Zeon Zaft  Zeon and Zaft are closely related.In expanding in war they will merger in time like that.They then will not follow any stereotypes of being a gundam maker and go to warship naval infantry.They are showing their sophistications but in actual war its like Star Blazers.That is what Zeon will do.They will and have infantry ships which robot technology enables them to make complicated devices and modules that fulfill roles.Then from there they have superweapons.They go with this type of robotics in warships to deliver weapons as missiles and lasers to win wars.They will have attackcraft and fighters to assault enemy warships.They will have Naval strategists.And many mor


Zeon flag

e types of miltaries expertise in many types wars in space.Like a Covert Ops unit.To attack and destroy enemy bases using spies.They will have faster and more lethal lasers that are on warships.They will have warp or light speed to go and invade other galaxies and to conduct warfare.Have barrier systems of defenses vs enemies and even vs Zarconian.But they have lots of good guys to fight with.Especially that they sat under the Americans who took care of them to make them lazy.All bad guys were under the allies.And that incident to break them out and start to fight the growing good guys.And they are unsure of who they will face in each round of war.First enemies might be closest but was who they squabbled with and got to know during the American years.All under the good guys.And they had fighting with law.And their galaxies tell who they will need to fight in order to avoid things.Triggering many factions to do actions on them.That is why they need a Star Blazers like military forces and machines.Takes too long to transform and gundams cannot bomb and do interceptor.They are too large and easy target from size is bigger than Optimus Prime.He is under thighs in hight.When they are a  target the enemy EDF will be putting them through a lesson as Americans for being under their wing during present.Wars machines can do what military strategists want on galaxies map.They all have demands in certain duration.They have no time for transformation as they will be pulse cannoned.Want to destroy up the enemy without use of superweapons to conquer on the enemy.As all enemies they want the spoils of technology.Want basic types of infantry as planes and squadrons.Subs in space and warships with the firepower.Goes with cannons in orbit to deliver lethal blow and to fool the Americans.And of course to cope with Star Trek and shields,phasers which are faster and deliver lethal burning heat.Shields retain the warship while hit with enemy fire.They can take being hit even shields go out.They don't burn and sinder.Alien warfare as aliens intergrated ideas to whiteman and the Allied Forces.From each show like Star Trek are the enemies like the Klingons and in Star Wars more aliens that fight wars.They don't know if they will be fighting each warfaring alien race other than the humans on each space show.UN is taking advantage of Superpower America.  Argo and EDF forces need to explore a new universe of Zaft Then they will find a new race that does not agree with Yamato,Argo and any Andromeda.The Argo is in the running with the best and has to

Zeon Palace


Celestial Hall


Celestial Zeon Zaft

prove itself in all out war.These ships do things that gundam does not show but Star Blazers will show what they do.And it is all concepts and categories under super Star Blazers cartoon of 2000's.21st Century and they need to exp lain the story for they are hiding and many of the ships have hidden functions,abilities and weapons and fleet formations.Argo is in its hangar and resting for somewhat years.Captain Avatar is there from secret medical technology.There is a border dispute and casuallities in universe far away from EDF quadrant.The


Andromeda and many EDF ships are playing a role like Argo to investigate to show their crew is like Star Force.New Iron Duke EDF warships are in fleet and breakoff from commands from the 10th planet to go to far away universe,home of Zaft and Zeon two twin personality brothers.Andromeda and new Iron Dukes have made a warp and are inbackground eccentric race.There is disaster of warships and confirm EDF and they are smoking and had battled.Iron Duke and other class EDF ships surrounding perimeter for enemies as a scan while new Andromeda sends away party to the Konicksberg cruiser smoking.Crew says a deadly weapon,Star Blazers recognition and attack of fighters from a carrier,{learned not to just use Lagash BaseEdit Lagash Base The Lagash Base is a secret underwater supply facility maintained by ZAFT in the Pacific Ocean. It supports
Drp ship pod

Drp ship pod

six enormous submarines that are used to resupply ZAFT's Carpentaria Base and Gibraltar Base. The base consists of several interconnected dome structures, with docking facilities for the submarines. When the Mars vessel Acidalium is damaged in battle with a Phantom Pain squad in late CE 73, it docks at Lagash for emergency repairs at the suggestion of Isaac Mau, a ZAFT observer aboard the ship. It is named for an ancient Sumerian city Lagash. LodoniaEdit Lodonia section The Earth Alliance's Extended laboratory. Here, members of Blue Cosmos tried to create living weapons to fight with the same efficiency as Coordinators out of kidnapped, and/or undrafted children. Those who weren't competitive enough or couldn't keep up with progress were discarded. In late CE 73, people started seeing trucks and mobile suits move in and out of the area so they alerted ZAFT of this. ZAFT forces then captured the facility and disabled all explosives meant to destroy the lab should it fall into enemy hands. Mahamul BaseEdit Mahamul Base sectionEdit




Attack carrier

Attack Carrier

Attack freightor

Attack Freightor

C2 zn

C2 Zeon warship

At the northern point of the Persian Gulf, ZAFT built a base to defend against the Earth Alliance base at Suez. Joachim Ruddle is the commandant of the base. Onogoro IslandEdit Onogoro Island sectionEdit One of several islands in the archipelago which makes up the Orb Union. Onogoro is controlled by the Orb Union military which holds the ports, fleet, anything military and also by Morgenroete. Morgenroete Inc. munitions company is located on the island, and its high-security facilities are protected even from satellite surveillance. The 50km long Kaguya mass driver is also located on the island, held together by a mass of smaller islands. Onogoro Island.jpg Kit roxAdded by Kit rox Taikage, Gaeaman788, SonicSP, Dav7d2. The name Onogoro is derived from an island in Japanese mythology. Panama SpaceportEdit Panama Spaceport sectionEdit

The Panama Spaceport is one of the few locations on Earth which holds a mass driver. The spaceport is located in Central America but is destroyed in CE 71 by ZAFT. Victoria Victoria Base One of military bases on Earth which holds a mass driver. The base was attacked two times by ZAFT during the first war and captured during the second attack. It was eventually retaken by Earth Alliance in CE 71. gundam}Andromeda 2 says that we'll radio in wave motion transmission once we have warped out of here.It could be dangerous.Series of warp but right now a warp.It feels dangerous.Zaft carrier readings is on intercept to attack with fighters.Zaft fighters and the space General's name of Zaft carrier to launch attack on their alien word of EDF fleet and one before.Fighters,robotic arms and layed out in a bay with gundam techology and fitted deadly explosive and lasers.Bay they go to the attack bay.Launch!Zaft fighters on their way speed to scene.Andromeda swirving around and preparing to warp."Fighters off our bow Captain".Prepare defenses,fleet re-alignment to brace attack.Shock cannon battery on reserve and ready.Zaft fighters coming.Andromeda 2 radio transmission and Zaft swear response.Fire!Shock cannons recoil sound in 10's of vessels firing.Fighters deak out the shock cannon HEL.And use monuverability and lunar titanium barrier and are hit but no effect and hit EDF ships with munitions and are swirving back,carrier adn some warships have closed in,Zeon destroyers and frigates,battleship like but Zeon closed in from a flank opposite direction from their universe.Seen energy of the battery.Fighters firing lasers and tachyon lasers making huge destruction on EDF pattern ships,a few and a few are doing evasive monuvers wih command to Andromeda 2 to fire and get out of here.Carrier has seen Zeon and is talking on bridge orders send more fighter bombers.Andromeda and Iron Duke cover last ships with shock cannon fire while they escape in front pack smoking a bit.Zeon Frigates are charging up their Star Blazer like weaponry Direct hit and they will be in half.Andromeda and Iron Duke cover fire flank attack,destroying with direct hits,burning cutting heat of shock cannons to overload lunar titanium.A squadron is damaged and Iron Duke and Andromeda fire simultaneous on Zeon destroyers,cripple them.Then they regroup orders"warp!"Warped to outer area of universe attack craft Zeon does not have this ability but fights well.We don't know Zeon or Zaft and want more info on them.Small fleet escort with The Argo and Yamato.Well for right now we'll hold our ground an make repairs.Zaft is on their carriers,had battle with group of human warships.They fought well.But we're to go to our base outer perimeter,nearer to the fleet with Zaft technology engines fire!Carrier group Zeon has regrouped with a future alliance with Zaft in destroying and invading EDF and war to conquor.Pressure at their orbital space bases and base outer universe nearer Milky way of Delta quadrant and their alliances.Star Blazers has aliens part of EDF and have expanded with UFP,Federation and are United Federation and Earth Forces.New officers and co-starring ships,Iron Duke and Andromeda 2,new design Andromeda 1.Alien crew and Bridge.Carrier group rendevous with Zeon at base and universe.Earth Argo has a twin th Yamato and it has some aliens as members.Argo,Yamato and new battleships of the EDF now have shields technology and improved phaser banks shock cannons,as now new EDF Star Trek technology battleships.New probe and sensor.Yamato has Dash for weapons.Co-star.Legendary battleships with plan will lift off and be part of a fleet.To investigate and confront Zeon an Zaft find out situation.Captain Avatar of Argo and Wildstar at his station.Zeon and Zaft should be star blazers universe.They have new star blazers weaponry enemy.Star Blazers technology and soldiers.Fighters and Space aircraft.Zeon and Zaft would trick the Argo and Yamato.EDF to wage war on threat of Zeon/Zaft.Argo and Yamato had a Cpt.Kodai,Wildstar twin people.Yamato blastoff.Argo preparation and then blastoff,Yamato is done and ready and is going in first.Yamato from the movies in Japanese is different in characteristics than Argo.Yamato past moon base and will warp to fleet 10th planet.Argo investigation with th Star Force and their brothers EDF force of Yamato well prepared before as they are.Star Force is studying report sent out to them from the repairing fleet.A new alien threat to earth and its allies.Two alien races which do or did fight each other.Needs to be investigated.Argo new weaponry of the aliens of UFP that have joined added new shock cannons and new wave motion technology.Argo and Yamato have this and will predict they need






CB Zeon


Zeon Cruiser


Zeon destroyer



it.Yamato is out of this solar system.Argo blastoff from base on earth,vertical thrusters.Argo is at the moon an going to warp to Mars.Mars they have old friends of a base at Jupiter and Saturn of the Comet Empire war.New version and Andromeda class and its not 2 but alien upgraded.Argo is part of a fleet that will breakup.Argo will make it to the 10th planet.Yamato is Locations in spaceEdit Locations in space section Ame-no-MihashiraEdit Ame-no-Mihashira sectionEdit

An Orb Union space station under control of the Sahaku twins. The station includes facilities to construct and repair mobile suits and is protected by a large number of MBF-M1 M1 Astray units as well as several prototype mobile suits. Aprilius OneEdit Aprilius One sectionEdit

Aprilius One is a Space Colony and the capital of the PLANT Supreme Council. This is due to the fact that April 1 was the birthday of George Glenn, the first Coordinator. Because of this it is a major attack target for the Earth Alliance during both wars with ZAFT. Armory OneEdit Armory One sectionEdit A PLANT-type military colony, located at Lagrange 4. It was built after the first war and became the testing ground of the new Second Generation Gundam mobile suits of ZAFT. Armoury One.jpg Kit roxAdded by Kit rox Artemis asteroidEdit Artemis asteroid sectionEdit

Artemis is an asteroid fortress in Earth orbit at Lagrange 3, in the possession of the Eurasian Federation. Despite being protected by a powerful Lightwave Barrier energy shield, it was considered strategic worthless. Boaz asteroidEdit Boaz asteroid sectionEdit

A ZAFT military asteroid, which was once an EA Republic of East Asia station called Nova. It was destroyed by the Earth Alliance with nuclear missiles after they have acquired the Neutron Jammer Canceller

Land battleship

Land Battleship

Land battleship1

Zeon Battleship


Zeon Land Battleship


Lnd Zeon


Lnd Battleship

technology. Debris BeltEdit Debris Belt sectionEdit

The Debris Belt is a huge ring of many junk, like old satellites, empty tanks, destroyed space ships and mobile suits and even the remains of destroyed colonies (like Junius Seven), which came into the range of Earth’s gravity. Because of the gravity sometimes parts of the belt spiral inwards and fall on Earth. In C.E. 71 the Archangel enters the belt to get water supplies (which they get in form of huge ice blocks). In C.E. 73 the Earth Alliance special force Phantom Pain attacks the ZAFT ship Minerva inside the belt. Collapsed PLANTs.jpg Kit roxAdded by Kit rox December colonyEdit Added by Kit roxDecember colony sectionEdit

During the failed attack on Aprilius One, the misguided beam originating from the Requiem superweapon destroyed four Januarius PLANTs, causing massive civilian loss of life. Januarius 4 crashed into December 7 and 8 and this two colonies were also destroyed in a matter of seconds. DSSD Troya StationEdit DSSD Troya Station sectionEdit

DSSD Troya Station is a space station that was built by ZAFT, but now belongs to the DSSD and is used for research on the Stargazer project. The external Laser Transmission Station Apollon A also belongs to this station. When the GSX-401FW Stargazer is completed its new propulsion system called "Voiture Lumiere" is tested near this station. The station is badly damaged when the Phantom Pain special forces attack it. However, the main structure of the station, such as the rotating rings and the central core, remains largely intact. Apollon A was not damaged in the attack. GraveyardEdit Graveyard sectionEdit

The Graveyard is a makeshift space colony within the Debris Belt, cobbled together from the remains of various spaceships and space stations within the belt. The Graveyard was inhabited by a community of craftsmen who practiced mostly forgotten arts, until they were nearly wiped out by pirate raiders. The last survivor was Un No, an eccentric old swordsman who trained Junk Guild tech Lowe Guele and gave him the Gerbera Straight mobile suit katana. Un No died in late CE 71, rendering the Graveyard uninhabited. Heliopolis colonyEdit Heliopolis colony sectionEdit

Heliopolis is a neutral space colony and territory of the Orb Union. The colony was attacked by ZAFT, after they became aware, that mobile suits for the Earth Alliance were built there. In the ensuing battle, the colony was destroyed. Jachin DueEdit Jachin Due sectionEdit

Jachin Due was a resource satellite that was converted to a military space fortress by ZAFT forces. It was destroyed in the last battle of the first PLANT/EA war. Junius Seven colonyEdit Junius Seven colony sectionEdit

Guyana ship

Guyana Ship



Junius Seven was the infamous PLANT-type colony, which was destroyed in a nuclear attack by the Earth Alliance, triggering the Bloody Valentine War. Some years later, its remains were dropped on Earth, causing another war. Liteiria colonyEdit Liteiria colony sectionEdit
carrier plane  Liteiria was an O'Neill "Island Three" colony which was not affiliated with any nation. Like the Orb Union, Liteiria accepted both Naturals and Coordinators into its population, and sought to create a


Zeon ship


Zeon Spaceship

Star wars

Star Wars Zeon


Zeon Sub

Supply sub1

Sub Zeon

Supply sub

Zeon Supply Sub

War vessel

Zeon Warship




WS Zeon

society where humans of all genetic types could live together in peace. Deciding that this goal could not be accomplished within the Earth Sphere, the people of Liteiria secretly hired the Junk Guild to install a massive thermonuclear pulse thruster on their colony so that they could move it to Jupiter, far beyond the reach of any Earth-based conflicts. While its strategically irrelevant location had previously caused both ZAFT and the Earth Alliance to ignore Liteiria, when they learned about the colonists' intentions an Alliance fleet was dispatched to the colony. However, Junk Guild techs Lowe Guele and Liam Garfield and Serpent Tail mercenaries Gai Murakumo and Elijah Kiel fought off the fleet and allowed Liteiria time to escape. waiting.Fleets have formed and are docked space while their head officers have a meeting on 10th planet base.Yamato will carry its battlegrp to this one,Zeon.Argo will go to Zaft.We first want to secure a zone.Then we will negotiate as orders and investigate the fleet attack.Yamato blasted off towards on the map Zeon.Argo is going to Zaft.Kodai is ordering some upgraded Andromeda part of his fleet,flank to join Kodai,permission granted.Kodai is going full speed fleet to warp.Argo is going their direction and will comb space.Argo is gone to another direction and they have found the EDF fleet repairing.Argo and Star Force cheering cotact Cpt.Alpha and and the Argo talks full stop.Cpt.Alpha says the enemy is feirce and is unpredictable and capable of heavy casualties if a war happens.We should find out the situation with EDF command.Argo has new co-ordinants and wants some of its fleet to stay with Cpt.Alpha.Orders are orders from high command.Cpt.Avatar says no.I said to change the orders and stay here.We'll look like an invasion fleet.We want to negotiate for some ground.You are all ordered to go to the 10th planet.Argo will go on with some ships.Argo blasted off with new parts of a map.To Zaft.Warp.All of the ships warped while the others went back to solar system,send in carrier support.Argo is now in and approaching this galaxy as they are travelling very far.Asteroid belt,many space stations and the Aprilius universe home of Zaft.Argo is with warp edge of this universe,combined new warp Star Trek with old warp.Now they are at far away universes faster.Zaft has detected Argo and its fleet,recon relayed to a station of intruders.Zaft will make a decision to make a trap.They want to know them.Transmission Argo.Argo.Who are you.We are the colonists of this universe.Argo says do you know of an attacked fleet like ours?Zaft says no.You have offended us in alien being this far.You are intruding on us.We want you to stay where you are.I am a General and this is Commander of us Zafts .Argo end of transmission.Some sort of energy has blocked our sensors even this advanced.Argo fleet will cruise.First Zaft wlll contact Zeon of the Junius universe.Yamato was in outer Junius and was blasted by group of ships that fired energy laser.Yamato shock cannons and fleet shock cannons destroyed these ships.They are making repairs.Zaft to Zeon.Intruders suspected as earthers.They are both figuring they came from the direction of the other fleet they had attacked warning.Zeon now wants to surprise Yamato but first for them to be captured by energy transporting beam.Zeon has fired this on Yamato and disabling energy drain fired by sattelite station.Yamato is in a strange place,dark and they were energy charged passed out.Its like they are in a castle.Alien science officer said that they should leave Yamato.They leaving to explore.They are walking up a brick staircase.And then the Star Force is in a huge room of space technology walls and decorated like Renaisance.Doors seal space tech.Then restraints of robotic clamps and introduction music .Before them Zeon.General and King of Zeon.You are now prisoners.Your fleet is without you and you will remain here.You don't know us but we hatred you earthers.We plan entire all out

Zeon bomber


Space Plane Zeon


VTOL Space Plane

invasion and war on your galaxy.Kodai yells give us a fighting chance.Zeon be Quiet human!Zeon send land battleships to Yamato's group.Captain of Cpt.Slate's descent is in charge of the group.Zeon needs to be explored.All ships breakup for we are a target.Fortress Zeon closing in on the group.Zeon destroyers from behind creeping up to charge their weaponry.Kodai shoots off robotic arm laser gun.And then part of the Star Force,divided and rest on Yamato.Zeon troops ordered by Zeon Emperor to flush and kill Star Force.Star Force to make it to Yamato.Yamato is firing laser emplacements and cover fire at Zeon troops.Just a bit farther around corridors.Tell Yamato no firing til we are within boundries of Yamato.Sharp shooting by Yamato and army space marines firing away at Zeon forces.Slate's ship fired and is fighting with Zeon destroyers feircely and almost won to get to Yamato.Slate main guns fire to break walls fortress.Yamato Kodai charging up thrusters and Yamato is out.Cpt.Slate Jr. and Yamato charging up shock cannons at Zeon destroyers and battleships.Fire!Shock cannons by Dash.Zeon ships destroyed.Yamato to warp cover to asteroid field,science officer and Dash to Kodai.Argo is enaging in battle.Zaft is attacking Argo and sending mobile ships firing laser at Argo.Argo shock cannons and naval space monuvers and at all angles shock cannons.Zeon has sent a huge transport bomber with nuclear weapons on Argo and its group.Bomber escorted by fighters and bombers from Sattelite.Argo,and then a wave of fighters came in from way
Drp ship

Drp Ship


Guul Spacecraft



behind,carriers and battlecarriers made warp.Argo,Captain Avatar"all Cosmo tigers and Astro fighters,warp speed ability and shields attack engage Zaft and their fighters coming in with strange missiles.Waves of fighters.Argo fired Shock cannons cover fire while Astro fighters battle with Zaft Space fighters.Argo's squadron along with the heavy wave of fighterbombers attacking sattelite station.Meanwhile Zeon and Zaft and many of their fortresses are making their way to EDF and Eden class planet.Zeon/Zaft sending to finish Argo and Yamato off Landbattleships fleet .Bomber orders to kill Argo.Bomber with its speed and armor and
Guyana missile

Guyana Missile

covered by squadrons is within distance to nuclear bomb Argo .Argo is to hold ground and warp your forces out.Battlecarriers charging up wave motion gun on the bomber,Argo and fleet warped and wave motion gun fired at bomber nuclear explosion.Fighters withdrawing orders carrier to Argo's wing land on their carrier from duration.Conroy.Argo warped somewhere near close perimeter to asteroid field.Argo is in the asteroid field with fleet,repairs.Zeon/Zaft landbattleships outer perimeter of asteroid field.Sending out fighters to recon scan their own asteroid field.Landbattleships,aboard base of operations know the Yamato is in asteroid belt.Send in a mecha unit in with no legs but monuverable with weaponry to lay mines and Gibraltar BaseEdit Gibraltar Base section The second major base of ZAFT on Earth. The Gibraltar land formation was captured by ZAFT on May 25, CE 70 after the First Battle of Casablanca and soon after construction of the base started. From this base ZAFT attacked Europe and Africa. On July 24, CE 71 the base is attacked by the Earth Alliance and ZAFT is forced to leave the base and withdraw from Europe. However after signing the Treaty of Junius the base is returned to ZAFT as a permanent Earth base. Giga-FloatEdit Giga-Float sectionEdit




Carrier bridge

carrier bridge

Guyana bridge

Guyana Bridge

Guyana hangar

Guyana Hangar

Ural hangar

Ural Hangar



Built by the Earth Alliance for civilian use, the Giga-Float is a gigantic artificial island, which carries a fifty-kilometer-long Mass Driver. The Earth Alliance obtained the help of the Junk Guild to build the Giga-Float, which would, after its construction, remain constantly on the move. The Mercenary Group Serpent Tail were also hired by the Earth Alliance to protect the Giga-Float until its completion. As the Giga-Float was nearing completion, Rondo Ghina Sahaku took the incomplete, upgraded Gold Frame out to attempt to destroy the Giga-Float. Lowe Gear's Red Frame engaged Gold Frame, and was severely damaged. Gold Frame left after being engaged by Gai Murakumo's Blue Frame, equipped with underwater combat equipment. The Giga-Float was subsequently repaired and completed. Gulnahan RavineEdit Gulnahan Ravine sectionEdit

The Gulnahan Ravine is a strategic pass east of Suez, where the Earth Alliance built a military base during the second war. It had a Lohengrin Positron Cannon and a single Gellghe to protect it from any attack, it was able to destroy multiple warships and mobile suit. This base was later destroyed by the Minerva. Heaven's BaseEdit Heaven's Base sectionEdit The new main headquarters of the Earth Alliance military on Earth after the destruction of JOSH-A, it was a major factory of mobile suit along with other military equipments. It was eventually conquered by ZAFT. JOSH-AEdit JOSH-A JOSH-A was the central command center of the Earth Alliance in CE 71. It was the target of a huge ZAFT attack, which was however a trap of the EA, who destroyed the base with a Cyclops System. charges.Yamato is almost ready.Mecha's sent in orders.Mechas going in Asteroid field.Yamato send out fighters attack the mechas.Mechas detected layed mines engaging Yamato and Astro fighters.This is a tough battle with space monuvers and combat Ace Combat.Yamato sent out group to engage Zeon.Flanking around ends of asteroid field as in the meeting and the briefing.The Iron  Dukes and Andromeda left asteroid field,shock cannons and torpedo fire.Landbattleships going to fire laser fire and launch front hatch nuclear weapons.Faster fired at the group,losses.Argo warped firing shock cannons at Zeon/Zaft and hit them from side,allow fleet to make evassive monuvers as a few were destroyed with the asteroids.Mines to be set off.Argo rocking.Argo is being trapped landbattleships regrouping get way of Argo.Argo firing battery.Shock cannons fired from Yamato.Destruction Landbattleships,Readying fire Wave motion guns at Zeon/Zaft .Preparing,fire.Now get back and alert EDF command of war.All preforming warps readying room briefing by Sandor.Sandor was

Guyana cannon

Guyana cannon

Zeon gunnery

Zeon Cannon

C1 zeon



Zeon carrier



ready time of his career to do a presentation to EDF council.1st is 1st warps to Saturn base,gotten their enemy forces out of their way.Conroy would be at this meeting at Saturn Cpt's of the carrier crossways with Argo and Yamato.Battlescenes,miltary warfare,types of space warfare,monuvers,new ones,new dorsal views of battle.Formations.Yamato is going to formup a line of defense.First line of fighting this time will much further out more near the enemy.With our speed we can now utilize it.Argo wlll form around in our territory of Saturn.Yamato.Zeon/Zaft has faster and more advanced infantry.Deliver more fast.They are also as we found out warmongers and are settingup as they are strategist. .Navy of space,battleship and all sorts of battleships,cruisers,destroyers and carriers.They just did not have an enemy real as EDF fleet.

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