera's what the emergency is.Go on in prepared and its for free.Medical is payed by government there.They studied psychic powers on the body.They can take away the pain snd use electronic stasis or into a sleep on severity.They have a drug just for their race in curing coma's.They can wake them out of comas not just drug but using a charge.No comas in this faction.They have cured that in their own race.They know the secrets of sleep in AI and have found out about brain activity.They have all sorts of calls from city emergency to in woods and jungle to bodies of water.And they put them into a sleep and can repair appendages and replace them as senses and paralysis.They can cure spinal injuries as many diseases.No handi-capped people in this continent and its sports from its accomplishments in past.Immediate response and readiness to emergencies.They have medicines and injections against any diseases and injuries.They don't culture diseased beings or crippled people.They have invested in their medical and technology to put end to diseased people,infected and crippled which the island continent is against breeding.They attack this and there are no cripples from judgement as they can repair the senses.They don't keep people alive that are not reckagable.They can use minerals and injection them as electronic injection.They have medical specialists in many fields.What they have back is imitations of their body the replacement.Daredevil is not encouraged and cut downs on being near hazards.Cities don't have shoot outs.But once in a while the danger is there and they are prepared for shootings.Public outside has defenses for civiians and ways to clear them out.They can use energy to powerup the body.As a more direct energy source than food.As living beings not plain machines as they have souls.They eat to sustain energy to soul's vital organs and neurons when not military or in their mainframes.Mainframes or vehicle and robot changer modes combiner when body differentials from government and military.Body has adapted to war and government as machine robot.They eat as people to sustain to their nervous system and eat vitamins to each area but its taken as artificial intelligence and rejected like small amount of burned garbage,digested and expelled burned up and expelled by cells from breathing areas as gas leave the body.Their AI brain can be charged up same with their body.Brings them back and gives body more direct power.Chargeup their battery or power source in their body.Battery is a biological organ in AI Transformer Gobot.They can have direct power connection to hospital and medical facility power source meant to charge up the body.And they can tap into bodies defenses they have,fields.They have electronic injections they give to rejection the injuries and then they have nanites to repair the circutry nervous system.Nanites go in and change to nerve circuitry and nerve damage is over from ambulance.Processes and for more injuries weeks in hospital.They have biology but in mechanical and electronics living beings AI.People that are AI.Construction any outer damage.They can repair many severities in injuries.Send in particle size nanites to repair and become the vital parts that are damaged.They are rejuvenated from AI people biological nanites that have reparied any damage.They can be used to go on in and destroy any diseases and to comeout and pull them out.They can injection into AI skull and bodies,bones.They have instruments that can transfer through solid body and not make any cuts.They can get to all secrets in body to repair them and to chuck out any disease and prevent disease from regrowing genetically.They can attatch to genetics and with medicine get rid of diseases.They can destroy diseases from genetics and rid them out of family.They have nanites that can attatch to AI genes and separate disease from body and change disease to waste and bring disease out of body back to medical doctors.Know all secrets of AI people body.They use pills and drugs to get rid of trauma and traumatic experiences so person is not shell shocked by experience.Like a horrific accident erased and not so hard but vague.They do mind scans.And they can put in medical orders into AI mind.They have cleaning tools for the body.Ones they can't they have to reborn them into a new body.Transfer the soul into a new body.In creator system hand in in hand working with the corporations they for most severe cases change bodies and use machine to transfer the soul new body that over years has been made and is new person.Studying afterlives and pastlives.They have checkups on people by their family doctor who scans them with support of hospital.Dr. has office in hospital in buillding part many buildings.He scans for anything unhealthy.And then can initiate medical treatment.Not just drugs but to admit to get rid of any disorders and anything detected.No pain at all and they even can be put into sleep stasis.Ones that are not complicated can be done by doctor like something in the arm.They have tools that can use energy to get rid of any unwanted.They can freeze with chemical.They can flush out with types of acids that don't harm body medical.They can suction and have many medical tools and many alien technology tools.Imagery equipment and sensors.Probes and mind scans as body scan.Drugs and compounds from other worlds and moons from space.In cleaning their body internally they can have a simple cleaner component put into their bodies that break down structure naturally and this helps to add cleaner into the bodies system to help the waste process that it happens longer duration not short.Its also helping the cell nanites to destroy the waste in body.Computer organic waste that has chemical process.People here and men are very healthy mentally.They are not negative from the scenery and land is like a paradise and dream come true.Many activities that people do on their own as they can do so many things from socialize,home duties and entertainment.They can explore their land and people are not indoors people as provided in commuting to go out and do things and rest outside.Money is no jeopardy as they they comfortable amount of money and nothing to panic about.They are not pushed to being tired.Provided food and more than adequate things to life.People live in comfort here.They don't panic from money.They establish no low level or poor.People don't resort to crime at all here.They are animalists here that have sympathy for animals in instincts.They believe animals are beings and treat them well as animals treat them well.Use sensibility in life.Animals and nature.People keep things clean and have responsbilities.They don't make trash and positive here.They look at the sky and its a wonder here.It has some gloomy areas but the actitivities and people get going and the days are illuminated by the aurora.The pole energy.Not bad being gloomy days.Land does not make them feel bad or the plentiful activitities.People are on the move to growing up and in fast lane in life.They don't worry about time and age.Technology is advanced and people use its advancements in media and entertainment at home or in public.Games and other things they do.People plan vacations here and small trips.Or they commute for their jobs.They are of good nature and don't resort to drugs at all.Many of them censored out of the public here.Search in their genes and hand arm scan.They don't have them born here from addiction.Worries are gone and land is very exciting with loads of things to do in nature and in regions.Loads to do in polar island continent.Tribal spirits.People have solitude here and go out on their own to places and have their routines.People chip in to be constructive with buying tickets here.They buy and are in stands here great sell.Buy things as place not based on money and buying as they give deals to people here,not the real prices here.Their economy is working to space level high level of future.People have it easy to contribute to economy.They are not pressured.People have homes here and raise families.They have friends open more because of centers and sit and have drink in all ages.They know people and many people know each other from many climate regions.Know people and use them like connections to go to places.Visit and have people and support on vacations and trips.Support as its a family and friend atmosphere.In government jobs they are open and have theirs but are not supremacists.They are not overworked because of drones and their space level operations.Things going with Eurasia to to take off the load from this island continent.Jobs like physical work done by machines and robots with people supervisors and men.They are drugged to the area meaning they can withstand a crate hitting them.They are drugged to the jobs.They can withstand any accidents.Drugging makes them much like the objects and world of the objects.They use this to protect themselves in work.When they retire or leave job and they lower down in drugging from work years.People retire young age but come in part time.Its not totally over.They assist and aged in 10 000's of years in thousands of years in age.Because they are European Pretender Gobot Muslims and AI.People's moods and they don't gamble and formup cards and pool at the danger level.They do not cards and pool or darts.They do this in their past time when they have time and its not physical jobs.They don't get drunk and go to pool.They don't have gambling as problem.People are in plain fun but could be students and young adults that pool and cards at the adult center.When they are in 20's and 30's in age level as young adults.People don't use socializing to empty out their troubles and being blue.This is a disorder that is psychological as any disorders of deppression from incidence can lead to crime.This is treated in traumatic and childhood experiences.In our island continent we don't want problem child.Problem people are not wanted in this continent and it does not threrapy a problem.When people display behaviour problems and symptoms from being orphan and any family problems.Same as war.Our doctors in space see more of these cases.People proven changed psychologically and are a potential threat they live in space.That is why we have colonies and territory in Stargate and UFP probably  from fighting with Cobra.People like this are not treatmented here in this island and they go to space for treatment and to live in space.They censor out problem and potential cases.Military has processes to cope with war trauma.As AI's they have to resist emotions and our military with Eurasia does not do rotten things or is evil like Cobra.This is reduction form irrationall military.Military in space is mllitary and troops go through computer program into biology that resists memory,flashbacks,emotions and dreams.They have emotions in war for judgment and their attributes.Not feeling emotional which causes dreams and day dreaming.They don't have this as AI's.And they go through treatment to get rid of war.Get rid of them becoming neurotic and shut down on their behaviour.Dangers.Process to be normal.Machines and instruments that get rid of war trauma and awful memories the enemy caused.The troops have defenses psychologically to come back but have grown up more than normal people at bigger jump in evolution to outer space as war and military.They have grown up as rank and veteran.Stay away from their homes during military.Government preserves all of their things as society protects things for their duty and service to be over.Preparation for them to be de-militarized judgment of our factions that there is no more war for a long time and they can go back.Start the healthy demilitarization of their body and mind to rid them of war trauma and memories using biology and computer technology.Troop has software Transformer Gobot biology people mind.Able to come back home but believe they are more responsible at higher level in society.They can go back out as this is a Transformers Gobot Pretender society and Transformer Gobot Pretenders are military machine/vehicle robot mecha living beings race aliens.Meant for war.Purposes in transformation,thier mainframes and co-operation.Visit the doctor every year and on a visit he can put this component inside AI's body.It then flushes out impurities in body.Then they can be combustion as gas and expelled.It does not take the doctor long as its a visit.He attatches this internal.Got a cleaner system from commercials in your body for years.And they can take tablets that release body cleaners to clean out their body.Troops have medical process and drugging for waste in warfare so they can go for years without waste but go off food.On food they go every year.They use science in military for health on troops.Use government powers on wide range of drugs troops electronic injection themselves.They also go under medical process to reocnfigurate their components for waste.Body will use chemicals for getting rid waste as combustion.Eat alot or enough for energy.Troops use energy into their body.Charge up and have been
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Electronic IV energy to troop

re-modified as police.Can go and electronic injection themselves for months part half year.Another injection.And breath in a smoke gas.Gases and chemical drugs for military.They have been remodified component organs for war.Survival on alien world and space.On duty for war in suburbs and on colonies in space.And from enemy weapons to effect waste from entering body.Proctection against this.Sent to least of their concerns.Military medical sciences.Bodies defenses improved in waste AI organs.And to eliminate dependancy on foods.Eliminate cravings.Go on energy supplies having pure energy into their bodies from electronic cable IV.They can eat as option and won't eat torture go into a phase when captive.Based on escaping and even self destruction.As Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner White races people aliens.Component organs are components from AI and are for living.Hospital can replicate component organs.Cleaning the body internally and a cleaning session to visit for a day appointment where the doctor does internal organ cleaning for every 15yrs he can clean out your internal systems as part of health care to maintain the AI component organs.Cleaning checkup.Clean out the component mind physically.No pain or putting people to sleep as they are partial stasis for internal organs and mind.He then cleans out the body internally and does the waste system.He does nothing to outer AI skin area.He has it opened by transformation and its open to spray and clean.He has instruments that can curl around and get to hard to reach places,extensions and tubes the precisely turn at an angle.He does the entire body and its component organs.State of the art technology.As AI's they obey in medical when doctor touches certain areas as like button and it responds for medical.Opens up and even component organs open up.No pain in partial stasis.He or she talks to them like a checkup.And it takes less few hrs.                                          He also improves and makes judgement on medicine and anything he saw that needs treatment for later.He improves body system health.No bad habits.Fine tunes internal AI body.They also use pschological to screan out people and pick  where they live.They test people to find out their sexuality and their profile.They want to know about irradical behaviour and unstable people.Emptional that are factors from problems.It stops crime and crackdown on even acciidents and is by the law that young adults and grown ups take psychological profile to see how they are and from their family doctor.Go for appointment to test and have them screened.It will see how their life balance is and step in if there are any problems that might effect the public.Sensor out socializing and anything else in scoiety that might be damaging.Use this also to gain reports and profile for use by the law.Get to know them and have updates as long as they have priviliges.They can't disappear from government eye.They must have reports and keep track of people yearly.                           Mouth cleaning is done by small brushing device to scower mouth once and then flush it out with a wash liquid rinse.This maintains them for 1 day and they can brush for 3 days with other cleanser that release long acting in mouth with a rinse.Releases particles that hitch on teeth and release dental medicine on teeth from activation from eating and drinking.A rinse gets rid of that last for days if need it for trips and out in woods,jungle.Food companies got down on what makes damage to body and mouth and eliminated that product from market.Food contains nothing to do damage to the body and dental as dental means internal body too.Mostly all of products were eliminated out of junk food and food.The rinse gets rid of any harmful products in food.Brush gets in between teeth and is quick.Rinse and brush to spread the rinse.Neutralizer agent.Brushing they load in cartridge teeth and body,mouth cleaner and brush scrub.Brushes extend get in between teeth.Rinse with water to make a reaction.The plaque does not do any damage sitting on teeth because of technology.It also does not harden.No tartar.Eliminated with chemicals and from food.Breath cleaner is something they suck on like candy breathelizer.This makes mouth clean smell.Part of dental treatment breathelizer tablets suck on.It sends out particles that release what destroys harmful things in food and drink,desert.Their is no threatening threats in cities and regions.Its all dead in evil and evil in man.Does not exist and they have percautions any government attendant.Space firefighters.They have exo suits and modules for
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Fire fighting Pretender Gobot Universe Combiner race

fighting any
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Firefighting Exo Suits

fires in space.Fire fighting has built in systems to help out firefighters.They use exo mecha to haul in more firepower towards the fire.They can move debris and uphold structures while blasting fires.They can cut off energy and network interface to shutdown systems for fire fighting.They can use done firefighters to fly up to fires and enter facilities to stop fires using flight.They have fields and environmental fields used to counter fires.They are very sharp and go over every cm of the island continent with firefighting.They prevent fires and do not distribute fammable materials and other products are not allowed in public's hands.Means of starting fires.Not open to public as crackdown on means start fires.ID card is very strict and scan of arm or hand.They scan this and give in things to use up in camping country.They instantaneously get to any fire hazards and crackdowns on flammable materials.No gasolines or fuels allowed in public at all.Just as lighting fires monitored and careless fires have crackdown on by Rangers.Rangers hand in hand with firefighters don't allow fires and fire making devices are controlled.No smoking here because they are AI muslims.They don't smoke here and smoking is not industry here.Lack of lighting butt and lack of fires.People don't smoke here but use electronic cigarettes that use energy to use gases.And its health orientated.Gases are to do with health and not addiction.They have healthy mixture added to them.Electronic and they use energy to energize them allow the gas from power source.Monitor on industrial flammables and product flammables.People can use a flammable on their purposes.They are monitored in making fires.Need to tell purpose and they don't carry flammables around.Talk into computer why they need and webcams watch to keep record.Preventing fires.They can't have fuel or anything big.Create fires they can use a electric lighting device.This is kept far away and under lock in computer.Power fails they can still open it as its under security for purpose of lighting.Lighting in fireplaces and for bar b q's.Food purposes.And if an agent needs flammables packed in his items pack.Cops jump people and detect if any illegal fires are made and Rengers will home in from watching on cameras in woods.They countered industry and in woods jungles for fires.Crackdowns on flammables and access to fire starting devices given to privileges on ID Card.Proven resposible to start fires and what reasons.Monitored as they make it a big deal in fires.Watch and add to record and report on starting fires especially small fires.Large fires done only by government workers not people that would get charged.Small fires and reasons.No matches.Have devices that by hand can make a small flame and runs on battery.Elminated fire and power fire hazards from energy.Accidents and they have prevented accidents with use of technology to counter accidents with reports and ID cards.Droid units for countering fires and hazards.They have the chemicals that choke out any fire hazards.Very strict and get to outer space fast,Transported by space ships to
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Alien poles Island Continent Fire Engines

space to counter any in space.Space Airports have strict fire precautions and work one after the other.Firefighting units that contain pressure and water chemical.They have means to counter public places like tourist attractions as zoos and other places where animals are at risk to chemicals and their tanks flooding from access water.They have precautions for them from construction of these theme parks.Fires here reported and they go over them with city terminal computers that go over with the staff on how to eliminate such hazards.They then go out into region and put in the needed devices and tools.They get on highways very fast at any exits and detours.The terminals make a direct route for the fire engines of alien design.Many of their units are on the way use anti gravity for hights.Everything is very safe here,no hazards as crackdowns on them and in space.Use the environment like tundra cold or rainfall.Use the aquarium waters to protect what is living in them.Then to reinforce them.They attatch to place and bring in more powerful portable units that discharge chemical and water for situation as just use of rain water.Pressure charged and refrigeration is used on fires.Make it colder.In commuting in subways and trains well maintained to hazards.They are safe.Out in woods the rangers and the portable units for fires in woods prevented.No carelessness from cameras systems.They use nature like bodies of water and reinforce it with technology and government.Many methods fire fighters gain out in regions from cities.Many means to counter fires and hazards.Same with disasters there are the built in means to counter fires and then the fire engine and units crew on their way.Use VSTOL STOVL craft ships to bring in units.Fire suppression systems for colonies and platforms.They go back to surface planet in rotation.Their things do 2 stage operations back to alien planet.Civilization was made in space they needed investigators and law in space from alien menace UPF and Stargate Atlantis.Combat crime in space and have prisons.Secret locations.Many cities have police as their security for law and order in space territories.Antarctica and Greenland,North America ON Sol System Earth class.The highway patrol of the law can advert danger as protocol and end many travels on the roads.A patrol car meant to alarm you and the highway will go to protocol to slow down vehicle and have you detour off.Provisions in a place to stay with interaction of your ID card and hand scan.They will then take you off the highway safely and the law will say they predicted an accident.Stay temporary til they can journey back to safety or change their plans to something safer.Highways and roads systems have workers that can predict accidents.Then they go to precautions and protocols.Scan vehicles for dangers and hazards.Vehicles must pass at grade level to enter highway and on the roads.Workers will go to protocol and precautions in emergency.Highways have fire retardant pipes and fire suppression systems ready,slow down the cars and vehicles.Slowed down they can go to vehicle and rest of emergency crew.Spacecraft have flight patterns and routes.Highways and roads have no conjestion.From many techniques per sector and area they have come up with ideas thousands of years ago.They have no traffic jams and traffic is free flowing.They travel full speed through some cities.They can do things with masonry to be very
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Construction Exo Suits

creative.Bridges and tunnels.For roads over highway bridge arcs.Travel at building level.There is civilization up building level.They have roads and highways for safety to be on a

Monorail passengers and Space highway

track,controlled.Lanes can be activated by workers to have cussion of antigravity to separate vehicles from collision and if a vehicle loses control,use fields and slow it down,rest of traffic redirected,diverted for safety til emergency is over.Accidents are all organization.Organized.And with vast computer systems and advancements to very little to none.Drivers are trained.And drugged for driving.Operating a machine is a very big deal and involves people as government interacting on active government highways.They are architectural highways of space.They use innovations on double decker lanes that divide and split up directions.They have futuristic and modern highways.They interact using futuristic and modern day schemes.They have their cars and trucks in lanes like speeder speeds level.The motorcycles and many tires spin to make laser sound high pitch trapped in the highways area.The highways is an area or section that has fields and systems.It traps sound so the cars and vehicles don't make loud noise.Noise reduction.From modernized and futuristic technology.They are creative in making bridges that are impossible at angles and ones in space that go from moon to moon.The highways fulfill demand to on coming traffic and demands roads and cities have.The highways need to trap the noise and have noise barriers.They have fields that noise barriers and the severity.Takes over the cars because they need to go faster to under mach1.They are going this fast and controlled by energy and by the highway barrier.It controls the cars EM.Controls then and accelerates them to under mach1.They go this fast with assistance and come out of mach and then manual control happens slower speeds with assistance from CPU in car or vehicle.Many hundreds of highway lanes leaving cities to cities.Demand to highway lanes satisfied to island continent.Connected by highway and by transportation.Space buses.They are in double section larger and wider and transport many more passengers.They are at the speed of sound and coming out of it to another climate zone.Here a highway is not a danger like with trucks and high speeds.Maintained and cleaned.They are brushed and removed of all debris.Very sensitive devices to remove every particle in scrubbing and sucking out debris.Particles are removed and camera system monitors each section of highway in stations.Officers that watch and observe as debris can't be put on the highway or thrown.They catch any idiot like that that gets his ID card a record.No one throws debris sensitive laws and common sense here.Many laws no smoking or fires on highways.No chemicals or any other tamper with the mind.Policing watches and goes out to intercept dangers.They can use their cars to ram and block off cars too,shut them down.They have armor to protect their cars and block off and trap off.Shut down engines from car designers.Space highways are sensitive area that need law enforcing and staff that watches and maintains the area.People who in cities or regions live near highways live in a certain way to do with the space highway.Adapted to it and use it to go places.Have priorities for highway sections meant for the cities and construction and any other parts of the cities.Division and the highways have own sections for construction and emergencies.Divided from oncoming traffic as problem.Traffic is divided for instant reponse.Sensoring.Suggestions to those per family that don't
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Poles island continent Snow removal

make it.Worse is computer does all of the driving,auto pilot.Highways do the driving,roads.Highways can block off any crime or accident to happen.Form up walls and slow down the vehicle to 0mph.It can form transformed walls to isolate the vehicle.It can do a shutdown but zapping energy into tires to engines and frequency to motor.They can isolate the dangered vehicle anywhere.And ready standby firefighters and law.They have many levels and many lanes.They are other lanes that join merger to make upper levels and can go to triple levels.They speed up the cars so driving end to end of the continent takes 4hrs at full speed on highways.It links up and attatches a field to cars to boost speed and control them on the highways for
KusoCartoon 13972552060167

highway,streets defenses

traction.They get momentum and engines supply power to be boosted on space highways.With police patrols and emergency crew with interface computer with highways system for safety.And everything was made to be mecha and
KusoCartoon 13941405731209

Space highway levels

Transformer Gobot Robot durable.Angel runned planet angels are born race of these Pretender Combiners.Angels keep things efficient,clean and organized.They don't make people blunders.These people are militarily.All vehicles made with safety in mind and accidents.They have put the modules,instruments and engine so in an accident it won't go on fire and design per size vehicles to giant trucks won't cause metal fragments or crushing,debris.Structure won't split or collapse inside.It per seats has safety precautions that guard passenger from dangers.No fuels dangers at all as its using charged energy.Precautions to energy to ground in emergency and lower
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Cycle Vehicle

speed.Designed to cater to roads and highways of this island continent and its territories.Tested to the roads and highways.Excellent command and control.Emergencies down to zero miles per hour.Cars go into hyperdrive mode for long distance trips.Speeds of mach 2.5.They are in an energy barrier transition.The change stages in slowing down and are assisted by the highways and their CPU in the car.Cars can be transported on vacations to places.It is much easier to do this and is not as expensive as it would be on earth class.Modern technology enables them to have their cars taken on vacations as these transports are fully capable of taking many vehicles to far points and into space.Speeder motorcycle bike path.Motorcycles separate route and can enter traffic.They have bridges and arcs.Many lanes.They can be controlled automated by the highway system network on auto pilot slowing speeds and they can go to entertainment and their things even in motorcycle with canopy inside.The highways are constructed massive level and have spots where cars can pull over for the workers.On the islands are massive size highways cross the oceans and connect it in network.Highways keep going and are used all day all night but less at times demand at some hours during day.No conjecstion as they efficient at redirection and rechannel the traffic.Rediviirting.Highway and cars are built against accidents in modules guard against collision and slow down.People don't get covered they have corporations cover things and return you back like nothing has happened.No financial drowning.Prevented by building them in vehicles.They don't loose control from speeds.Highway controls them precautions.No glass as its a plastic like transparent material that can't smash.They have tractor beams.Build giant architectural masterpeices of bridges and other arcing bridges and tunnels.They go underwater in tunnels.Car has autopilot to keep going with energy monitored.People recharge their vehicles.In emergencies the government pays for recharging and fix parts on car when on the go.Highways have stops where traffic redivirted to exit to stop and cleanup like hotel and have meals.They are protected places where usual people go to them and spend the night long voyage or day.Place to rejuvenate and drink down beverage and to be emptied out in washrooms,washed.Comfort and to watch media entertainment and media music.Back on the road.No polution as the highways have filtration systems to get rid of the raw gases and polution.Cars run on energy causes no chemicals.Countermeasures to polution and washing the highways.Maintenance.Responsibilities of highway construction is done by their government.Money does not matter from their reserves.Constructed as many and all public structures and tourist attractions.Theme parks built by government.Just as food and all malls.Cars load trains to get transported faster than mach 2.5.They load the train like ferry and cars are on cars that have bays for cars in thousands.Hundreds and they come back leave every 15min to 20min leaving and transporting many thousands of cars to each zone and city.They take in 10,000's of cars per day and more.They have 10's under 40 tracks to each zone and climate zone.Board to go to work on trains to other side or other climate zones on island continent.Cars are transported in 10,000's of cars per city and go to each city.Must be in millions
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Truck transport Space Trains

that they all dock at the train station at the car bays cargo trains.Leave to other parts of island continent.End up where they are faster than the less than mach space highway.Pay tickets and cars load into the cargo bay for cars and the people leave cars and stay in trains.Train stop they are given sufficient time to load out of the train in new climate zone city.Large cargo trucks are transported by specialized sections separate trains meant to carry trucks and their cargo.Use transformation and separate the trailer and it then is combined when at the end of the trip from the train.The cargo trucks are mergered and they drive off at speeds to get to their destination at slow speeder speeds.Many don't need the highways and have made most of the trip.Use of the space highway short distance most of it made them to climate zones.Space trains are advanced trains that go mach speeds to join every part continent together in less than a few hours most from hot zone coast to polar coat and No Man's land polar seas.It can go over seas and bodies of water and has different trains so they don't stop.Long distance tracks routes.They can change to go over obstacles and landforms,bodies of water.Each city is connected.Fairs are for long distance commuter fair higher with provisions for long distance.Buy food with you hand scan or ID.Gather your food buy from a staff member supervising and retractable table trays.Entertainment and media.Lots of leg room and to relax in seats.Waste disposal units and wash hands from islam as they wanted this,as they medically scan you and tell you things if need so like a nurse goes on ID.They are not filthy or gang ridden.They are better than a coach ride.No dangerous people on these scanned out.Take population that is normal and
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Space train

non-violent,very civilized place.Trains are civilized.Vital in continent

Commuting train map of continent and polar seas region

being networked so government has cleaned out trains.There is no dangers to do with them.Keep the continent going.Need them to keep network up of people and supplies to each city and resources.Networked severely closest way of bringing cities of far away and regions within a few hours.Protected and daily life.Keeps everything together in few hours with all the supplies and resources.People leave what's at home at home.All vitally connected like future.Problems are solved and country on network.Manpower all of the continent.Thriving.While in hyperdrive speeds the passengers have gravity to walk around.Only goes into this for long trips where they go through a climate and seasons barrier into other sectors.Time zones.Their hours are all morning and day long and all commuting to long distance can catch a late train at after midnight hours,hour and a half our time stops at few more their hours.Ready for the trip back latest commuting.They are going mach 5.They are traveling to all parts of every climate zone of this country..Setup in many modes and tracks to speeds under mach1 even.Not all trips go mach 5.They go under mach closer they are.They arrive and have arrivals back to their zones.Late train and special commuting per train is set for late arrivals only to get them to their doorstep.Others traveling later have to wait for early in morning when commuting starts over again.Changes speeds out of hyperdrive to slow down and maintains a gravity onboard but passengers retraints down.Comfortable trip and ride.they are at other ends of continent.Commuting can be long distance with station officers and security.Stops in long distance for repairs,security and train to switch trains in emergency to save their trip as protocal.Trains are very powerful and are used to drag cars with car trailers.People can bring their cars
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Space train vehicle carrier

on trains.They can drag alot more than their own bulk.People can from all levels of society can have their belongings moved by train.Its all packed by the workers and drones.They load in the train and its removed with speed and efficiency to new home.They have an instrument and plan to lay out the home or building.From the owner a plan is followed by the owner and dones with workers forllow it out.Within less than hour everything is layed out small number or close quarters is done in 20minutes.Go high speeds from energy.They need to decelerate in speed as they come out of like a warp from high speeds to be at ends of continent in less hours.That
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Transition station trains

is how cities go built from building material for towers back and forth and in large quantity.Many of the large cities got built.Drag ores from space back on orbital elevator.Trains run on propelled on field.It makes the train slide forward and it can reverse.Adjust speeds as our fast to hyperdrive speeds vehicles goes.It goes into a sound barrier of energy.It makes an energy noise as its not machine power.It goes at mach 4.5 to make it less 3hrs end to end of the continent going north and south to No Mans Lands in heat and cold.Stations in each part zone on tracks that lower and raise the trains for aerial and land travel.Hydraulic arms and clamps lower each train and cars.Cars join train hookup cables that attatch.Transformation for the train go in modes and speed of it decelarates automatically in perimeter and range of stations which are either inside or outside.In tunnel or its own station enclosure.It has electromechanical clamps system for clamping and attatching to the trains so they can journey over hights.Obstacles and over bodies of water like over polar poles island to island and up the orbital elevator.Over gorges.Up the mountains then switches normal train mode on plain.Trains can be pushed til they make stop.Emergency provisions and modes to go extra distance but to shutdown.CPU monitor trains but they are very reliable as commuting.People don't miss their stops.Don't lose their things as a beep goes off to sound your belongings and staff.Seats are arranged and on long distance commuting.Sidewalks over highways and busy
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Space train

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Cargo train

roads.Walkways.Walkways straight into mall land buildings.Walkways make walks more moderated and modern connect sections of city.People can motorized bicycle on bike path in walkway.Slow speed at little more than pedalling speed.Monitored.Variations of motorized bicycles that operate like motorcycles only on roads and highways,immense vehicle speeds.Passenger spacecraft carry thousand people and room cargo for vehicles.Carry pets in sections and of course scanned to see it they are pets or not with ID numbers.Visual and they stay in pets cargo area.People want to take their pet fish.Or pet weasel and they can go to the pet area to visit only their pet or their friends,family.Alarm is sent to go get your pets,ID number as they all must go off the stop with emergency for workers to take any other pets to a station at the city zone if owner has had emergency of some sort.You can't abandon pets here.Responsibility on them with ID numbers.They have alot of power as they can go into space and voyage at warp speeds in space to colonies.They are spacecrafts and behave like ones.View transparent material with sophisticated systems alien.They have bar to view space and journey at speeds within less than hour to parts continent and world.Goes at atmospheric speeds to land at the space airport.Precautions inside as fire retardants and fire suppression systems to cutoff energy route it for emergency.Pumps if in emergency floating on water place protection against creatures.Smooth flight with anti-gravity systems enivironment.Uses lack of gravity protect passengers.Fly above and around the mountains.Fly to land at the airports at the mountains decrease altitude of above 10 miles being a mile above in higher atmospheric.To space stations and moon colonies.They go to other nations on our planet.No disasters as government cancel out and eliminated any corruption and government as problem reduced to nothing.Countered any corruption from government internally to cause disasters.They grew their continent and civilization without any deadly corruption.They are used heavily as overseas.Unload the vehicles as cargo to passengers and cargo spacecraft meant to carry vehicles and government vehicles.Hover and vectoring.Thrust forward with safe altitude in thousands of feet above any tragectory.Safe from cities routes.On their routes are precautions.Landing areas for crash or landings for emergency.They have containment equipment for explosions smother.Setup seconds.Fields to protect workers.Firefight end up having their equipment dropped to setup.Fire fighting in the air and before touchdown.Pre planned.Predicted accidents.Fire fighters board craft in air or space.Destroy damaged unstable instruments.Other
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Poles Island Continent Space Airports

craft to haul in the passenger craft after.Place emergency landing and alarm on forest areas of a crash to evacuate.Know
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Passenger Spacecraft

they are under a flight route.Drills to test them out.And crashes and they have antigravity systems to go higher into space to be stuck for retrieval.Crash in water and remain in the cabin for retrieval they go on life support mode as they get before their trip physically.Wait in the cabin for help and it floats to avoid leaks,material.They have alternatives and precautions in the craft.They have a no crash record or deaths very few that security and securty precautions in the air and space.They seal off civilians and if a civilian is part of it they are sealed off.Security part of military takes them out.Squad can board craft in the air at any altitude and space.Automated to land at a landing site protocol terror fighting with officers and security.Squads boarded if in air reinforce and barriers have layed down to isolate and in favour security as shields.Trained to board flying craft,CPU on craft will switch to emergency and change speeds for retrieval.Cameras and security has station.Craft can break up from sections in emergency.No flammables on craft.Not the power source.Ejection bombs high altitude to explode.Empty out passengers and program craft to touch down co-ordinates from ground and squad and break off from sections.Isolate it and have it crash on military test sight.People can ejection out and land stay in their seats as a compartment transform.Nearest station find beakon signal.Withstand animal attack.Project field outside perimeter defense.Program to adapt comfort passenger.ID is radioed.Stations can send by foot and by craft.Records of civilian.Cameras will pick them up and even satellite can see them.People here are well conditioned to the environment and space.Born with many types of internal bodies from many sectors.They have natural AI body adaptation to environment.People are born with this too.Our clothes extend us outdoors for days and weeks,everyday life where its unbearable.Even unliveable.Hostile climate.We can get used to it.But to a point that works so much.Icey kingdom natural body defenses warmth drains fast.And they are over dressed and can't move around to enjoy themselves.Cutout of the day.Things there to keep you reoccuppied from bordom.Activities and separate work.Where I live we use our clothes no exteme environment for us.We can withstand space environments.Trained and without any help or technology.We are Marine forces well adapted to harshness of space.Many planets.Icey dive in cold water.No oxygen.We are AI and we have bigger advantages,modifications to extreme space and weather,elements.Things in a garage are kept in garage as safety tools.If someone has a garage they have security measures on their garage with chip in each tool.They don't have heavy tools from alloys light.Polcie are on alert about each tool in an individual started a garage.Every tool is in a security lock.And silent alarm goes off to law.Garage tools mostly are controlled by government and their security and storage.They have complicated tools for motors and alien engines.Records are kept on people that are into garage.Tools are useless outside of the garage area.Chip will tell that its being used weapon and stolen.Left perimeter and law is notified to close in.And they know about the tools in a garage.Public defenses raised people are detoured.Outside fields go up for the law to close in.Many batteries used here do not use harmful chemicals and are loaded with dormant energy.When fitted in the device as backup as every tool and device here has energy loaded in them.Backup battery has unlimited energy.Things like devices don't drop from lack of energy as they receive energy from transmission.Emergencies happen and backup batteries which are compact supply the energy.Our drinking water is very clean.It has nothing to do with sewage or sewer.It is
Japanese Vending Machines Exposed ★ ONLY in JAPAN 03 日本の自動販売機13:21

Japanese Vending Machines Exposed ★ ONLY in JAPAN 03 日本の自動販売機

transparant but from space is purplish and from afar it is purplish.It has chemicals in it and cleaners natural but is at a low percentage.Not concentrated.Water is filtered out by plants for drinking.Use fields to separate vats of water in pools.They take from lakes and oceans where therie is no waste dumping.Processed and separated from normal water,burned,destroyed by acid,evapourated.No waste fed into our oceans to give us pure water.Water from a park is got slight color on it.Plants injestion water and get healthy from vitamins in it.No vitamins found on earth.Compounds
Gourmet Mexican Food12:59

Gourmet Mexican Food

Top 10 Mexican Foods11:18

Top 10 Mexican Foods

Marco's Restaurant - Peabody (Phantom Gourmet)04:00

Marco's Restaurant - Peabody (Phantom Gourmet)

Man v Food S01 E09 New York-021:34

Man v Food S01 E09 New York-0

in it.Snow is white.Our agriculture is greatest.Fresh food like a giant island but continent bigger than most continents.All on its own.They live environment of being with nature and nature as a phenomena.Their food is fresh
Bruno's Bar Burger- Lynn (Phantom Gourmet)04:48

Bruno's Bar Burger- Lynn (Phantom Gourmet)

Food at Great American Ballpark in 201603:14

Food at Great American Ballpark in 2016

New Food at the Rangers Ballpark02:18

New Food at the Rangers Ballpark

New food revealed at Great American Ball Park02:23

New food revealed at Great American Ball Park

like these ideas.They are used to receiving from the country.They have variety of fresh foods as they eat fresh.Oceans and bodies of water are clean with lobster in lakes.We have crayfish large.Everything is planteater exotic meats.We will practice alien Islamic diet.We eat our exotic planteater meats equal to deer and Mountain Goats but all domesticated.Farm them and scientists and farmers get rid waste properly in alien technology level.Their food is freshly produced in farm mixed with industry in fisheries.They are harvested.Their is no pork on this continent.The pork is beef taste to it.Animal planteater has no belief to it like pig.It has animal beefy taste but is alien planteater.They have nature in their food industry.They have distribution of livestock,not pressure on a few animals.Animals live in nature environment.Sophistications they can monitor lives of hundred of millions of livestock and they live natural life.They know about taste in the meat.It tastes like they were raised better than nature but farm raised for industry.Futuristic farmers mastered their degree in their field.Head computer for food industry keeps track and watches over quality and farmers tactics.And in space on our space colonies and platforms in space.Food is not wasted.Not tolerated in law.Mistakes are errorless.Fish are raised in a natural habitat of tanks and farmed.They have a natural habitat made and its filtered out by modern methods.Natural and up to date methods to make things clean and processed.They fish near the cities as their is no polution in cities harbour areas.Restaurants and supermarkets have vessels go out to sea to bring back fish.Fishing and there are pens for fish near parts of city and enclosed.Pens simulate nature.Every city rears their own seafood and towns and regions.They are all funded by companies to have proper high tech ships and proceses descend from historic methods.Fish are restocked back out to body of water and in the pens.Know how predators are attracted to even pen.They have signals and pens are not attatched to seas.Inland.Ships are waterproof in even a breach.They are in modules and people AI are put on lifesupport but since they were using ships they are before their trip prepared physically for bodies of water travel and survival from sea or lakes disaster.They the passengers can linkup to module that protects them from predators and weather.Floats and uses space technology to keep water out and in a disaster the control towers receive and coast guard automatic upload and signal to crew live.They go straight to the modules with such speed to linkup and link systems.And in emergency but from material ship modules made of they float,bouncy systems and signal to space.Done with efficiency and if a predator is there a signal by rangers to disperse it away from perimeter.They have devices that chase away creature impossible for it to crash the field.People are not exposed to water in brackish water or sea.They are insided with in case breathing equipment and outer exosuits to make sure they are not damp,that is very severe because advancements handle things.Their luggage is handled either another train or vessel has the luggage.Luggage is protected when known its valuable,no criminal luggage would be destroyed from advancements.Ships are protected from sea predators and they have areas no sea predators at all with more backup defenses,force field and shields to protect from a bite and lunge.Signal predators don't like.Stay to the pens and what edible sea life they have in nature pens inland.Sea is very dangerous outside protected perimeters.Seafood farming.To keep the livestock and meat clean without adding chemicals for decades.Raw and preserved.Animals are alien

Livestock and nature Process Poles Island Continent

species have more efficient waste organs.They do not produce methane.Don't produce as much manure as earth creatures.They don't constantly go,every few weeks and its all easy to dispose of,does not have manure in it.Processed and broken down.Cleaning processes using automated computers.Pens with nature destroying waste.Nature processes at the industry level.This continent knows of raising food for restaurants and homes and grocery marts.Billions of light years through vortex.And the food I brought to my people from Ontario,North America earth class Sol System.My people tried it out and got into cheeseburgers.I brought a food that was relationed to them.There is American food,Asian,Italian,Mexican.It got popular and to have recipes and cooking items from our store shelves.Feroz eats at home enchiladas.Cannelonnies.My mother has the items and recipes.I want to drink coffee in my next life so do my people from where they live.Coffee is popular and that we need to be nocturnal.We have extended days and hours.We have for dinner coke cola.Our snack times longer,lunch is long and supper to breakfast.Pancakes with
Eating all you can eat best seafood buffet experience07:21

Eating all you can eat best seafood buffet experience

strawberry sauce.Store shelves don't sell as whole food their popular items.Like flour and ground meat.Shrimps.Beef
How to Grill a Steak at Bern's Steakhouse - Chef Hab04:17

How to Grill a Steak at Bern's Steakhouse - Chef Hab

would be popular with lamb.Making lasagnas for there are new items and foods on store list.Added them to deal lasagna to their customers and ball park hotdogs.Orange juice.Milkshakes.Based on comfort but to lineup but their planet will have a drone bring it right to them from technology.Lineup from their seats.Making deserts that at home you do it and many stores do it.Brownies with special frosting and brand name chocolate.Donuts.Bar B Q.Pastas and rice dishes,noodles.Cooked food like at the buffet.Their food has no contaminents in them.They are people that get hungry.We have junk food made fresh and nutritions as like space chocolate.We have solved fats in future and on this world.No fats.Made artificial with nutrition and vitamins.High in vitamins.Fresh from bodies of water and from agriculture fo valleys.Land is maintenanced and uses machines and people to clean off and maintain bodies of water and landforms.Trees are giant  trees and all sorts of trees key to nature on this continent.It helps the weather.Laws on trees.They injest alien gases.Grow in deserts for species.Our continent the desert is off the northern
Weber Grill Restaurant Chicago01:06

Weber Grill Restaurant Chicago

Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant08:42

Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant



Food in Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eat Buffet15:10

Food in Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

coast.Water is underground for woods mixed sand and desert.Nature in deserts and parks for the towns and cities.Trees absorb up the heat and gases and this planets systems.Injest void space on the mountains.Space has layer of gas we breath better than oxygen and not as flammable.We have trees we eat that are giant veges and our replicators copy fresh foods.Fresh junk foods.Fresh fast foods.No contaminents and access chemicals.Basis is for the best quality.High quality.But from factory cooked and legal food drugs made.Like caffeine that makes from drinks to chocolate.They have way more food drugs like this and process more deserts and drinks.They have spices.But they are making it like fresh food and better no contaminents.It also is cooked and fried fresh.Gourmet foods.Stored in packets for long times.Sealed in cans,jars and wrappers which are recycled properly.Percentage in
BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - Mexico City, Mexico21:00

BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - Mexico City, Mexico

BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - Hong Kong, China21:01

BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - Hong Kong, China

BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - New York City, USA21:01

BIZARRE FOODS Delicious - New York City, USA

Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations (Florence)28:45

Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations (Florence)



recycling is way higher and more efficient than what we know.Gourmet.They from food arts make deserts in packets.Brand names flow in our part of space.We have our fast food at home.Dinner in a wrapper sell and vend and for long distance commuting.Gather in hour what they need from hunger trip.Have retractable tables for eating with security and workers to clean tables.Select international and its saved in wrapper and is fresh from many decades but they go and new ones are produced.Deserts to complete meal in wrapper.Health nuts don't exist here as system requires things health nuts eat and their veges are over and dieting.No fat people.Food is fit healthy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Warmed up fresh and fried.Artificial products and ingredients are composed of and taste upgraded to fresh.Solved problem with sweeteners.They do not have destructive food products that can harm the body on market.They filter out food drugs.They are harmless.If people want to stay up at night they can drink favourite pop or gourmet coffee.Upgraded in what they are made of but factors as some artificial

Veges in the tundra farm

but from fresh products.Variety fo flavours for our juices and foods.There are flavours from space.We have dishes from each climate zone and area.We have a tribal rice like plant dish that is spicey.We have thousands of foods to eat as they are alien dishes.Dishes and many types of foods are from a galaxy to do wilth earth class North America.Start with introducing hamburgers and pizza to them.Get my people to get used to hamburgers and pizza.Then we can have them try out tacos and rest food to Asian foods.They originate from a galaxy and solar system.We need to have the pasta sauces and secrets so billions of light years away we can make fries and eat spaghetti.Learn fries go with hamburgers.Cheeses.Get them to learn processes of cheese and melting.And also coffee and market beverages.Get people to buy them maintained by alien technology.Queen Feroz can have my meals from ON North America earth class Sol System.We have our own farm.We use this to educate us about food.Do work and sell food while learning.They have crops and berry picking to meats.Better understand who it gets to a food stand.Juices and veges.Introduce this to our planet and continent.Learn to chop up poultry and livestock.We can grow our own livestock.This other than hunting elk,deer and bison farming too.Get them production and they will sell as deserts and choco bars.Milk shakes.Juices like orange.I am bringing all of this to our poles island continent.Lasagna.Blue Klingons to masproduction these ideas and recipes.Get them on commuting to buy eat while going to climate zone.Know many of these are heavy.Buffet and Oriental food and Indian buffet.Then we have our normal foods to fall back on from our lands.Pop.Ice cream treats.They should invest in companies and franchises.They then will be able to know the secret of zesty pasta sauce.They can know the secrets in hamburgers and bring this to my island continent.Buy into the stock market for food industry.Then they will know the cooking secrets.They by owning pasta sauce will know the accessories and how to make the pasta sauce because its not the same anywhere else.You got to go to store shelves and buy pasta sauce.As go to hamburger fastfood for hamburgers.Learn about and from Feroz's.They have giant meatballs but in space.They have the ideas of Roman food and Mexican,South American and Asian,American from galaxies in space as chocolate.They have tribal food which is like Asian food.Continuation of foods for me.More tribal foods with techniques and processes with spices and herbs.These white people love eating tribal and spicey.They have foods like Europe and North America.They have types of enchiladas.Their casserole is perfected with right spice mix with meats and is slightly complicated but comes out right.It has spice sauce that goes with meats.They eat fish like steaks from bodies of water.Thinking of fish like wild plant eaters being exotic meats.Our food involves exotic meats of plant eaters wild livestock and in bodies of water.Tides come out in tropical and alien sections fo weather and climate.The tides of rotation of the planet open to farmers to farm the crustaceons.In the wild conflict with the shark and predator creatures.They know of this and farm their crustaceons inland on farms in giant tanks.The bodies of water have a danger level and you can't conflict with the crustaceons nature has for the predators.Deep oceans and transparent subarctic waters thermal in wild can go on for miles and that is in depths with predators and dangerous waters.Why if people attacked their food they swim upstream.They go in in cycle and replace the crustaceons from farming during tides.Can them as meat retain their meat and not to rob it of its rubbery meat.Keep it fresh in cans and not effected by being in preservative adds to sauces.Space shrimp giant 1/3 of foot filled meat and shrimp that are like crayfish but are not.Freshwater giant shrimp.Fresh water crustaceons.For us in parts there is a seal species meat tastes like sausage.And they have a beaver like creature has no fat tail,stunted furry tail, and teeth that meat tastes like beef.Very far away from rodents and is planteater.They have fast food in vending machines that micro their bought items and give to them in tray.Vending machine stands where workers improvise and make dishes from the fast food putting the extras on them and making things from them with sauces and salads.Vending machine stands are in full services and workers give out a bigger variety and from the area's foods culture.Stand that can uses vending machines to make fresh dough.Don't waste the lives of livestock.Fresh exotic meats that are not cloned and grown by European Muslims of space.They do not raise livestock to waste it in garbage at a franchise or at home garbage.People do not make wasting meat as garbage.Incidence like emergencies and when people are sick but they have ways of preserving left overs or doggy bag without the saliva in food for gross.Throw and burn the food disposal in emergency or very ill and sick.Don't waste livestock lives as factory process that makes the meat flavourless.Have animals like bison but are alien species learned to raise exotic livestock and they aren't caged up.Natural environment has trees and hills,woods that was manmade to live and its cleaned.Space muslims they have life taken fast.And they don't corrupt the livestock,not sad and are outside and can stay inside industry stable which is spacious and clean with color and greenery.Animals eat natural vegetation diet of vegetation food for livestock.Its their favourite.Water is filtered and cycled.And even in small towns and countryside where people make trips by commuting.They have vegetables that grow in arctic cold.Veges in warmer 1 degrees Celsius to colder minus 16 grow on trees and in farmers fields here.Veges and fruits have an acid running inside them to keep them from freezing.It has skin outer layer to preserve veges on the ground with vegetation.Tulleric currents give energy and because of a pole its more than usual but dormant.Ground grounds it.Snow fall meant to fall on it for harvest.Eats the melted snow layers of dirt clay below.Thriving eating here and living excellent.Thermal areas there are exotic tropical fruits sweet that grow near the thermal are in subarctic.Plump and small ones larger egg size.Grow in area just as the beaches have thermal and transparent subarctic waters have fruit groves.Supermarkets have farm.Industry as pineapples that grow subarctic.Energy here provides nourishment from stars energy and the poles continent energy.Weather barriers provide to the fruits and veges.Types of peas and related like to rubarb and carrots,turnups.potatoes.They grow in the cold with the methods from the native aliens growing veges in subarctic using fields to retain heat.Markets have veges and veges to freshly preserve,Canned veges and fresh veges in containers.Cans here are not sharp shape of cans from a plastic material for safety and to recycle.Veges and fruits grow in the snow.Preserve for harvest.Fruits like mangos and giant cherries.Animals stay away from the farming pods structures maintained and have no gas or smell of food.Animals are fooled on foods and they are preserved and just like cooking them to discourage wild animals.Fields that separate them and growing them in transparent domes for farmers fields.From above lets in heat on veges.Veges rippen in sunlight in subarctic.Plentiful vallleys buissiness of the agriculture industry in subarctic.Desserts and drinks.Alcohol is made into juice and water but clean.Alcohol mixed with milk and loses lousy alcohol flavour.Alcohol is like juice with lowering levels of bieng drunk.People enjoy how they change alcohol to water mixed with juices.Variety of flavours from space for treats.Liiqueor in space is controlled to not operate machinery while drinking or to go out on streets drunk.Bottles have a limit counter on them.For punch it counts it as for group.Machinery will not turn on if out of it drunk and will go on auto mode.Finger ID for machinery and it makes judgement if drunken.Police patrols on drunken people in streets.Liqueor stores have security and they are selling the liqueor to people with ID record.Crack down on liqueor and machine operating.Drunken people can get tablets to sober up on.They take time off when drunk in 12hrs.They are in stages where they can't danger or endanger others or harm government property.Machines can sense out things and cameras of government.Education into not operating machines drunken.They make bakery treats as junk food.Stores that have space desert treats.Expert chefs from our continent learned alien craft in food arts.Knives here for kitchen use are cooking tools with mm energy cutting beam.Multi-purpose with a plastic like alloy that is a cover on kitchen cutting tools.And blades have safety precautions and are energy cutting.Lots of safety from the Natives on devices and instruments for kitchen that cut food.Cooking cutters cut veges and meats by energy beam that has a cover on it as a guard.Precautions that are not fooled with.Safety against damage to hands from these kitchen cutting devices and blending.Beam and proper drones and staff that are precautions with the instrument device's satety precautions.Natives of this continent used to use early versions of these devices with precautions.They had some technology and could make energy beams.And all kitchen cutting tools stay in kitchen with precautions to lock them in storage.House's defenses lock them,when they are removed from kitchen they do not work and if taken as a weapon the police notified from chip inside the device.Same with all blend and cutting energy blades won't work taken out of the instrument and the company put a warranty alert that energy blade taken out proper worker or handyman notifies company it has been taken out security precautions.People here do not have accidents.Washrooms are not anywhere near the food places.Washrooms are separate,conveniently placed but far from food.People go to washrooms to clean just like at home brought to public.Privacy and hygene but its still outside best public can do for you other than your home.Built far from food areas.Washrooms destroy the waste.No smell or buildups.Its all disposed of.There is not fertilzer here or manure.Its not hygene.Natural processes from sewers and processes from warshrooms.Chemical treatment and fitlration to separate and eliminate waste.Then a suction system sends it into the sewer system to go through processes like underwater weed plants and organisms that destroy it down.Takes over from chemical processes.Not fed into any bodies of water as its considered waste.Its not turned to water at all.Its disposed of and evaporated,burned to harmelss liquid.Organisms then do their work on light liquid.Nothing left.Invisible.High level food and food is burned into gas.In parks they have prepared on schedule busy months and days.They have it marked and they are ready.They have a branch of extra washroom units joined to park.They never have overcrowd in washrooms for parks.Calm atmosphere even when its busy.They eliminate crowds as parks are built that way.They washroom unit wings join on to the park.Park has them in reserve for busy days.And it works as the parks are spacious to serve more than their city,many zones and regions.Washrooms are very clean from drone and janitor worker staff.They have a station to monitor the washrooms and waste disposal to sewers.Kept cleanly.They use computers.Pressurization and vents system with ducts to bring in fresh park air.Orderly and organized.                                      People unload their waste ash tray like disposal into a system and its burned.Raar has gas passage from rectum.Body flushes out waste from rear main area of passagees.The gases leave the pores and areas with breathing holes.Rear is breathing hole to expell most composted garbage from artifcial intelligence.Souls and their organs biology expells out organic as small amounts of process garbage.Its burned but when body system internally accumulates all of the waste it goes out rear and an attatchment to rear for expelling waste but at a minimal amount and every month depending on how much they eat but monthly.Mostly combusted and cleanered.It looks like  sometimes plasma and deterioted waste inorganic.Non organic,charred sinders by alien AI white race body from body electricity at higher rate for combustion.Does not make smoke in organs but with component organs mixed with fluids for destruction cleaner tablets and cleaner internal clip on to internal component organ.They go with small
KusoCartoon 13970712410983

washroom with small wash area

amount in less grams and can get cleaned in a stall.Stalls are areas for diseases.This is a massive cutdown on diseases.Many of all types of diseases fround outside their home in stalls.Using modern sciences to eliminate types of diseases.These stalls work when you put the cover over your body parts and they suck on body and do the work to have waste flushed out and a wash using pressure.Tubes that suck out waste and then its given a cleaner wash with backside with scrubbers for skin.Its rinsed while sitting down with area for chair for the device to sit down.It depends on AI and interaction between AI's and the cleaner device.You press the button to allow the wash and scrubbers.Everyone here does and won't come off til you wash.It can tell if your done.It sucks out all waste til wash time.There is a bath area and soaps dispensers and towels.Its done like a hotel in public stalls.Ground is clean and cleansed bath area.Places to hang your clothes and shoes.You can have a short wash half your body and lower area or anywhere else.Not a shower.Shower in emergencies.Need fresh pair of clothes.Triggered when you have to go,wait.It makes a wash into internal part of body in rear so that area is all cleaned and waste has been broken down flushed out by pressure and body is dried by vacuum suck any liquid.Chemical kills all bacteria and it puts up a field so you don't touch anything.Futuristic.They put in on and sit in a chair with hole for rear and front attachment give way and it goes to work.They don't crap like humans.They expel small amounts and this system can handle that and they don't go in months or more.It is organic and looks like AI lifeform cells used it up.Does not have disease in it.And from AI's body processes that puts like natural cleaner,glands of Ai's in it and people buy a cleaner to intake.Then its not organic waste has no decomposition like a human.Its much cleaner and disposed of as accomodations,dwellings and structures have clean filtration disposals.They can empty it out and its suctioned.It uses cleaner wash and it uses field to retain rinsing out and flushing out front and rear of body nothing left in waste.It comes off when done.Part of the sewage system they burn combustion all waste and flush it out with chemical to dissolve it.It does not reach the water supply at all.Its all flushed out and evapourated with liquid mixed something that gets rid of waste.And the bacteria part of it is confronted by chemicals that kill bacterias.Has nature to break it down in process with chemicals.Waste storages all do this on vehicles like trains and in hotels and everywhere in space.On transportation.Its there when people have to go.Having computer systems they can tell when and go home or to stall.Most of the time the body burns the waste and it could happen every 5months from a normal body.Just all of the other accumulated waste which is burned and expelled out as gas.This gas is not combustion.It has natural chemical cleaners AI's body makes and they buy like toiletry items a cleaner that helps in many months to add more cleaner to their waste system.Gas is expelled from the front as liquid.These people can control when they go and many go in mornings when they wake up and use the bathroom they can control when they go as routines.They don't have accidents.The gas they expel leaves their body.They don't have fart in their clothes.They don't fart.Expel some gas out rear but its not fart and they do in bathroom.They don't have it often and its not in large amounts.They usually let out some gas in bathroom which has ventillation to suck it out.People here have manners taught to them to be clean from tribal mixed with modern space islam.They expel gas and it does not have combustion smell.It has cleaners in it from them buying products for use in bathroom and from natural glands the AI's have that has cleaner stores.Very efficient waste system that cleans itself out with natural cleaner glands from AI's biology.Being in modern day they can put a cleaner tablet into their body to help cleaner inside of their body.Swallow a cleaner tablet that goes into your stores.Releases cleaner into your system.Less waste then expelled out their male reproductive organ or female waste organ.Combustion fluid waste too as gas.Stores in body organ component that stores it process to wait combustioning and it breaks it down first like nanite cells.Very minimal waste.Washroom but to clean up and disposal attatch to tubes.Fast with pull handle and his waste tray is cleaned.Its like his body part removable.People have showers with chemical and for girls gel chemical and scents buy from grocery mart they fit into shower to spray them with cleaner and they have hand soaps.Shower process is cleansing that washed down and scrubbed by sponges that float in air and scrub body with cleaner wash and hair is done.Hair is done and put through dry on body.Dryer blower to dry body and hair.People can relax in shower,benches built in.Efficient process.Much easier than North America.Better flushed out and no dirt.Does not takeup time in bathroom from waking up.Done 10min in shower and sit they done 10min.Cleaning process is done washout cracks.Mouth is quick 5min using scrubbing units and wash out using tap.Hygene is at a high level and cleaning teeth spray wash futuristic and wash gets rid of everything in the mouth.They have the cure to many diseases and are AI.They resemble white race but are alien humanoid AI race.They have little disease and don't bring in disease from the airports.Cutoff passages and ways to bring in disease and don't immigrate as a need,own population is better than normal as they are colonizing.In colonies they study diseases in UFP and Stargate.Study Cybertronian and Gobot diseases.Diseases from the past.Pest control and war on pests from the dock side for ships.Proper containment and methods from native aliens made precautions taught to food people and workers to not leave food out for pests to feed on and leave chemicals neuter pests in food bait and destroy them without any friendly casualties.Pests like form of large mice here controlled by nature too and that 5ft and 6ft sharks get to underwater nests of pests and eat them.They get to them like our planet's barracuda's eat the space mice.Smaller predators and people's pets predators eat the space mice war on them.People taught the pets and predators about baiting.Realize difference and carry the bait to help.Weasel like predators eat away on mice and insects hunt mice colonies like our planets giant ants that are 5 inches long and thick bugs.Insect predators crackdown on pests as our flying predator insects eat them.They all realize bait.They have made it to an era cured many of diseases isolated from living in this continent far from contamination.They have been destroying disease with being isolated and preparation using government for contact overseas and in space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Parasites did not harvest on this planet.The prevention of many races that carry parasites eliminated them from public which treatments what they have.From some tribal islands parasites in grass survive but are fought at by lawn treatment chemicals and bombed from air.Sprayed and elimination of parasites back in early years.Life was clean and good to these Space muslims.Keep their continent clean especially in public.Parasites that bite like fleas are farther away and can't live well on our continent and planet because of its gas and arc barrier.Has no insect pests either.They have nothing to survive on.Its a Poles continent with many poles and this is not a habitat for pest insects.Hate the magnetic and many poles and the gases combined.Make it clean so there are no insect pests.They would have done war on them with chemicals and fields and even biological and park rangers would have thought of a method on them with nature.None on this continent as its far away from civiization and has no major biological islands for their home.Barrier being the sea and the temperature zones with many poles and effect on pest insects.Too far away from them and there are barriers in weather and climate insect pests dispise.This makes life of moisture and hot environment unliveable for them.But there are some arctic micro parasites.Treatment and war is done on them.People's body system adjusts and kills them from advanced technology.There are no pests in this continent.It has no environment for pests and no food for them to eat.Cities have cleaners in modern tech sewage system and because of the people and them self-combustion of waste they don't have problem with like sewers.Animals don't behave as pests and stay in the forests and jungles.This continent was never an evifonment for pests.It has intelligent animals.Cities have no pests and clean any possible ones out.They have no contagions.No bacterias to begin with because they don't have environment to live in.They don't like a poles contnent.To many poles that effect these smaller creatures.Many of this continent's systems have chemicals in water to eliminate bacterias though they have some sorts.Not the ones for pests.Pests have a hard time living no environments.If any rodents came they would be eliminated all sorts of ways and not survive.Government would destroy them as nature would.Find nothing to survive on.That is why this continent is ideal for AI people and their ways.                             Pets are selected as they can't be part of the wild.They have to be tame and are AI.Pet fish and weasels.They can't be large like in 20lbs.They can have pet AI birds and have an ID number affiliated with them.Station recieves ID so in transportation and commuting they are protected in case owner has emergency.No pet abandoning.Pets owners records are searched through on a visit fast.They decide to have papers done and they have a type of pet.Pet can't be a pest or imported from space.In continent this is not allowed.Pets like cat AI's are with their owners and are intelligent.Some can talk.They have provisions for them to go out for walks in city area near park and in countryside jungle woods.Pets can contact their owners and be on webcam of their trip.Owner through collar device can call out to their weasel and cat.He can response and show webcam.Vehicles have a beacon of pet animals and avoid them and give them warnings just in case,Driver knows about all pets on walks and birds can be released outside.They do have protection from outside government to make sure they get back from their walk and no one bugs them,listed on ID.Owner can have a pet security officer told of any pet cases and they can do arrests when they have evidence and get police enforcement on cases.Pets are protected on their walks and being outside but come back home as law.Investigate over a duration where is their pet?They are AI and easy to clean,make long distance trips in commuting pet storage.People make trips to countryside and commuting to take their pet out in the woods jungle and this is park area for trip.And pets at the facility center with owners at lounge then they go get pets for walks they came this far for.Have some nature in their lives but not the way nature has it for devestation.They have the cure to mental illness.Its plants and roots found on alien worlds and minerals.They make it as a drug and these people are free of mental illness.People don't age.They are youthful and wise from hitting 40.But there years circling the stars is a longer year.We would have more centuries to study and dedicate things in our parts of life in stages.We could spend work years as a fraction of our life in our youth.We made it to space with being wise and having leader in 10 000 yrs and older.We get old from more than 10 000 yrs as Transfomer Gobot people don't age because we are AI.We are type of machine as people.We have no colored people.We have people and born as people angels.Men carry out and volunteer their abilities in situations to women.They take in charge and women call authorities.Rules taught to men of this island is to be constructive.To take charge over women as fore front to lend in their abiities.Women have no troubles with the men because of their humble upbringings.Their parents and family as government teach them to be a leader when they can to the lesser women.Know that both tranny and female women ladies can't take charge of emergency and so that is why their always is a man near place that can be emergency.Men will go in like volunteers and have from space islam giving mentality.They do not choose any crime here because simple island upbringings taught them to value people and clans and to grow up to be constructive.Then the authorities are much better than public and go straight in with right powers and equipment,system.Just in case men are there to help.In brackish water giant lake the giant sharks are a danger and men should not jump in and when they have emergency system fireout a line with water life support and defenses to the giant 40ft predator,charge released in emergency area and floatation.Men should not jump in or grab the line for the 40ft giant predator has alot of power from tug.Where the government supervises critical areas and Stargate Animal Rangers take action.And in the jungle woods.For mammal predators.Of the public their are men that are part of Space Armed Forces Stargate.And they part of crowd with higher levels than rest public to be in on what is going on and their family.Much of Stargate Space Armed Forces family members are separate from public with more role in emergency situations.Men know what is dangerous on their island continent,that climate,animals and bodies of water,supernatural and gang crime corruption can be dangers as disasters both natural and technological.Men grow up here very responsible as many fathers want to lay burden of responsibility on their sons and nephews.Grow up to be an elder.Get wise and know each area of the island continent and legends and folklore and relation to scientific fact.Practical and know how to be a space handy man with speeder car,house and electronics and any other engines and electronics.To be able to make repairs on houses and dwellings.Paint.Do software and home appliances.And out in jungle woods.Be able to carpentry and drafting.Hobbies from their skills.As a leader and down to younger brothers.And to contribute without being asked to lady families they are related to because having men and many nephews and cousins become a bigger role to lend to their relatives as island continent good will in family.You can call them instead of spending money because even the franchise and repairs would arrange with closest men in your family without going to government.Men use government because of their advanced technology a garage does not have.Men teamwork when incidence and happenings happen.Brothership spread from island continent's begining history tribally and modernized by space islam.They make alot of money from part physical jobs part office and desk work.They are very strong tribally and militarily,athletic and goverment.Loads of energy and can receive energy boosts for jobs.Women receive energy boosts for jobs and work.Men and women have segregation and divided.Females play a role and can't go any higher to jobs they can't handle.Men have alot of the jobs.Its more a towards transexual females this society.They want females that can carry out men's physical jobs.Women have their roles.They have women jobs and do not enter jobs they can't handle.They cook and are nurses.They don't overdo them into military jobs as they don't play a large war fighting role.Women have military jobs but smaller roles not major roles,desk work with some troop.Non violent jobs.Roles they can fall back on men and are female military roles.They have female government jobs at their computers.Don't have violent jobs.Women are not pressured or pushed in this civilization.They stay to their roles as in office women,fashion,business,clerk,acting.Women have not drowned themselves and have load off them for night life.Jobs dicatated to the way they are.This society is religious as they made islam modernized and they upgraded it white.They are a society that stays to what roles for gender.Don't change and don't need to but to recruit many more transexual females for part female part physical jobs.Not pushed and pressured,burden is lifted by government in teamwork.As females they are under respect laws and don't have to do more than what they can even being a transexual female.No ignorance in our society.But they have relentess energy in them.Many situations where in physical work a man and robot drone can do the load.Females can use their smarts.They can chip away at and contribute.Not expected to fulfill man's work physical.At their rating what they can handle as things go out of control,call to help.They have strength like males and thinking but model females.Larger than females.Angels will take over being them.They were too corrupted by whiteman and are wanted for their form.The Lord Centauri,Angels will carry on as these Combiner Pretenders as white people have no guts.Angels use them and open things up that I've said from innefficientcy.Unable to play an elder I need a government angels play it fair and become everything they did not.Time must go on angels are better then them.Too weak and would have been taken over as slaves.Angels are more powerful then them and story is the angels took the form of them and Zarconians.They became them and stood up to Allah.They got things going from brains being mindwashed and poisoned.Feable and weakness gives in to that the angels are authoratative but a family that is getting things going to become them.Nature Allah put in them to let everything down and never measure up to things.Angels replacement them and are higher level then these Pretenders.Angels can use greater powers to open things.Angels are above computers and machines.We have white tribal people and alien that were with tribe.My faction is part of Stargate that are Transformer Gobot Pretender white race space muslim AI's.They are not war power of any sorts but can deliver military at high level.Their government is at high level.Zarconian will change them out of phase they are in.Top secret miitary technology of Zarconian and manpower,many new faces of Zarconian ranks raised in Transformers Gobot Universe of worlds.Then my world and planet alliances put together our side to unite Zarconian.This is the push these people need.They were sitting as a neutral power as a faction of Stargate.They are in far part of UFP galaxy.They would have become too peaceful.In having Queen Armada from nature to being their people is jump they need.Then all of Zarconian will be in proper hands as its fate of internet of Southern ON Canada,North America,earth class Sol System as being the major change these people AI's needed shakeup.Their military technology was becoming too much like alien crafts.From Cold War in North Atlantic North America earth class Sol System is technology of Zarconian warships,fighters,bombers,choppers,tanks and army units,technology that need merger into Stargate Transformer Gobot Pretender white race space muslims AI's race.The society like food and medical as I have put wikipedia URLS for them to know more about North America earth class Sol System.Know about my Sci-Fi Military cartoons like Star Blazers,Gundam and robotech.And for them to build Zarconian war technology real with the right components Queen Armada means,shapes.And they will put real space miitary and government secrets and space war electronics,instruments in Zarconian technology.And it will unite many solar systems and worlds in Transformer Gobot universe as other Zarconians are not the same race as me.Even Parkbots.And all put together as Zarconian.All united and against evil and words and enemies of history of islam in space.War on sinners and to see how evil the allies and UN are,"good guys".And the British of space threatened us not the Gamilons and Dark Nebula Terminators.They are very pushy and threatened Queen Armada and UFP took their side and EDF temporarily unsure.They all must be conquered and destroyed as our Stargate Transformer Gobot Pretender white race space muslims AI's race are sinister minded and in a phase they need to broken out of being constructive and good.From another many dimensions that in that dimension good is very evil minded,reverse universe.Queen Armada and Zarconian will shake them out of that and have the answers vs British and Galactica.Zarconian will be able to evolve and my invention technology and to extract out living AI robots as Transformers born properly by our Man Creator system.Men have men born and we have new female Autobots.We are Autobots because of our nature.We are peaceful and non-warfaring to begin with.We are from another dimension where Autobots are evil natured but retained the Autobot idealism to Queen Armada is both Guardian and Autobot and Zarconian is both.We stand for good and are against crime and wrong.We will put an end to British and Evil whiteman races Empires with wars.Open the eyes of Stargate Gobot Pretender White race AI's.Deception British but there is a faction from Force Five,Gundam,Robotech,Macross,Voltron,Star Blazers of living robots that are good and evil.For Zarconian to get to the good side.Zarconian will evolve and strengthen over centuries.Top secret to build up in millions proper fleets and structure for a faction that was constructive world.Now they will be crew members,pilots and tank crews along with Zarconian.We will have high ranks and judgement.With format from a race that is very wise and old in space from ancient days as structure for Zarconian.Stargate's reasons are for change.As Space Europeans they cannot sit into American assimulations with rest of whiteman underworld mob of scum to merger using brainless allies.And to losing their luxury,constructiveness and their achievements in society all to be spoiler by the allied scurge.Pressure UFP does on them militarily.Spreading pagan,Klingon and Christians in space,communism and Cobra and evil.Evil is growing from Allah.And when they let Allah wins he ruins and poison minds.He starts his criminal structure and destructiveness camouflaged by allies and good guys.British get more asteem and pride to be destructive like criminal.Allah's approachment to disturb and wreck up Transformer Gobots.Robots regarded as slaves and low form of life from faction of Force Five,Star Blazers,Gundam,robotech,Voltron.This enemy robot faction of evil mecha beings.Zarconian will make excellent translation and to have souls extracted and right good thing done in name of islam.Islam is more than good.Holy meaning of good.Taken spiritual and very seriously.Sides are evil being rest of whites of space and scum as good guys spread communism and robot mecha slaves.These evil have no natural enemies which in universe is something Allah created that is improper.That all crime will spill off into our lives and society to ruin.Stargate and our European Americans Eurasia have law against any evil like Cobra and whiteman to cross to their border or Stargate will destroy them and even Federation which is corrupted like disease.Society corruption and military corruption where others make decisions without our conscent.Good guys is spreading manipulation and racism that is in their favour with religion of Church all ready.Stargate will supply structure proven in history from Transformer Gobots as people and Europeans.They have much bigger than legislation in their galaxy.They are bigger than a faction and need to change their direction with unborn Zarconian leaders take example from elders.Elders establish laws,belief and family on us to straighten us out with fact and to oppose whiteman evil.Oppose their expansion and trespassing on our territory like these theives plan.They are plotters.Setting up a plan behind their backs and think they have everything except distance,natural elements and phenomenas and barriers.Creatures and war empires in the way of whiteman from Milky Way.And vortex.What Allahs creations that run Stargate Transformer Gobot galaxies and othe dimensions.Our defenses our evolution process angels and their system or running orbit or planets and life.Reinforce the laws of being normal and control elements of space as weather and stars,winds.History vs enemies and wars with trouble makers as they in history can relate to future and present enemies.They have had a cut on war on Cobra,Haydonites and have devil of twin brother in Dinguil who live very far way from Milky Way.Traits and them absorbing up Tauri Americans.Getting fed up of them display illness in being good guy and hero,childishness.Same as USA,earth class Sol System 20th Century as racists and Israel's best ally.They have small mind but power and strength in large body.Listen to British and make myths about them doing good like a nut.About the church.Greed in expansion militarily.Getting overboard in factors as a superpower which UN got them all companies and manpower.This is a threat to space Europeans of Stargate.Making Americans too powerful and we cannot go ahead with our religion.Tauri Americans intent on shrinking space Islam to US melting pot of religions against goodness and pro-British.Patience in growing a Zarconian power properly as they are from all parts of Transformer Gobot universe.They are all on their own countries and planets.Then Allah's goodness of time will make them as he was an architect make Zarconian assemble with their 1 Primes.Our Captains and Naval.Trained our Army forces.They have alien secrets from thier native race.They are aliens from space that integrated UFO technology into everything in military.They have UFO secrets and more than that the formats.Math and alien methods.Warships can do what UFO's can do and alien ships.They from native population have UFO alien technology from their modern era long time.They can do monuverable and moves alien craft has and secrets of abilities a technology can do.They have alien beliefs in war on their technology.Ships have glowing lights for Europeans.They are like UFO's their ships.They have their galaxies UFO alien technology from knowledgeable natives.They started this into the Europeans for soldiers and every unit.They have abnormal and principles that are alien physics that defy normal.Alien physics and psychic powers.Equipment works alien powers.They all are experts at their stuff.Their vehicles have alien modules and electronics.Alien circuitry these Europeans made.Alien instruments and fibers.Alloys and fabrics that fulfill alien like abnormals the military wants.Protection.Computers are alien advanced.They can defy gravity.They have secrets like anti-gravity.Energies and harness for fuel and replicating their own form fresh supply of plasma.Their combat abilities have alien principles vs other races.Ethics and standards.Ranks that will catch on to Zarconian and make it the way Feroz did it,modules and engines and shapes with our native UFO alien technology and beliefs that are science and universe related even about Centauri the Lord.Compounds and gases,minerals and powders.Stargate and Queen Feroz Khan Pretender Gobot Space Europeans with complete family of Princess Khan Stargate Gobot Pretender Space Europeans and veteran in service at their proper positions to her age groups of elder to youngers.Complete.This is on Allah and his Universe Systems where Supernatural powers used to do interference to setup up evolution of Zarconian.Everything made real in this world.Millions of warships and fleets.Systems.Ranks.Armies and bases with Airforces.Covert ops craft all ready from bases and warships in their hangars under deep lakes bottom.Everyone assembled to their age groups and unite them as Zarconian Empire Force.Sciences and resources.Beliefs.And they will become Zarconian.Many of them as government members will be rejouvenated as from Earth class North America 20th Century Science Fiction military cartoons and 20th century and WW1 and WW2 technology and manpower new types of fighters that came from that area of space.New carriers and warships and they fill in our technology to make giant machines our warships.New fighters from F- design,A- design,MiG and Su design.We will take what North America and Europe did not understand like Eurofighter and Kestrel.Then a united design that being our new fighter with shape from General Dynamics,Lockheed Martin,British Aerospace,Grumman,Northrop.New types of space planes and choppers to go to our solar system and change them to bring out ones on shelf.Snap them out of spell.Battleships and our own,Frigates of Cold War made into space vessels.Learned of Wave motion technology and its secrets and Star Trek and Star Wars of course to round things off and our loyalities to grow in Zarco Macross universe.Branch of Zarconian and class of each technology in Space army,navy and space airforce,marines.Assemble and grow our technology and many take to being pilots that use secrets of Transformers and Gobots to combiner in cockpit and in tanks and artillery.Make new munitions,rockets and missiles,Payload.Torpedos.Live munitions from Cold War of earth class North America and Europe.And firearms and develop our troops and police from law enforcement technology from North America on earth class Sol System.That is why to get closer and build our place in Antarctica and Greenland           .We'll have ground in North America and Europe.Stargate was not getting the detail and many branches of categories Queen Armada was after from Zarconian.Changed many of my world in afterlife to become military experts in Cold War North America Earth class Sol System and many worlds and galaxies that poured all of this on Sol System Earth class North America.New change and grow in power and it came from alien world to them of human beings and many alien people on the shelf.Looking to reborn as myself.Brought all of these ideas and understanding of their electronics and circuitry which was alien brought to North America.Change for greatest future as giant empire.Expand and make wars to conquer.Beat hated enemy we drained out of North America and a cycle.Stargate is going to over throw the Americans in Stargate.They regard Zarconian as a life threatening threat to Americans.Americans will be surrounded and reduced with many from my galaxy and our true alliances with Europeans against the Americans.Americans and their system using jews and injustice,racism and their Spike Cops outlaws.That cruddy US has to be brought down.Americanism is stupid thing to spread in Stargate galaxies as our government from our galaxy is outspoken against US and military action against Americans in Stargate.Its their fault they are in our galaxy and for Zarconian to be veteran at 50yrs old.Our galaxies are into Zarconian as our government and plan of conquest.That space Europeans will uprise from all of new children to Stargate system.Yes they are a fraction but rest of Transformers Gobot galaxies even from Gobotron and Cybertron.Families.Americans being a criminal power like British ally and their laws in their American faction Pro-British.Then we will have millions of our class warships done top secret and in service.Then we will take action and our crews being 40yrs old least will cross the border and start war on our first enemy and target for Zarconian to do war on Americans in Stargate and finish them off to resistence.Space Europeans eliminate Stargate American Superweapons to minimal and can counter them with my goodies.Americans will live in concentration camps to be destroyed and tortured as Zarconian 1st war opponent and loss to weak power that is cuckoo and mental.We'll learn Spike Cops mental disorder.Purpose to our secret build up and top secret bases that one day be out in open when growth larger and more powerful.Then our new class warships can patrol our borders.Then from ends of Transformer Gobot universe to get the bred and veteran Zarconians to lead us with decisions vs racist enemies.Charting space and making history.Confrontation and victories for coming wars that enemy powers were small but jumped in enemy level that we confront Dinguil and Dragon that suffered as alien races.And Vampire.Universe threat enemies that change universe with destructive powers as Bolars.We would have conquered Galactica with Queen Armada's insight on them and Queen Armada's supporter from Galactica both Cyndi Stryker and other Galactica Queen Armada as shemale Autobots.Princess Armada will take to her places.Journeyed that far and beat everyone.Fought that enemy robot faction.Stargate Gobot Pretender race of people    would have been redirected and mislead to waste themselves if Queen Armada brought Zarconian to change them 360.Our military are space Europeans.They would take to their new positions like Commander,Captains and Admirals.Pilots LT. and Cpt of Space wing.Tank commanders.Our warship has torpedo banks.It has armor and barrier system with a type of light speed warp.It can carry out covert operations.It has many roles and is law enforcer and miitary.It has hangars for robots.Has laser cannons internal.They were before Transformer Gobot White race.  Of all ancestory from predators prehistoric robot being humanoids to people origin people robots.They began as person.Our mainframes to have natural permanent,no time limit Astro Beam to teleport our mainframe vehicle robot mecha bodies to our people
KusoCartoon 13937160179947

Naval schematics space ships Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner Battlecruiser

bodies so we can merger,transform larger at 30 to 40ft now giant Transformer Gobots.People of this universe and galaxies will change their transformations to new vehicles that came with Zarconian.Change from cars,bikes,fightercraft,tanks and artillery.New vehicles More than Meets the Eye.20th Century vehicles and military vehicles.Racing cars.New dinobots.New devices like radios and stereos.My people will have new vehicles to change to from earth class Sol System North America 20th Century to 21st.These can lead to space and changed to suit space.New motorbikes.New police cars.New tractors and machines.New guns to change to.New mainframes.New ones from WW2 in disguise as tanks.Machines are our new modes.During Cold War yrs in North America.The bikes,the cars and vehicles.I can transform to my cycle and to hover as spacefighter.We are a type of Gobot Pretenders.We are combined Gobot and Transformer and we are people robots that transform and transform bigger to our vehicle robot modes.We transform to modulation and to be even compact.Use of hydraulics.Modulation to activate our powers or different mode,perspective of

Queen Aramanda Space Miliitary wear

power.Modules and AC Units.Mechanical and electromechanical,hydraulic transformations.Many types of transformations in Gobot and Transformers for speed and efficiencey of modules and reconfigurated system now use of vehicles in robo.Internal reconfiguration of systems like regenerative.Robot as person.Living being.Vehicle's properties.But we are instrument machines and tracking sensors with room for verniers and engines.Weight level and agility and monuverability.Our creators who experts on machines and electronics,components.Forming complicated systems for use by government.Efficiency on field.Hybrid compacted systems and software.Weapons and defenses.Some use armor,weight.Weight weapons.Combat moves.And our race separate from Gobotron and Cybertron as we are colonists and our own branch.Our natural born sytems.Then government to properly modulate.And plain robot mecha form which merged to vehicle,droids.We are an alien race of Pretenders and have series of planets and galaxies.We retain our qualties as a program but as Gobots and Transformers we handle our own affairs and have better then them and become giant robot vehicles.This purpose is how much a machine we are and vehicles.Our characteristics militarily.And to nature.Antmal kingdom and insects.We have these abilities as people to be able to adjust to mecha robot size mainframes enemies.We can battle them as people for war.Make our weapons and size effective with skills.We can do our people fighting and it will work.Its also for all parts of military like people do in military.But we are combinering with our vehicles
KusoCartoon 13940522448708

Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender Military

to modulate them and interface.Give tanks and fighters originality and piloting but ours is combiner.2 working against 1.Team work and getting closer to Transformer Gobots in a perspective as when in construction site and from our own some are transformed as construction site machines and cranes get imput and better co-ordination and efficiency.Team work with mainframes to people mode and in people they go into office to do blueprints and planning.Then on site he can transform and go into office.Interfacing to be in a world and perspective.Use machines at
KusoCartoon 13969313274318

Military Exo Suits

higher effectiveness.Know insides internally because they are ones.As police and flying devices,dropships,squads,patrol cars.Their armor is electronic layers and light weight.It can project an environment for outer space worlds terrains.It can fly.Has defenses.Communications abilities.Attatchment to more equipment and who wears them is really huge and strong militarily.Gives them imagery and added strength.They can leap and do acrobatics,monuverable as they are exo skeletons interface with troops.Police have them.Heavy duty.Have everyone learn charted space and outer space,ger familitar with our solar sytem.Then we learn the galaxies and charts.Then we apply our learning and find our way around galaxies with empire names.We learn where we are and where every galaxy is from earth class Sol System                                                                            Training in space and space trevel training by military and their history of training for space.A proper military system without being manually operated.System that uses Creator System interaction with the Angels in space.It would have sensor instruments and Terminals in full security of our galaxy.And they have the government methods and government structure.Its an automated system to each warship and police car.Not manually operated, to depth level of space.Every single military object is under manipulation and beyond psychic but using technology.Manmade power and system that counter UFO aliens.Super power in space that has alliance with another super power Eurasia.A structure for millions of years.Complicated structure that me and my family can properly enter.We can become part of them from their evolution process.Everything is done beyond like a heavens but space.Automated and never ends with manpower and counter threats.They are beyond technology and human body and from experience can do super abilities and maintain our part of space.Super attributes grown from hundred thousand to 10,000's of years or forming a powerful structure being government.And them having a good edge on side of Centuari and our Creator.They are islamic and have secrets of religion book as part procedures in space proven fact.We are in touch with the guardians and angels that evolution in that galaxy evolved good and normal beings that obey Centauri and his structure system Centuari created with power.They have medical technology all aced in space and medical in military condition even to parasitic creatures in space.They have solved all wonders and mysteries of man and machines in our race and have creator Government powers.They are of the future and space modernization.They work on APB throughout space dispatch from Creator's world in space and our galaxy.Mysteries evolved to be part of our military system and Eurasia.So they can solve every answer grown up in space from Centuari and his prayers.His powerful system in military from machines as people or Pretender Gobot Combiner Europeans.That we have a powerful dispatch system that goes from cars to space ships.Solved UFO alien technology in their space crafts and technology that they are a UFO alien people race.They have these alien powers and in medical and government.Society has precautions to guard against space.Counter without strategy or game plan as its automated.Commands and forming up are all done from 10,000's years experience and creator world and outer space.Beyond computers.Computers contribute with society and our defenses.We have terminals.Deep space and probes.Their police know space well and much crew are experts in space.Charting space.Exploration war vessels.Enemy borders.Dropped from outer space to land on surface attatchements prepare for space drop.Regenerative with nanites to repair.Military drugging and medical upgrades.Prepared for all alien situations.Space Marines are troops based on being normal from guidelines of a realistic religion on fact.They are not pressured to be queer.They have strong will power and are not crammed or man traditions gone.They have no hormone imbalance.They all are married men to right type of women.They don't have problems.They are very efficient and powerful troops that are spacebourne.They go to procedures and utilized vehicles and many stage vehicles.From main war vessel they launch to conduct operations.They do not fear anything in space.They carry weapons like officers and military ranks.They don't carry weapons to intimidate or go with knife.They are not intimidated by Klingons or any other knife armed races.They are very authoratative and martial.They conduct efficient operations.Marines are troops and troops technology.They are used because they can get to the any situation being encounter with naval enemy in space to fighting in cities with enemy troops and other affairs in space where their manpower is needed in operation.Marines have firepower with their rapid fire energy arms or what they select for duty.They can adjust their settings to single shot to semi-automatic.They can survive in alien terrains and in space.They don't blow up from intaking void space.They are trained to breath space.Just as water.Survive and conduct operations.Special operations officers with many ranks even to their own patrol cars and MP police.They operate policies and laws.They have our laws of our faction and enemies and intruders are under our jurisdiction in space.They use drugging and chemicals with technology and bio tech.Improve themselves to go into service.Add things to themselves so attatchments work.Interact with them.Armors work with fields.They are about 6"6" in hight.They are a sizes that can infiltrate and crawl to demands of outer space.Bring in their strong build for power and heavy weight as they'll need for their armaments and what they carry.Usual load to heavy load.Heavy load they unload to rest.They are white or alien AI European Gobot Pretender Combiners.They as their person size as troops of Stargate have their Transformer Gobot abilities as soldiers.Soldiers they carry items and equipment to setup fast for alien space.Carry out commands and protect,and cover,bring back important people.Rescue operations.They can do the works.They can demo squad.They can go underwater and swim in space to vehicles for water operations.Dislike them as enemies.They have beaten them with platoons.Co-ordinated attack.They are discipline to follow orders and improvise.They are patient.They have intelligent and wise elders ranks.They have terminal computer interact with them to give them more linkups and abilities,powers in war.Meant to handle multi purpose situations.They can intimidate.They are normal pushed to limit they know they are on enemy terrain and are adapted and trained to alien space.They take the G-Forces and more of space.They are great commandos and troops.Rugged.Troops in tens of millions.Squads.Even have powers.They have forms of law enforcement and security.They go to war on crime.Technology and weapons have a self destruct and meltdown on accessories.They can't use the technology and won't findout things in enemy hands.They are in space.They control high forms of technology and top secrets.Government enforcers.Their police have a section in precinct.They add insight of oversees and in space situations.Inform police network and counter military crimes.They would go down and hide in civilization.They have spies and informants to search out any crimes.They are safe to society with police as expert on people.Any areas military need to hit they allow by government and law enforcers do it for them follow up be part operations and in space.Military board war vessels.They have agents and intelligence associations.Military can use policing.They have the ranks in them.Their on hostile territory as they are adjusted to hostile space.Defenses of this continent that guard coastlnes and in space.They make patrols of the area other than police.Maintain security in space airports and orbital elevators.Patrol sectors and every region has military to combine as one military for the continent and faction.Military is no danger to society.They are active.They are on bases and bases in space.Mountains bases.They can down most any problem or enemy.                                                                                                                                                                                 They have military defenses in space towards UFO's.They always have had defenses towards space and erie UFO's.They built warships from their advanced technology to do patrols in space on UFO's.Because of them developing space forces they have excellent defenses against UFO's and them penetrating any space sectors.They have force fields to protect planets and sectors from any intruders.They have sensors on bases in space to scan for UFO's.                                          They have bases on earth network with space against UFO's.The surface does not see any UFO's in their history for entire planet and its defenses.Marines tackle UFO's in space and what ever branch of military sends warships to UFO's.They signal and it goes to the police on the continent that UFO incidence in space.They are ready as in their history the planet cannot be penetrated by UFO' from huge distance in space and at the borders where the force fields are up and enforced by warships that can keep up with UFO's.Proper firepower and technology for war.Space police warships patrol for UFO's.Moons have defenses as orbital space platforms have defenses towards UFO's and can fire at them and send warships to them,signal for them and from base send prepared armed warship to investigate.They have found out what races UFO aliens are.They have archives in their government and in space.Send out attackcraft towards UFO.Considered part of paranormal.They investigate them and have info in history on them and agency from space defenses.They have a long history and understanding of them and kidnapping making prisoners and considered threat for defenses.Expanding to space and to Eurasia has defenses in space towards UFO.Investigation from their UFP and Stargate colonies to increase their knowledge and scientific military study of real account.Sol System Earth Class North America North Atlantic.Extensive files and study on UFO aliens and they know their alien names and can speak their language to them.Translator for military forces.Ways of coping with each type of enemy and enforcementing them and borders in space towards UFP and Stargate Atlantis galaxies.They can carry out harsh actions when needed.Very organized and intelligent with brutal strength.Know their strategies taught by them instructed patterns.Memorize all of this and go into action.They if captured can erase memory and get retrieved before damage happens in captivity.Crimes to troops are taken in towards an enemy to bring justice.Our police take it to records.Penalty on troops.They have high technology.High difficulty level vs enemy.Attributes.For naval and warships so they can't be boarded by larger mecha to deliver firepower in halls.Keep it to small boarding parties.Limit down size firepower and combiner with warship at our stations on bridge.But as warships need us to go to the hangars and prepare like fighters for war from warship.They can't just go flying from tranformation they need preparation as a fighter in hangar.But if a giant robot being enemy would squeeze us then we transform to mainframes to break free and grow their size as robot.Transformer Gobot is a power militarized.                                                                                                                                     Our people are of fierce nature.They can be bad guys from another dimension but in this dimension they are regarded as good.They are like space Dutch people in appearance.Medium length.They have short hair,trimmed,medium and are of many builds.They have alien hair colors meaning violet,blue,gold,grey,silver,dark.They have various styles being medium hair length.They are like short hair people but grow their hair for hairstyle.Some men have moustaches and facial hair, and ladies have long space hair dews.Trim their hair and program it.Program a style and keep to it finding out from youth about being older faster.They have hairstyle encouraged in society there.They want it medium length and trimmed up.Up to date from short hair.Civilized and mild mannered from tribal traditions merging simple settlers.Retain positive nature that grew into futuristic space traveilling modernization.Society has it enforced.Peace and tranquil a land.They are high class upbringings.Very friendly people and have an open country to their inhabitants.Courteousy and polite especially to their own with a happy atmosphere on all of their terrtory.They created things like that from living out in the ocean.Simple people but complicated.They can be martial people.They don't run their society strict.They are open and flexible a people.They have a friendly attitude to their own.They are not strict and are against strictness.Their society and government sports a good nature and they don't supervise people.They only do this when a case is there and callled to duty.Not on anything leniant.They are a free society with rules and regulations.People are expected to know the regulations and they are normal.Its to maintain the continent and not to live self destructive.No problems.No association with extremists.Stay away from trouble and stay under the law not to get it to the law.They are against ignorance and are non-ignorant society.They eliminated any form of ignorance as Allah uses ignorance to poison people.Ignorance had no place to bloom.Natives are not ignorant.Team work in eliminating ignorance to anti-ignorant society.They are educated on UFP and their society and Stargate.They learn of gangs,Klingons and underworld to manners of their society to see how they swear and how their society works on worlds near earth class Sol System.Take social studies on alien white people.Look down on ignorance of humans and Stargate and UPF.Crack down by government and military.Know how destructive ignorance is .Riding the law border line is wrong.It needs safeguards against the law as it is martial.They are against strict people and had war with them as aliens.Its not tolerated by them.They counter this knowing what problem strict can be to sneak into government and medical.No extremism.Its form of criminal behaviour.These people think cheerful and calmed.They like their minds free of strain.They get offended and will take action.Do not like to be distressed.                    They have no supremacists at all.Government has none.This does not exist here at all and has no origins from anywhere.These people are more a constructive people that fulfill government roles as a people.They don't have any extremism or any need for this that is destrucive.They are normal people that are not aggressive but are alien advanced and will use thier power of authority.They are space government powerful.They have militant right areas.People that are like islanders that grew into a self complicated society from simple upbringins to compete vs UFP and Stargate universe.Adapt excellent and catch on to white supremacy and make something to destroy it that is over any government's head in levels.Over much universes levels.High level at government authoratative because they are more powerful than alot of empires that are aggressive.Alliance government act with planet giant Eurasia.They have brilliant minds and strategists.Elders and leadership.They had the creator system become the people and what was running the orbit of planets and stars those angels workers part of and became these Pretender Gobot white race AI people.They knew how to run the universe and as part of their adaptations they travel to space.They have the real things in sciences of space,partiicles.Creators here play a gianter role as they are the people AI.Corporations are more active and closer to society from space.No creator people separation.Advantage they had in secrets to space.Parts of goverment.They grow money and economy.They have many looks and appearances mixed like sharp features and mixing it into bulky and other features.They all have sharp nose though.Not just bulky features.They from being isolated from rest ot their planet and space are very humble people but are realisitc.They are friendly to each from all parts of their continent and islands.They control entire polar region pole seas islands.They are very happy people that socialize and are very grownup.They are very mature people that do not swear and abuse things,act abusive.They are like a family too.And one that is open to people in their continent.They are very good to their own and treat people as neighbours.They are glad to meet new people and know alot of people and family from different zones.They are not corrupted but learned from heavy corruption from their colonies in UFP and Stargate galaxies.They have never fought the Decepticons but have alerts and skirmishes with Decepticons.Police police in space for Decepticons as law breakers and hostile alien.From them leaving and making colony here to change in evolution from being hard core robot and machine.They left the wars with the Decepticons.Cobra Terrorist Faction Organization are Decepticons as people.Stargate fought with Cobra.They became people on this planet.But retain being Transformer Gobots.Learned very rude from them at the most.Overseas forces bring in knowledge and our people have been prepared to this for a long time.Not simple people.They are very proud of their home continent as super accomplishment from them being very positive in a race and many branching races.They are builders and are constructive.They don't have low income here.No jobs low wagers don't exist as all jobs are upgraded.Provisions to them to socialize and not overdo it in lesson from UFP and Stargate galaxies in socializing.They are to their own.Take to their own but in sports compete city vs city and school vs school.Competition as their olympics.They maintain overseas and on other continents on this planet.They can become bad nature which they hide with their tropical attitude and profiles.They are honest people at their jobs and of course don't trust anyone they don't know.They are not cold to others as cold attitude on this continent is not accepted.Very open when asked questions.But they would best want to know people and meet new people.Government are very curteous and are nice to young adults.They know that public are all clean people well showered and mouth hygene.Keep up a high character and postive outlook in society.They are very helpful to government workers in relationship of people to government with support.Government will sit down with a group in a facility lounge.No negativity from government as they are very caring and nice people.Worried for the people and act very good.Actions are positive and learn of problems of people.Very constructive and understanding.Keep their distance as all people do.From school til they start to be government they retain positive attitude.Government is a a powerful structure and act harsh to those like overseas and outer space.They have lotsl of history and sort out any problems.They are very smart as they are spacebourne from back in early history.They can act bad to those that are enemies with them.They have military and in space.They are neutral and patrol space.They have space defenses.Theirs are elite in space as they have been through space wars and won.Play a role with other giant planet Eurasia that it takes command of military.They are merger under Eurasia as Eurasia is more expanded in military and growth in military.Militant in space.They have bases and war.We are faction of Eurasia in military.They are a space superpower in orbit in space.They are crude.They are self sufficient.Constructive,very innovative.Peaceful when doing construction.Follow a format that is very old,25 000 yrs old.They are builders.They hide bad nature in construction and working.They are workers.Enjoy their work.They have key decision makers.They know how to win.They are in a phase of discovery in space.They are constructioning.Defenses and military is secondary to them but they can ocme up to par with any task.They have in history.They have intelligent minds.Enterprise and to expand.Wealthy families.Wealthy people.They work for themselves.They bullt a very tranquil and positive continent with positive environment as their history and approach.Being isolated and far from other societies they have a beautiful and scenic land with very positive people that have no self troubles or problems as they are not like that.Very responsible to problems and immediate response solution to disperse.Simple life to super futuristic advancements of being space traveliing.They can be harsh on enemies.They have a balance of police and military.But with Eurasia they have a space superpower that relied on to make them advanced.They are fellow Transformer Gobot Pretender white race.They are larger though and military is expanded in industry.We joined our industry with military but did not make it number 1 president.It would have been destructive to their world to expand in military.They think of conservation and against polution.Modern methods of a healthy world.Not polluters.War is polluting.More to tending to their society in its growth and modified of a bustling growing society they already have now space expansion.Eurasians know this continent specializes  in life and society growth and modification.Not wasteful people as they are alien intelligent to re-direct things.Smart in education and alien principles.They are in every category from electronics to agriculture.Education in alien system but a government system.Against crime in growth society.Specialize in medical and alien medical for other worlds.They have alot of colonies on UFP and Stargate Atlantis.They maintain them exellence and as challenge.

...continued in Sacrid Religion of Zarconia part 3  

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