A Sacred Religion of Zarconia is that the European Pretenders value their society and have a great one.Geography and Queen Armada's estates showing royalty.Shows their Sacred Religion is society not war.But they can develope their military with Zarconian.

Antarctica map

KusoCartoon 15113916759694

Creator from Billions of light years away

The life story of Queen Armada, nothing to do with the religion, but who cares?They are religious and rely on the Creator of Billions of light years from here.
Cfeaacb82a4628d8b6371647c0a1f7b8a09cd9db orginal sketch

Riker Star Trek



Native of this island continent Power Up Mode Gestalt Warrior Queen Armada2

The enemy British were

Government billions light years in vortex

fighting wars and winning them to please their mob of corruption the Romulans,Bolars,Dinguil,Galactic Empire Space communists and rest of enemy slime.Queen Armada used to our title.We're in different age groups from the same faction.Queen Armada before me was Abigail McLaughlin who is Irish  .They will have jewelry from folklore.Their personalities and guest appearances on tv to display her cool image.She is intelligent and cool.Dresses with some preppy stuff or designer clothes as rock star.It will be in full function.Take care of cats as family members and ancestory.She will accomplish alot and at this continent's level.For appearance in life prominant and abilities..My parents and I do it with each other.Attractive women are nocturnal and habits to date their own children like me Feroz and their grandchildren.We all are the same as my parents.They as a treat do it with us and we do it with them.Being a child will set back things in the adult world.No babies here at all.Young adult born younglings.They are not totally innocent.They are young adults younglings to keep up being grown up and not losing any grown up closer to being grown up because its easier to be a grown up from a youngling young adult.We can because we are Pretender European AI's and muslims that are white.Our race Pretender Europeans are in night life.Not held back or old fashioned.They are outgoing.Europeans but reversed  .British were setting out world peace and domination in space for the enemies to merger in to conquered territories.British were setting out earnings for enemy space mob.British would government everything and have the Romulans and Galactic Empire to go on in and live in conquered territory.British fed in their rules and now all space Communists can move in after war is cleared by British.They were all pleased and clean to live under what the British fought for them as the plan.There won't be any

Antarctica Island Fortress

enemies at all they are all under Communist which is plan to live under British.They all would merger as British.Germans took it and got wealthy.They all are Communist.Sample of dna or handwriting then to blame me thinking
Crtr orginal sketch

Creator of Billion Light Years away

from afar that I was a male.Passed around work paper.DNA from my fellow workers.I was a transwoman back then.Did not understand those people at all.They did not have my people part of government.They took my dna from handwriting and far as I know it could be the men in my family that showed up on paper work.Handwriting that was mine.Some sort of work.I had written but that is not my dna.People used to handle my work.This was the closest to sample from my written work.They tried to teach what they made from the handwriting that It was my gender.This brought up a workers dna and his family.We used to use computers back then.They had stolen a machine from our continent.From going through the

Feroz and her Parents

handwriting or work.It was what I was working on for company.I was into electronics and was doing paperwork.We were inventing and like the government making household electronics and household appliances.The imposter of me was a worker that knew further than me and made the female laws.I had no idea that the company was working in military using home electronics.I was selected for home electronics.This was all in a galaxy called Galactica before it broke out in war and had recently broken off from Zeon.We Pretender Gobot.We are from planet.And the giant place
KusoCartoon 15327176978536

Khan family home Antarctica

Eurasia is Betamus.My island poles continent is on Soleileus Prime.They are in a vortex dimension billions of light years away.They have neighbouring alien races in other galaxies.They grow vegetables.They add to  European Pretender diet and some are allies of them and know them.They are very close in
KusoCartoon 15272003978194

Antarctic City where Crevasse used to exist future

distance compared to earth class Sol System.They being aliens are neutral and do not conduct all out war.They are constructive but some of them have internal wars.They make battlecruisers which are giant miles long bulky warships with rods sticking out.Giant with torpedo system and many more weapons.They are space ships that are in EVE.We will and I have made arrangements that its not piled up on me Queen Feroz.I have the makes and models of cars and vehicles for our continent.From military to civilian vehicles like SUV,Ford cars changed to speeder speeds.Trains and commuting.Buses.Police cars,ambulance,fire trucks from past.Construction trucks,architecture and equipment retain
Antstdm orginal sketch

Antarctica dome stadium

them from North America earth class Sol System technology from past.From the 80's and 70's and 60's machines.TV sets and computers,hardware.Satellites and internet.Radar towers.Signal towers.Model our ones after them.Kitchen utensils.Foods to be carried on from Italian
AntCt orginal sketch

Zarconian Antarctic City sketch

and Mexican to Chinese and Indian.Have refrigerators but all upgraded to our galaxy and planet.Grills and spoons,forks.Cheeseburgers.Coffee.Lasagna,pizza,garlic bread with cheese.Pop.Garden for veges.Chocolate and ice cream,pancakes,pies and cakes.Dinner pies.Environmental control.Gardens.Home and garden hardware,Home and bath.Appliances.Designs.Changed model from old and took them from Feroz's solar system and planet earth class.Radio.Music.Rock and Soft rock.Clothes.Outings.Clothes Feroz never wore in this life expensive and for girls.Retaining my pastlife as a
KusoCartoon 15315205788821

Antarctica underground walkway

superhero and speaking english is when I utilize ordering food in UFP.Our European Pretender planet and people AI's learn first hand experience about

Metallica in Antarctica

International of Earth Class of Sol System.Learn in foods and technology.Learn more about enemies.They building Antarctica as a stop from travelling in Quantum for long time from our galaxy.A stop being Antarctica.Antarctica can give them earth class and international.They would know how to grow and raise plants and livestock.Learn in technology to make a Taurus from the 80's that is speeder.They get to make their own government and learn of earth's.Earth class international won't disappear.They could learn about the 80's and 2000's of electronics.They would be space travelling and would have laws from space.Antarctica would be unique.Learn and watch Military Sci Fi cartoons like Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato,Robotech,Transformers movies,GI Joe.My powers were from ideas from earth class. Talk and converse which is very important.I will have the GAH powers and mine made as a Queen.I need to use what I learned

German Base Antarctica


German Base Antarctica

in Ontario North America earth class Sol System in UFP.Remembered including electronics or video games.UFP is greatest place of United States.Antarctica was to have a Alien European Pretender station.And it would be a small city.It would be for visitors and staff researchers.    Militarized with police in section.Antarctica needs a Coast Guard with police and future continent of millions of people so they will have an Airforce and Army.Problems will end once they have proven this to UN.UN made Antarctica unpopular to hot climate countries that don't live with any talk against them or little value.They don't care so we European Pretenders can move in our base of operations Antarctica.We would pick the Peninsula and West Antarctica and the South Pole.Antarctica could be a colony and valuable base of operations.Once the cities are made they can build a base that goes to space.European Pretenders race of space can use their methods to build cities in Antarctica.They have to do landforms and crumble down the crevasses.They have to remove snow mounds by a
KusoCartoon 15284795518420

Zarco Antarctic Space Forces Base

machine that chops down and plows up the ice to be removed by a giant dump truck.They have the snow as resource and can use it like water.They on the buildings in city install emitters that generate a field that is
KusoCartoon 15327210604473

Khan family Residence Antarctica future

projected over entire city and towns.Emitters on highways to protect the cars and automobiles.Airports and spaceport for landings.Emitters will make an environment trapping all of calmness weather wise and blocking ferocity and harshness of storms.They can make underground tunnels for pedestrians.Underground roads and streets.This would not be an ordinary base but a base that goes to space and has vessels land.Landing place for vessels and place where spacefighters can fly over Antarctica.Using rules made to UN.Place for roundabouts and alien ships to land.Nothing giant.Station with internet using satellites.Laptop

Deception Island hot springs

Kroner Lake

Kroner Lake Antarctica

VU0K2122 (39985962)

Deception Island Antarctica

drivers.Use Airforce cargo shipments and build a small railroad.Visitors and staff to travel and supplies.This will mark construction of cities and towns.The stations will be part of the city.European Pretender race from orders from Queen Armada will construct Antarctica into a country.It is where space for earth will be based.They are experts on Subarctic of alien worlds

Antarctica Night


Laser lights Antarctica


Night time Antarctica


Antarctica dawn


Antarctica Night

weather and technology.Antarctica can intensify internet and receive high speed intenet.They will have satellites in orbit with a station with radar dish and antenna to magnify the world intenet.It will have Zarconian wikia in the future.It can relay it to space and to the European Pretender Space Race.They will receive it making a database of their own about and from earth.We could connect Ontario.Antarctica has its weather and seasons.It will have dome for livestock.Building supplies can be imported and transported from other countries or from space.We need these cities or we won't have any use for earth.Stepping stone in right direction for Zarconian and its cause.For me to visit from deep space as we go out of quantum.Stop and bases made in Sol System.Border Crossings at West and East Antarctica.Continent will produce cars and trucks.Highways from West and East Antarctica.Highways and roads with towns and suburbs.Population of million spreadout in Antarctica and its islands.Snow is cleared by snowplow and salt trucks.LIghts in driving in whiteout.Snow tires on all cars and trucks.Border police.Point military at earth.This is an operation and I expect more from them.They are capable of doing this as my defenses from future have a chance to get creative.Make a railroad and deal with the
ANTARCTIC FOSSILS Fossil hunters Dinosaurs!

ANTARCTIC FOSSILS Fossil hunters Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs in Antarctica? -- Antarctica Video Report 1

Dinosaurs in Antarctica? -- Antarctica Video Report 1

crevaces.The crevaces will be trimmed down by a machine to expose rock or dirt underlying after millions of years or tens of thousands of years before it got glaciered.Dinosaur fossils. 
KusoCartoon 15265101496551

Antarctic Museum future

AntMsm orginal sketch

sketch Antarctic Museum future

                                           There must be abundance of uninterupted dinosaur fossils to keep in Antarctic Museum.The water is abundant and can be used purposes water is used like in nuclear and drinking water or other purposes.Glaciers will reduce and be used as a resource.Change frozen water to resources to millions of people.My tomb is in Antarctica.To research my pastlife and to go underground while building a city and towns and find parts of Galactica in Antarctica.Find my pastlife.It will lead us

Amundsen Scott geodesic dome


geodesic dome

to Galactica.Antarctica will as many cities and animals like seals and whales co-exist with urban life.Transported re-located.They won't be harmed and will have help more from urban centers.Problems could be cured other than station.The animals would live a good life.Many of Antarctica's principles from station would be retained to not create any polution.Degree in making nuclear powerplants to supply electricity.Workers
Trailer Continent 7 Antarctica-0

Trailer Continent 7 Antarctica-0

The Land of Pure Silence Continent 7 Antarctica-1

The Land of Pure Silence Continent 7 Antarctica-1

What's It Like to Be on Antarctica? Continent 7 Antarctica-0

What's It Like to Be on Antarctica? Continent 7 Antarctica-0

24 Hours of Sun at the South Pole Continent 7 Antarctica

24 Hours of Sun at the South Pole Continent 7 Antarctica

Filming in a Place of Extremes Continent 7 Antarctica

Filming in a Place of Extremes Continent 7 Antarctica

The Calm and Quiet Antarctic Continent 7 Antarctica

The Calm and Quiet Antarctic Continent 7 Antarctica

Antarctica is Beautiful, but Changing Continent 7 Antarctica

Antarctica is Beautiful, but Changing Continent 7 Antarctica

from space
KusoCartoon 15251234820675

Zarco Antarctican City

constructioning cities and
KusoCartoon 15251096671234

Antarctica Indoor Mall

towns and working away on the glacier.Antarctica     will finally get staff and workers from space to operate spaceport and airports.Border security will be from space to search and filter out crime.They will get law enforcers from space.The space Airport will have heat all year round.Climate.It will have stations as border securities have to search luggage and passengers.Passengers will be from Antarctica.Antarctica won't invite people to their country.It will have space rules.For our people to visit the world.They can invite people to come to Antarctica under space guidelines.Cities created thinking of the law. Their religion Islam was when a faction on Cybertron and Gobotron left to colonize far away galaxy billions of light years in vortex away.They evolved to having Quran like stories on their giant planet.They evolved this to European Pretender race.They follow these practices.Similiar to islam.Being modern they don't have any terror.They look down at terror.Being a family close to creator and this spread to population.They were close to creators and learned in education.Faction from Gobotron Cybertron had a one-sided belief towards some islam.Divided in religion.They fought to leave Gobotron and Cybertron to take their religion somewhere else.They changed when they

McMurdo Station Night

went through another dimension.Blue Klingons picked up more islam from Pretender Europeans.Blue Klingons interacted and a happening happened when they practiced against religion like Klingons.They acted like this and something happened.Then a power from the islamic faction happened to them to make them bigger believers.Much of this happened in centuries from 10 000yrs      . Antarctica is going to be Zarconian and my people the
KusoCartoon 15286548455495

Antarctica indoor Waterpark


Inside Antarctica Waterpark

KusoCartoon 15296026076473

Inside Antarctica Waterpark

European Pretender of space to construction a country out of Antarctica.It will have railroads and they know how to clear snow and ice to make towns and cities.They will construction stations into towns and cities.It will be a place
KusoCartoon 15241624674263

Antarctic Waterpark Indoor

KusoCartoon 15273622623835

Antarctica Arcade

where space can land and live and are for earth based in Antarctica.It will have the giant cities and they can learn technology from construction of a place as Antarctica for learning foods and cultures and getting to know the earth.They
KusoCartoon 15328957101240

Antarctic Amusement Park future

don't know it well and are not linked up to us.The Evolution Process Angels and Space Angels don't know about plans for Antarctica and they should to make the Search and Rescue Zarconian.These are all
KusoCartoon 15238312992120

European Pretender Crevasse removing equipment

Zarconian.Railways connecting and shipping around rescources and to transport people.Future Antarctica will have roads and highways.Crevaces through alien technology to be shaven down
KusoCartoon 15242495949893

Indoor Antarctic Waterpark

and cleared to make way for spectacular cities.Antarctica is not forgotten by Queen Armada.My pastlife could be inside the rock and snow of Antarctica.To retrieve her from her tomb.Meanwhile the scenery will have skylights from houses and housing developments.And to make new laws to UN.Permission from UN.Same as the Angels of Space Search and Rescue so they can be a branch of Zarconian.Experts of existence of space.Antarctica will have shopping centers

Zarconia Galactica ranking Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker

and indoor malls.Stores and many places and architecture.Indoor livestock
KusoCartoon 15249531083692

housing division Antarctica

and shipments from freightors with all permissions done and adding in stations across Antarctica.Waterpark will be inside dome like enclosure and be warmed with a climate inside.The water slides will be from earth class ideas and fill up.People will pay to come in with passes and wade around in water.Then to try out the slides.They will use magnetism to make it like a roller coaster for some.People will have loads of fun being an Antarctican.Come out and get to understand things.For
KusoCartoon 15264965439373

Antarctica dome stadium

the non-
KusoCartoon 15239063039436

Antarctic Airport/Spaceport

cooperative we don't build any roads to connect them.Isolated.This is a place that is outer space for me.Queen Armada likes that Antarctica will be constructed as a urban center of future.It is proper place of space for me to be
KusoCartoon 15252016919965

Antarctic Shower tent

closer to space.Breath taking scenery and I take to it with such a setup and support.Me visiting earth and it has snow hurricanes.Developing relations with the people of earth.This must be done for I'm not through in my jobs to earth being Antarctica.Cost too.This is for privacy while on planet earth.Place where space travellers have a point to leave space this far from their homeworld.Stuck in a ship in space.Far away from rest of the earth and conjestion and world problems.Done night and day constructioning and receiving from space.Way they can have 1st hand experience with people of earth and concepts.Learn the foods and ways of life.    There will be a valley of hydroponics and greenhouses for growing produce.In the night lights will be used instead of sunlight.It will be huge to grow food to sustain Antarctica.Cattle and livestock to be raised indoors and
KusoCartoon 15278759490306

Antarctica Future Spaceport Airport

KusoCartoon 15275327323470

Antarctic Hotel future

outdoors surrounded by fence on the snow.They have grass grown for them in greenhouses and more bails of hay as their food.They when there is no snow hurricane can go outside in pen.They return back indoors to be raised by farmers.From our space technology.And in the years in future where the "Prime Directive" comes in far away centuries Antarctica will blend in as a new colony and country.They will have their own ways of life.
KusoCartoon 14801198519256

European Pretender Gobot people Battlecruiser

Antarctica needs space technology and manpower.More experienced in other worlds like pole continent.It lost its plant life of trees from prehistoric era it was better off.Its mud underneath all of the crevaces and snow.Rock from mountains and no planteater livestock.There is nowhere for them to survive.No grass for them to eat.Its snow hurricanes and extreme cold.No thermal springs there.Snow in glaciers blocks off everything including access.Snow and ice.Vehicles would have problems.And its resources are poor.Everything needs to be imported.It would need importing and cargo for life as stations have.Its seasons are of the subarctic and in night for entire season.Seasons that bring in more snow hurricanes. It is not rock covered and
MegaStructures South Pole Station National Geographic Documentary

MegaStructures South Pole Station National Geographic Documentary

Maddy's South Pole Station Tour!

Maddy's South Pole Station Tour!

on the plateau is a clay dirt.This makes place for trees and habitation.The place has certain places that have rock and rock plateau.Most of it is just like being on the ground level but 10 to 20 miles up and 60miles up for tundra snow.The lakes and bodies of water flow with
4915073561 display

Antarctica future

housing developments and condos.They have the many commuting ways and highways to get
Antarctic colony

Antarctica Future

to ground level.Grasslands and they make use of grasslands and woods with parks and houses,condos and suburbs.Place abundant in people's activities.They have water supply never runs out even from the rain.Clouds come from space altitudes and bring in rainfall.It rains medium rate.Balanced in many seasons though.Woods and woods creeps down 10 miles down to ground in valleys.In the many climate zones of the island poles continent the way
KusoCartoon 14951485163311

Zarconian Antarctic Station

the day and night is in temperature.In the hot zone the temperature is very hot but bareable and is a dry hot with wind.its not humid.Not a humid hot on this continent.Day is hot from the stars.The polar islands continent has provisions against the stars shining as daylight.Atmospheric barrier and many natural barriers.The gases prevent the radation from being concentrated and concentrated light which is spread out and dispersed.You can look at the day safely.In space which is part of mountain's atmosphere on some far away islands it has a barrier to be part of the planet.It has wind pressure

city in Antarctica


city seashore Antarctica


caves city Antarctica

here.And this wind pressure dies down at night.The ground and area remains warm.Its warmed and loses its stars
KusoCartoon 15208947781500

City in Antarctica future

heat and retains heat for a warm place.Different climate factors and zones exist from a giant island continent stretching from an area that a star of the stars shines direct heat on the tropics line of the planet.The Southern pole has some of the continent its archepelago peninsula.Its with many island chains cover the frozen icey poles.There is hot zone peninsula.Star is shining directly on hot zone get it at hot temperatures for desert.There is no gravel and sand to cool down.Clay like dirt that retains the warmth.It has rainfall in sunshine.Many
Antarctica research stations1

Antarctica Stations map


McMurdo Station future

sky types with the stars.Rainbows are usual.For each climate and zone.It does not rain in tundra.It has wet snow near tundra and inside the tundra.Wet snowfall and sunshine is in the arctic.Temperature drops to warm for a desert.Not blazing hot.The mountains are temperate.They have tundra and all climates and their own.There are no crevasses.Seasons are longer here.The planet is larger and so the seasons are longer.They shave them down like trees for drinking water and other purposes,swimming or facilities.Structures are built down to the ground

Antarctic University

exposed.Nothing is built over snow and ice.No wind.Not windy at all.Mountains block off the wind.And the woods jungles retain warmth up there.Crevaces are shaven down by equipment.They then expose the ground to do with them.Regarded as a danger but are not towering in people areas.Moderated temperature up in mountains with a pressure system that gains from space.Stars are closer to mountains than the ground.Crevaces exist but not many stories without climbing gear uses force fields.There are tundra parts of mountains in its
KusoCartoon 15278925143584

Zarco Antarctic class Prison

peninsula.They have research facilities in tundra.They are meant to monitor space and planet's evolution.They have cities of millions in tundra.Its populated and modernized.End that goes over
107 knot blizzard in Antarctica-1527872534

107 knot blizzard in Antarctica-1527872534


map of Antarctic University

Antarctica Condition 1 Weather

Antarctica Condition 1 Weather

Con 2 Storm at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Con 2 Storm at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

seas of the tip of the planet with islands.Mountains are fresh with plants and natures gases.Go up in mountains by cars and its fresh air and enriched with gases for breathing.They made stations in the caves taking water up and down.It is not a current.Natural pressure keeps the water still and fish can migrate to lower of mountains and go back up.Many current caves have been drained with stations built and for transportation,train or subways.  






Administration Bld.

Apollo Hall

Antarctica Museum

Lason Hall

Physical Plant






Varga-Jeno Halls

Gazprom Field

Navoyka Hall



Stations that monitor the vacuum and for liquid pumped for usage for fire department to taps.Conserved and replicated in vats.Workers go in the caves and tunnels.It also has parts that are closer to space and space's atomosphere layers on this planet.This enriched gas makes the temperature moderate and much like tropical.The tundra has its steam that comes out in springs.Steam is a layer with the ground and vegetation.Steam makes the temperature very warm in tundra.Radius of warmth from up to your chest or more than that.Nature has made steamed hot mixed with tundra surrounding.Steam makes the ground warm and hot.Manmade steam areas for the parks and beaches.Steam effects tundra sands and makes it warm.People are in their bathing clothes from steam days and months at the beach.Its tropical.Historic area is full of moisture.It rains there but it also has Indian summer like fall.The stars are at an angle to make a partial shadow on this area and the tundra pole.It is orangey with overcast of shadows.Its brilliant and shadowey.Even the light has this.Then it gets cloudy when the seasons are over from season to season.The clouds formup and they make cloudy days to consistant temperature that remains under 20C to above 0C.Stays with temperate days and moisture.Has makings of high humidity and then has its cloudy days.Its not cold on the ground and is warmed from moisture and
Transformers 5 - The Last Knight Linkin Park - Heavy

Transformers 5 - The Last Knight Linkin Park - Heavy

stars.Stars shine in phase from angle as when the day passes.They are not focussed on this part island poles continent.Moisture forming on trees and had showers.Not storms.Light sprinkles and showers.Ground has green vegetation or even red and blue vegetation all year long.Fresh and living.Trees never shed and are bushy all year long.No season for them to have a fall.The HIstoric city and its area is a calming of the weather.Rain  drops and no thunderstorms.Its not a violent weather area.Calm weather with showers.Created here all of those hurricanes from overseas turn temperate and develop  from the poles island continent.Creates many clouds

Freshwater lakes observatory public

for weather and precipitation.Here any harshness is spread out to sea and collected by winds from space.No storms there all year round but they have snow light few cm of snow at the most.Stay there for months.From season to season showers are in summer.Summer has spring like warmth and people go out in t-shirts and don't worry about precipitation.Light breeze in summer with temperatures in 20C.Plush blue and green,red and mixed valleys in temperatures in subarctic scale in 20's Celsius to subarctic cold.Place retains mosture and well fed plant life and woods with nature in jungles.Has many types of alien tropics and climates types.Has tropical in cold.The 36hrs of day they have partial darkness and partial full sunlight depends where you are.The day in many parts are parts of the day frozen.They have dusk all day long.Another part they have lunch all day long.Rotation of the planet.They have a dawn all day long in the seasons it rotates and consecutive.Lunch and afternoon in order but different zones.If your on the polar poles on peninsula it is sunlight all day for seasons.Just as its darkness all day long for season.People are used to covering windows with blinds and curtains for darkness to sleep.No parasites here at all.They did war on parasites.The poles does not have imported from airport either.Travel inside their own faction and territories.They cultured their soil and maintained it well.It had chemicals natural that eliminated any parasites.Does not have parasites tropically.No major parasites here either.They can't live in clay dirt or the environment has natural chemical in it.Nowhere for them to survive.Being the pole its cold and surrounded by magnetic fields that wreckup such creatures.Place is free of biting insects.We have a subarctic desert area in tundra.Researchers here and in tundra go to UFP and Stargate worlds to research on their clusters of planets.Research on their planets and effects of ecology and all sorts of things they need to know that destroy people and planets.Island continent on the poles had its resources by both parties merger to power up and create each city and connect them by long distance.They harnessed the power and created it into other energies not natural gas.This island poles continent has a vortex theory dimensions.Things are reversed here the day and night time and seasons..Changed it into gases that are greater power source.They also used energy from orbiting smaller star and its plasma.The light for the island continent comes from many far distance stars concentrated rays that make the night glowing.Not pitch dark as when the "gas giant" rotates it goes to another star that like a moon provides glowing light at night time.Stars are watched better.Many colors of glowing sky for night time.Each zone has their own time zones and stars from angles reach them.The gases in atmosphere retain energy and more of an angle the light reaches them far.You can see yourself at night time.And they have networks of street lights throughout the island poles continent.City and countryside.They combined and formed members of the government here.It began inhabited by clans of Pretender Gobots which are people that can transform to robots.They keep their people conversion for as a people they can explore by foot.They retain their people side.They did not start out with research.They were a land that had heat and they could build a land that was not boring with the blue Klingons who have very little crests and markings.Much like white people but they are Klingons from another dimension and far away billions of light years.Sensible people and as modernized people Blue Klingons did not have conflict.Place was a home and people's home as they joint together to construct a home and invent ways to protect their planet from other planets that were inhabitable that are gone from polution and other destructive things to their planet.They have a healthy planet and in Transformer Gobot years 10 000 years old for people's age to milions of years as a race.They are a government race.From higher and lower levels.They all are government workers.No citizens or civilians.Being of the Pretender Gobot race they inherited military from the Transformers and Gobots.Being Pretender Europeans and they are not extremists.
Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD

Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD

I did'nt make it in this life.I was mediocre and sub par.Factors that led to this before Florence and her failure.Drifiting off from society and government was just giving a small amount of money.Money was tough.I had a mind illness in working this makes work impossible.My life path was changed from the illness.I did not have the cure which the Caretaker Angels and Evolution Process Angels have the cure and can cure my mind or other organs I was born with this as fate.My fate to be a super hero.To be Queen and Superhero with the Greatest American Hero powers and rest of my powers rounded off by GAH.Next time my parents Attractive women will be there for me and my fears of having low money is over.We're Royally wealthy.My parents shemale who made me and had a cured Feroz.My name will be derrived from Feroz but in my people's language.I had my failures to go to success and to put my efforts in crime fighting  in space.I have a solid structure billions of light years from here as a Master race from Pretender Space Europeans.And I get blessings but the Caretaker of Space Angels,Evolution Process Angels need to work on my powers and straightening out my abilities before I get born here and use them.My powers and my parents are Transformer Gobots.They are people.AI.I have to have my soul made into AI and transformation.Retain my people form as my people do.My parents are artificial intelligence and I must be too.Work on the vessel which work on my soul and my race the European Pretender Gobots.My first day during school to go out and start using my powers my parents were intrusted.They have the GAH suit and were told by the Space Caretaker Angels,Evolution Process Angels to take care of the suit for Feroz their child.My first day of missing school and going throughout the city to fly and fly over sidewalks and fly on streets like skating over air.And jumping backwards from tallest buildings.Go to space like the dreamworld.Travel over endless lands like dreamworld flying.Fly over the grass forward.Easier to make distance.Trying out going to the beach and swimming.And I have had my illness cured that would have effected my powers. Something just as valuable as me and it would set us back Caretaker Angels of outer space.Its my belongings that need to be protected and bring them all to my people afterlife next flife to the European Pretender Gobot race space muslims.Take my stuff and put it in a storage on island poles continent empty out my bedroom to bring them to the shelves with all of the goodies.They will look at what I collected and my pc.My music CD's and for them to play now deceased bands from my room.Rock music.Have my whole collection and they will have my stuff for me to play we need some sort of electric interface to run them on my media entertainment electronics at home.Very valuable from this solar system.Shipped by war vessel to my planet or Caretaker Angels of space ship.Then let me put in a cd song from my big bands.Match me with the storage.Only the Caretaker Angels of space will know where I am biologically.When I am a soul inside my mother Drewzelda is my shemale mother.Zelda will be my mother.My parents would imput correcting my mistakes.They live outgoing and nightlife.They would act responsible.Being raised on this planet and island continent tribally put for them to be more responsible.They are among elite as they were taught in school here.They enter things in their life like nightlife but she does not forget her upbringngs and being taught lessons in life.Attractive women but self sufficient and can journey in space.Complicated things.They came out with excellent schooling and excellent grades in math.They would be in parents age group and have parent like powers.They are patient.They know their way around the entire island continent.They travelled.They have confidence.Reliable on having their car tuned.They have a clean and tidy home and condo.They cook food together with teamwork and are space muslims.They are clean.They are used to complicated simple tribal place.Tribal means futuristic and modern.They live in complicated society.Even to bussing and classes.We would have a trip to UFP to see baseball and the real earth class.Our trip would be to make arrangements and leave from space or space port to travel to the Federation.There we could visit their museums.And ball park with tickets to see the Blue Jays.Enjoy the food and tourism there.My schooling as I have never been to university.Next time schooling and to achieve my academics.To be smart in sciences like I am and in geography.I will get my scores in math this time.Next slew of friends.Some guy friends and girl friends.My day of skipping class and practicing my powers of superhero.Being queen I can skip a few classes.But to go to adult self reliant schooling or just graduate.How to make a world for the Queen and hobbies I know now as my favourite Paranormal shows.Queen must visit a university and attend of my poles island continent.We have 100's of universities that are mature students.I want my grade school teachers to teach and follow me to university.My parents can make a request and plan.Familiar faces.My growing lego for my civilization to start buying into my lego company.And my amusment parks.Dinosaur amusement park and the RC Remote control park.Since I'm wealthy and can walk in streets of seashore historic city for my daughters,shemales.They would be in angel form.Their grandma will allow me to take a 5yr leave.I have Janine who is learning she is younger than Amanda and Feroxia.School and format and going to the adult life center to regain my old friends.Stay connected with my friends.So I hit 20 years old again.My guitar and instrument playing.My music set and collection of metal and rock,thrash.This time I'll have my motorcycle and electric bike.To get around my island poles continent.Visit parents faster to setup my own estate residence in historic city.Starting a family and my pets.My bobcat and wildcat.Sharks and garden with a creek on my property for the sharks.I want to wire up my home with ultra speekers and a theater for entertainment,music and tv.Watch tv from space on terminal.Estate for my family unborn and extends my old room from condo.Use of my powers to walking and getting around playing instruments.Going camping with my parents and younger child.We will have a cabin but I can fly up in the air to get us a better site away from our cabin.I just go up above and use my powers.We always have excellent site and can see the roads and facilities.We're never in trouble and just in case.We have at our cabin an ATV but longer with a trunk or compartment for carrying supplies and groceries from the facility.Cabin's have a path for ATV.They understand child psychology and have children shemales they have taken care of my sisters.I was born in confussion.I want my family straightened out in gender instead of figuring out at 50yrs old when everything is over.My children and all of us.That is why attractive women parents and travel billions of light years in vortex.Next time it will not be any of God's mistakes and disorder.More healthy.Problems solved by my parents and I have nothing blocking my way in peace.They are very understanding of children and their own.They are companions that avoided accidents and sturdy couple of the public in space.They are very orderly.They are like teachers and having things organized and are quiet.They are not free going partiers.They stay to themselves and adopt from their tribal background.They are very disciplined and keep to that way.They enjoy the nature and areas of island poles continent.They enjoy space and being futuristic space travellers.They are part of the public.They have responsibilities and having me part of their family answers to responsbilities.They have their holidays and are busy.My parents will have me in their early retirement.They found a school that I come home from from part of the day there.Part of the day to be there in morning.This is my home sweet home.It provides everything for me billions of light years in vortex dimension.Its my all out home since North America earth class Sol System.Its my home and I have nothing blocking me.Everything is free and all of my money in trillions of dollars and more.Drinking coffee and staying up in hours of my island continent that I get to be with the stars more often and watch from my home.And having coffee like juice.Coffee is milk.I can have it and pour my family coffee.Nothing to hold us back from being nocturnal.Better way of life on the poles.Enjoy life and wake up many days and staying up during the day in poles where the afternoon is like night time in seasons.Reverse for night time.I can do work being in the nocturnal world.I can do things that are fun and work on this Zarconian wikia and Zarco Macross wikidot.I can stay at home and watch media entertainment,music full blast inside my property.Play video games and watch movies.Do computer artwork.Go outside bicycling.Go to the places that are open at nocturnal hours.Read books and

Dinosaur Water Roller Coaster ride

my book collection of encyclopedias.Then when I recharge and sleep during the morning cleaning up with a sonic shower or shower.My mouth and teeth.Hang around my estate.I have pets like my bobcat,wildcat and pet sharks.I am one of the most wealthy.I am myself here nothing to hide and feel imprisoned.Free in what I am to my furthest.We will have a white cloudy holiday in week to celebrate religion and school.Historic.And video games.We have family gather with us on cloudy white day that is holiday and most of the time its cloudy white on this day.We take trips and meet my grandparents.We go out of the city to the suburbs.We take tour walk and visit with explanation.Bicycles,motorized bicycles.We stay at and sleep overnight and wake up in morning from hotel.Last day of holiday per week.We take commuting back from our trips.Bicycles can transform to foldup compact and ride on commuting back home.Take our video games.We meet up with my teachers.Day to remember the past.My parents to administer me to music school.And for me to grow up and learn all of musics.From piano and drums to guitar and to have regular schooling.My parents would be happy.Not their days at being in public eye and government.This is why they have loads of money to take care of them.We don't use the military's money.Military money is separate then the society.Our money is personel and private.The military spends on what they need from their alliances.They have interests and hobbies to painting and arts like me.They grow nature and plants.They have assorted dance music and folk music.My history and background led me to my demise from Allah.He made me compatible to wrong group of old fashion people couples.They failed and I need night life attractive women parents changed because of raising children shemales.I need by force by the Space Caretaker Evolution Process Angels to break the old fashion in my genes and correct things by putting me in my parent, Drewzelda.She would be taken to hospital in space and procedure done by the Angel workers to reverse Allah's work that was backwards.My amount of money I will be born very wealthy.Zeta is Zelda.My parents have loads of money from their work and stature.They both work in a corporation.My mothers both of them have royal bloodlines.When I go through another dimension I change colors and my hair is colorful violet.My clothes colors of a garden.Master race in space and I am getting repaired in another dimension in a vortex.Physical out of date structure replaced of Master race.Making the changes colorful and my dress shirt hangs over my new jeans.My eyes are colorful and I need in this galaxy to do errands and stints in a limited amount of time going to 2100.New Queen Armada with colorfulness and just like from heaven but from another many dimensions.Taller and smarter and more brilliant.So my colors that were out of date replaced in the change the Evolution Process Caretaker Angels and their ship travelled from Jupiter and Sol System's system.I need to become more aware of things and changed like my drawings.My body that week or days in hospital will have an operation by the angels to extract my body to a spacecraft using ambulance.There will be no body in fake grave.They need to work on reversing what Allah did to my genes and soul.Its like they are glued to something ignorant.Man and women as couple have led to my failure.They got me from a Galactica hiearchy of attractive women.They were not witches at all from back then.We have no time for non-sense from Allah.Jupiter is the team that will get the ship ready to transfer the body to others going to my destination closer to my parents billion light years in another dimension.Angels will capture the soul in body of Feroz and go to work on it in supernatural world.Problems during the trip.Final transfer of the body process will have been done to make a grave in space during the voyage.Now soul is in the angel's ship and transfer the soul to my quadrant and people European Pretender space race and for me to be part of my fate as the master race from 2 attractive women one shemale and a female my parents.They live so far from here and this is the way Creator from Billions of Light Years has maintained his galaxies.His is more efficient.He has sections of more than the Quran from worlds to worlds and his own knowledge.He did not have problems from European Pretenders to do with witches.They have simple backgrounds and are tribally taught as a theme.They know of types of peaceful witchcraft.From religion which has sections like the Quran.My characteristics and we in the ship go through interdimensional change for the best for Feroz.My name will change and we all speak backwards as a language.Retain english from Sol System.I Feroz would be born as their first.My body is to have a place to store each of my shemale daughters souls in my body.She might be an orb in my upper body for the place for souls.They would all live inside all of them all 14 of them.As a transexual mother they can exercise themselves in soul form.They all are in monuments and Janine was from here earth in Sweden.Evolution Process Angels go to work on my body and soul in another world in space travel.The many galaxies and astrology to find the right galaxy in another of the many dimensions with solar systems and the many creatures and alien life,factions and natural anomalies to avoid.Travelling and am I facing them watching the stars or sky in space.Where are my parents attractive women.They are in another dimension too.How am I going to bring all of my things they can adjust to and take to as in culture and foods.They would need all the things in Zarconian.How can they send a message back to earth class.I used to watch Star Trek and Science fiction.They would catch on to these things being similiar to Europeans but improved.Finding the right solar system and my home planet and the poles island continent and then finding my parents.Guessing right now but my belongings in storage brought to my parents both moms.Sending radio signals deep space and bounce around in network or angles, or having UFO aliens tell them and the Evolution Process Caretakers of Space Angels.They are throughout the galaxies with their own that know the answers and travel to future to see.Importance of Zarconian and finding the earth class first and then decisions to extract the signals from satellites.My soul to transform and my insignia as Guardian Autobot Queen.My new first and lastnames from these galaxies named from Feroz.They are using tools and devices to get Queen Armada ready.And they went to the monuments and retrieved Feroxia.They retrieved all of them and did work on them to work out properly in nature.Souls no longer have defenses raised up.They are inside my body for protection and to use their superhero powers correctly in our family.They as a spirit can exercise glide like a soul.I am being made in tests to be a tranny mother.Til they are born with Transformer Gobot biology.Born solid but as young adults size of kids. Queen.I want to raise my money with work on amusement parks and ideas.I will be living off the government's money as my own.Our family is involved in many worlds from space from government corporation.Our people's credit or dollar is very sturdy and powerful for island poles continent.It has space and many light years away.Expand from earth class Sol System.Our family kept money in bank to raise higher and higher per month like interest.We're making money from interest.Til I greatly increase our money.My job will be to buy the military machinery and have blue prints drawn.I spend and make deals for them with lots of help.Also many other types of machines and I have a say in stock market on what companies and franchises are saved and brought back to new ones from earth class Sol System.I have a say on franchises and media tv.I input on tv programs and radio or media.I speak in relm of the public.Trace me biologically to get my things from storage.Then for me to grow to my character as superhero but I will wait for my daughters to be born and for me to use this wikia to match them.For me and my belief to not get lost and drowned out as a strike against us or a small disaster.My parents and island poles continent will change my mood and the way I am.I won't be so distressed and will relax more.Forgetting being poor from ON North America earth class Sol System will make my life better.The things or foods and goods from this planet and galaxy can come with me for all of my new people to assimulate and enjoy.Modernize them and make stores and franchises with the new ideas.I will be relaxing at home and have two competant mothers that specialize in socializing.They will get my body into gear and I will be smart in math.Too many failures with having old fashion couple and father and mother.It was wrecking my magic power and natural abilities and evolution.I was becoming ackward and clumsy.My neurons were slowed with my metabolic rate.Was very damaging to have lost my body because Allah uses them all the time.It went into trajedy.Now to recover from this deal with the European Pretender Gobot Combiner people.And born as master race.Now I will be self sufficient like attractive women to work outside world of the public and play a giant role to open my Queen ruler to world here.And I would have not forgotten things because of my android mind.AI mind and functions get me to cook from ON North America earth class.Being calm person full of vibrant life and peaceful.Show my qualities and to live high class with manners.Not to overdo the manners.My parents attractive women will teach about manners and many teachings of life to me.They will know its me when I am born first part of being a youngling.I will have money to spend but won't be so closed up.Modernize society with shemales and female attractive women as couples taught and reinforced by Blue Klingon Caretaker Angels and government with Islam modernized and white.I will have the important changes to leave the shelf.I was on the shelf as my life and needed to have these traits to not interfere with me having confidence and nerves.And charisma.My parents will take to me and my shoulder angels for a superhero.Parents will be working for Creator and teach us in Pretender European Gobot our creators and stories.Attractive women here have tribal teachings and learn respect and to be simple.I will have complications and to handle situations different.I will make it to a family that needs someone like Feroz Khan.I will be able to do clerical jobs.To do administrative jobs.To change their family to add some of my stern with scientific and authoratative.Bring in intelligence and have these properties work in afterlife nextlife.I will dress up in costume for society.A wardrobe I did not have or hava any purpose.Led away from negativity and to a more brighter and positivie situation from tropical island poles continent.I will have confidence and can naturally grow then having men disorders.They were wrecking me and did not go together.I will lead our government and have my throne.I don't smoke or do drugs.I am a light drinker.Here I will get toasted.But I will be wealthy and Queen.I usually stay to myself.But I have my home to be quiet.Live quietly. The major giant lakes system has a brackish waters lake.This lake is dammed.It has damming and much of the larger marine life is dammed outside.They began construction of system of barriers to not allow our megaladon and its food giant fish into the lakes.This predator is a sea and oceans predator and same with its food.Brackish water and mix from seas to freshwater.Giant megaladons were a danger to the European Pretender space race.Having megaladons this close to people could be stopped with damming and for their food source to live in seas and oceans not the lakes.Just as nature discouraged the megaladon.Its been closed off for thousands of years.They did not want to do war on megaladon.Thought of pumping more freshwater in the lakes so they thousands of years ago will migrate out of the lakes and nature does this too.This creature and its food cycle lives in oceans.It won't make travel dangerous over the lakes.And take our people out of the megaladon food cycle.Dams eliminate parts of the food 
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cycle in the lakes.Memory and my Zarconian wiki Sacrid Religion of Zarconia for my lifestyle and to grow up with my attractive women parents.Remember to build my historic estate and my pets,bobcat,European wildcat as Transformer Gobots transition and my pet sharks which are 5ft long and one is a bottom dweller other eats fish and cruises like a salmon shark.1st step is my memory going billions of light years from ON Canada Sol System and in another dimension and the caretaker Angels of space that run space and elements and evolution and their vessel and that day I leave ON Canada earth class Sol System to the afterlife in my galaxy and poles island continent.My memory is important for me to collected and archived my life in ON Canada earth class Sol System.Important things from food to figuring out history.Remembering Zarconian.To build upon the sciences and history I learned in ON Canada Earth class Sol System.Build up that than reduced to stage 1.I was not far as I put it in Zarconian wiki and Zarco Macross Wikidot.Remember to do my projects but upgrade and bring it to a higher level without being forgotten.Military sciences to build up each subject.It would be a disaster if I don't remember my favourite foods and music albums.Or simple things about WW1 and WW2 and sciences.I would be working twice as more work or more.Setback.My guitar playing,synthesizer and many more of my skills.My soul or jinn would remember everything and heroically have all simple tasks solved.Use my GAH powers to remember or the way I was born in future afterlife next life.Loads of things that I did not attempt here because of the hazard and just like exploring North America.I can do it with my powers.Fed something in their place is not the original.Insect Zoo needs cameras and magnifying lenses in series for the people to see the insects.In 3d monitor system for them to watch the insects in their natural surroundings exhibit.People walk up or above at angle for children and grown ups will have cameras or 3d projection to see the insects.


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