Richeli class battleship schematics

KGV Kirishima2

Japanese Cruiser WW2


WW2 Cruiser schematic


Russian Cold War Cruiser schematics


EBertin WW2 Cruiser


GLEYGUI WW2 Cruiser schematic


Space Dreadnaught

SMS Seydlitz-linedrw

SMS Seylidtz

Maker Zarconian Cybertron Gobotron Universe Government also in technology and systems.Space Dreadnaught Zarconian.Weight: 150 000 metric tonnes. Length: 3960Meters long 3 quarters of a mile.Approximately.Maker and designer Alien Company Zarconian Industries. Propulsions:Fusion Engine creates fusion and plasma as power then concentrates and harnesses the force from such subatomic power and many currents. Electronics and Countermeasures:Alien space radar earth class system with sonar and many sensors,instruments for annalyzing outer space and enemy as a threat.Long and extended range detection Auxilary Defensive:Barrier system force field over the Hull and radius projected. Armaments:Zarconia type Shock

Creator of a Billion Light Years Away

cannons,AA lasers,phaser and torpedo banks that can fire proton and photon torpedos and live space munitions.Rocket Launcher systems under the deck,torpedo side assault launchers fire space wave motion torpedos.Zarconia type Odulation Gun.344M shock cannons.1354330.7086614 Calibers Space Mecha:has Droid Mobile doll Battloids to each dropship 150 and 20 dropships.Officer unit Robot Beings.They think and are a people.The warship was built to endure environment of space and its disasters in warfare.Cope with warfare in space.This class space dreadnaught is powered by fusion and conduits as a system of diversion.It has a computer

Argo Schematics


USS Missouri schematics


battleship schematics


Battleship schematics

and powercore.It has internal system of tubes,cables and circuitry which can cybernetically rebuild itself like cells.They can rebuild and from the many parts of the power core and engine.High monuverablility and to adapt to space war.Bouncy on alien worlds types of operations.Light Speed and warp drive,Space Fold systems to disappear and fold in another universe warp.Light

USS Iowa diagram

speed and Warp Drive to travel on routes in space warp speed.Verniers system for balance and automated pitch.Supreme control on space environment and in warfare.Engine generates hot plasma as a useable powersource to burn on energy heat of suns.Plasma refined to a fuel and can regenerate itself.Plasma goes to many sources of being storaged and re-heated to change it into another power.Current and added dropping fields.Then this energy is used to power the force field barrier system radius projected outer hull.Then to the electronics which are alien systems able to detection through space and alien phenomena.Anything in space extended range and rebuilt to Zarconia's requirments.Catered to us.Pulses sent through space also to detect enemies and to avoid them detecting.Sonars and instrument machines aid the electronics sending around atomic particles to bounce around in a accelerator.Give readings enhanced space theories and physics.Shock cannons then are alerted and in hydraulics aimed by computer and manually to have correct trajectory and targeting to predict the blastpoint and firing.Important to avoid a miss,rare with such systems.Firing hot plasma to the guns with many stages done to it to make it into laser with pulses in it like a charge.Then this charge is sent to the gun systems and gased and pressurized into the gun then recoiled to ram the particles into another process releasing the charge inside the plasma like shock cannons fire HEL.Wave Motion Gun is when all of the energy stores diverted to the wave motion gun systems.Firing and the gases are charging up the cannon inside the ship.Energy from the engines are with plasma stores sent to the wave motion gun which will then intake the plasma stores with an injection system to make a reaction of HEL flood of energy fire out he the gun a phase inverted Star's energy out the barrel from a reaction to cause a energy wash.Range and firepower this will hit

Ark Royal schematics carrier

the enemy and chargeup and penetration enemy with implosion.AA lasers can charge up as defenses to fire extended range at enemy.Keep their distance in Space warfare.Fire a pulse charge of energy that can explode and cuts through armor,melt and destroy shields.They can use live munitions,shells fire through space and hit their target guided.The munitions are all types being from projectile explosives to torpedo space munitions.Launchers will fire projectile explosives which will curve armed with rockets and missiles for firing.Space torpedos for opening from side panels fire at the enemy as they are fired from the torpedo banks that can fire energy torpedos as well as live munitions.The mecha are droids that are of mobile doll make.They are fast and like battloids but beings.They carry armaments as lasers and hand held weapons.They have explosives and can travel with their verniers at high speeds and velocity high monuver with vacuum they create in superior flight mode of soldier robot.Very fast and with their probes network form amazing system for war leaving their dropship warship for battle.Dropships have alot of firepower and highly monuverable.They have fields barriers as their regenerative metal ore outer hull internally.

Space Cruiser

Space Cruiser Warship Maker:Alien Zarconia Technology Shipyard Length:2400 Meters.more than 1 half mile long.Propulsion GE Fusion Engine systems Electronics Countermeasures:Alien systems Radar Sonar systems Instruments Armaments:3 rows of Shock cannons 218M guns 858267.71653543 calibers.Krypton lasers and Burst Plasma guns.Ordinance Munitions and AA lasers.Wave motion Torpedos and launchers to firing HE.And the Wave Motion Gun variant Zarconian.Space Mecha Droid Mobile Doll sentient Soldier Robots and Dropships.Dropships have a bigger instrument{Countermeasures} for enemy activity and sends messages and records this for mechas in future.Bigger instruments that can powerup armaments systems as its cannons and missiles,munitions.Laser guns and HEL.These warships are cruisers and have different instruments to the name cruisers.They have tracking systems for deep space and space situations.They are powered from the power core.The Engine is refined and for moderate cruising instead all out firepower of dreadnaught.Faster and can send a bombardment.It has torpedo banks for energy fire and live munitons Space torpedos.Missiles for space and launcher systems.Bays and hangars for mecha's and dropships and our own fighters to dock at.Changed due to the mission either mecha and fighters.Ordnance energy fire from Krypton lasers and Burst Plasma guns fire energy fire at the enemy in a current of concentrated energy.Long range and phaser banks.Force field barrier systems to generate out of a radius.

Starship Battlecruiser

Starship Battleship Length 2100Meters Propulsion GE Fusion Engine Twin Warp Impulse.Maker Alien Starship Technology Systems Maker Zarco Armaments:Shock cannon battery 190 Meters 748031.49606299Calibers Secondary Ion cannons smaller than shock cannon turrets,Launchers and space munitions,Torpedos and AA lasers range extended. Electronics Countermeasures:Radar and Sonar retained from WW and shipped from space worlds compatibly upgraded to alien Space level radar and sensors using large instruments. Carries Space mecha Droid Mobile Doll Battloid Soldier mecha.Barrier system.A line of defense where the enemy hits outer field radius to disapate the enemy fire before the kinetic energy reaches certain radius of barrier.Hit outer made no effect and is harder than any alloy,uses principles of universe in space as gravity.Dropships as they are adopted to Space Naval purposes as fighters play a role and demand to ships wanting faster transformation led to Sentinel Battloids that flew superior at high velocities and high monuverabilities,responses.They were fast and could attack as a

Aerospace Droid Mobile Doll

soldier with proper vernier system.Faster and attack prepared in robot transformation.Heavy suppressed a

Zarco Inbit Regime Sentinel Battloid Soldier

utomatics and laser guns that were suppressed ammo.Deadly with probes system,response beyond any robot soldiers and systems for Military warfare in space for Army soldiers, transformed merger with pilot as a master inside linkup t the Mobile Doll Sentinel.Formidable systems delivery of warfare blitz response and to go in as trained space commando,Countermeasures.Force field barrier relies on like voltage but made into an energy and force as protection.Disapates fire from a radius.Explosion in kinetic is not hitting a hard surface but in gravity a flexible surface,emitters.Armor underneath also is a precaution and is re-generative metal alloy.Rebuild itself.Space Troops and same teachings and behaviour as a troop to space environment.Many protocols a soldier goes to and procedures was excellent.Soldiers from Earth in descent but in Space world. Type Warship:Space Carrier Space Army. Space Frigate.Length 6000Meters long.Builder:Zarco Naval Shipyard Terminal.Propulsion Fusion Engines series.Series of Fusion engines and Verniers with Antigravity systems and vacuum.Compliment:25 000 Comet

VSTOL Comet Fighter


Wasp Fighter


Comet Superiority Interceptor Fighter


Zarco Dropships

fighters and Wasp.In its robot mode its about 17ftThese fighters can be loaded to take up to 1000lbs of munition in them to fly at high speeds in outer space and release them as Wave Motion HE.Wave Motion HE then make to their target using Wave Motion energy.Accuracy and effectiveness.Potential is very high at destroying the enemy on target with a torpedo run.Destroying ships and fighting with enemy fighters.The enemy fighters are machines and these are the robots that are beings we are after to fight with.Fighting in battlefield of space to clear interceptors to make way to war vessels and fleets.Compact size to avoid enemies in space,crowding and group ups.To slow down speed and change the dimensions around.Avoid this and to act as soldiers in space.Go to their vehicles for more abilities from robot.Decimation them level them with wave motion missiles.Speed of surprise attack.Jammers on carriers.Then to track them long distance and conduct the attack.Arms and extra HE of the warships being the Space Wing.Using our law enforcement alien backings of Space UN.VSTOL Comet Fighter Robot Vehicle Being{wingspan end of 40ft} is armed with internal mm laser guns on wings and weapons pilons for carrying wave motion Munitions and HE.They can fire missiles and have systems with missiles and rocket pods systems.They have mm laser cannons on hands in robot armor penetrating with long range.Superiority Comet Fighter has longer range and set of missiles.Wingspan will be in 40's of feet long.They can equip themselves with ship destroying Wave motion munitions and HE missiles.They can dive bomb and make a missile run to drop ordnance to destroy enemy ships.They have powerful powerplant that runs on burning space and atmosphere as force converted from fusion and plasma.No fuel.Fuel is radiation.Mini reactor inside them produce such a reaction.Fusion in verniers refined force at the CPU and systems response in speeds and commands.The Comet Fighter Interceptor is armed with light weight weaponry MM laser energy cannons that fire energy fire and rapid fire from their laser guns from Cybertron Gobotron.Long range camera tracking system with pilot module transformation linkup in Cockpit for warfare.They have Space upgraded versions of BETA,PARCS DEW and mixed as example systems.This means the moving systems like propulsion,electronics and weapons work with special systems.They are two unit combiners that have interfaced tracking systems and systems propulsion and warp Space fold drive.Carry pods that can fire rockets with CPU intelligence for space combat and potential to destroy enemy shields and warfare in space.Space Bomberfortress and Covert Ops craft. Electronics:Alien Tech Systems Detection Sensors Deep Space Sensors to detect and upgrade the hangar alert to fighter.First sweep then many sweeps for Extended range detection for SMITE Teleportation warfare tracking of enemy then launch and attack.Many sortie Special operations.Space Bomberfortress operations.

Zarco Haydonite Crow Bomber Being Robot Vehicle


Space Bomberfortress

Space Carrier carries munitions and has a magazine that cooks and controls and monitors munitions as a storage that monitors and controls activity for munitions making them intelligent for war.CPU.Magazine is then for loading the wings and weapons pilons of the fighters and Bomberfortress bombay.WMD have special magazine storage.Deadly part that the carrier is loading the wings of the fighters.And their payload and transported by carts that use robotics.Magazine for Space wing and the Mag for the carrier defenses firing missiles and munitions from launchers to protect itself.If the Space Wing is not in air then its munitions and heavy Ion Cannons protect carriers in space.

Spacecraft Carrier

All carriers are within mile long and longer.But they retain this for their bouncy and their platform on alien worlds seas and bodies of water which makes a carrier a carrier with its effectiveness.Space wing can carry out attacks and the ship is very monuverable.Anti gravity systems and advanced tracking systems and sensors that hitchup to probes.Instruments then as they acellerate particles gain in information preform many tasks.Especially to conduct tests in space to match sensors which are giant instruments embedded in warship.They make a system and have many modes like defenses.Countermeasures.Propulsion:

Space Carrier


Space U.Boat


Space Sub




Space U.Boats

Many types of Space U.Boats that operate on an engine that deals with vibrations and Real Space.Its inside of Subspace and hyperspace.Inside they are leaping space at slow speeds but also are submerged in energy in another dimension.They are like seas but in space and outer space.Engine has to do with vibrations.This engine as space ship is a contributer to power supply and propels the war vessel through space.Alien technology designer for our empire along with Cybertron Gobotron contributer.From our loyalties and growing as a new empire in outer space.Aliens would make us part of their alliance in choice and from Queen Armada.That is the way I function.Our Space UN forces will also be a maker.Fusion output to put it at the speeds and weight level of thrust to make it over thrust and silent.Noise but not as much in cruising.Then it can make a jump in light speed or Space fold to disappear and re-appear in outer space very far,leap.Galaxy to galaxy.Our barrier system is based on force fields projecting current that is manipulated by computer processor and made into a new energy merger of many energies that have been made to force.Weapons:Our U.Boats use energy Ion cannon fire,phaser and torpedo banks fire to firing energy fire to catch the enemy off guard then to live munitions.Long and extended range its protected but uses this as propulsion to make it look like covered in energy,speed and protection.Come out of a dimension and fire to catch the enemy off guard and to use subspace as cover from enemy fire.Continue til enemy destruction.Length:U.Boats are 1 sixth size of war vessels,1 seventh of a mile long to largest space subs 1 sixth.880 Meters.Close to 980meters.U.Boats have a hangar for Space Craft and mechas.They can come aboard when the defenses lowered but very protective.It only allows our own and will destroy intruder.Alert go on and deadly AA lasers with all craft zeroing in on enemy with war vessel.Barrier system can be used to destroy and protect.U.Boats electronics has been upgraded to what they demand in Subspace ocean in space.Equipment must fool enemy and is not radar.But they have electronics that will switch modes to U.Boat electronics radar,sonar.Long range detection to any range. Zarco Japanese Comet Empire Battleship{Space Army} Maker: Terminal Shipyard and Cybertron Gobotron Alien Technology Length:3000Meters roughly.Propulsion:Fusion Engines Comet Japanese Empire Vernier systems Electronics:RADAR and Sonar Radar Space Alien Technology Zarco N

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire battleship


Space Rocket Cruisers

avy Any range Sensors Countermeasures:barrier system and AA lasers,electronics systems. Weapons:272.73Meter Guns Energy Shock Cannons Alien variant 1073740.1574803 Calibers Series 5 batteries

Zarconia Space Rocket Cruiser Maker:Zarco Pluto Terminal Shipyard Length 2800 Meters Propulsion:Fusion Rocket Engines Verniers systems Twin Warp Impulse Electronics:RADAR tracking Alien Zarco Navy Radar Systems Countermeasures:Decoy flares and force field barrier,electronics Weapons 254.54Meters 1002125.984252 Calibers Shock Cannons Zarco variant front and rear guns,series of rocket and missile launchers under deck robotic arm clamps launchers and side assault panel launchers.Secondary Ion cannons smaller than shock cannons.                                                                               Space Frigate Zarconian class  {Space Army} Maker:Cybertron Gobotron Milky Way Terminal Shipyard Alien Technology   Length 900 ft x 110ft x 50 ft Propulsion Fusion Engine and Power Source Fusion Power Core  Electro


Zarconia Space Frigates

nics RADAR and enhanced alien upgraded Frigate systems and added space Sensors Suite and Tracking to Starship Countermeasures decoys and barrier system,AA laser   Weapons Optical laser bow and Particle beam cannon retracts in a bay hatches open and shut.Moveable panel launchers and Hydraulic reflex launchers systems,Space energy mortar,laser Phalanx and heavy machine laser guns,missile system launchers,Phaser banks and proton photon torpedo banks  Translationing and upgrading Space Frigete from escavating the 20th Century Frigates and their systems turned into alien systems with Queen Armada and Zarconian upgrades to Starship.Problems in each area including upgraded AA.Making it a heavy weight and power small size vessel that is more powerful than most superships and dreanaught battlecruisers of the enemy.Monuverability and extra speed as it can Space warp.It has fusion engine and power core with CPU core adds more commands and precision to all systems and alien sensors and tracking systems.Barrier system is very powerful as its re-generative hull insides.This machine is Zarconian terminals creation.

Elco class diagram full

Elco class vessels

120mtanker tech

Cargo Transport Tanker

597828 (1)

Cargo Transport


Auxilary Cruiser


Auxialry Cargo Transport


Bulk Cargo Vessel


Cargo Freightor

Water Liberty ship drawing

Auxilary Cargo Transport

Huge salvage ship elbrus by kara alvama-d48ixx9

Huge Salvage Ship


Huge Salvage Ship


Benson WW2 destroyer


WW2 destroyer schematic

Images (1)WW2 destr

WW2 destroyer schematics


Russian Cold War Destroyer schematic

Layout stor

Destroyer schematics


Arleigh Burke Destroyer schematics

178056 2

British Destroyer schematic


Arleigh Burke Destroyer schematic


Missile Destroyer schematic


Cold War Destroyer

Type 45 destroyer

Type 45 Destroyer schematic

Diagram of USS Decatur (DDG-31) as Self Defense Test Ship

Test Defense Warship diagram

Sverige class BB protection by Lioness Nala

Sverige class warship


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic

2014-10-10 19.24.13

Argo Schematic


Argo Schematic


EDF Starship schematic


EDF Starship schematic


Balao class

Guppy fig1

USS Cubera schematic

Royal Sovern class

Royal Sovern Class


schematics of Cold War Frigate

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate (long hull) outboard profile

Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate schematic


dreadnaught schematic


U.Boat cuttway


U.Boat cuttway


Type XXI U.Boat


Type 227

Battleship asbestos diagram

USS Iowa schematics


WW2 battleship schematic

2013-11-29 16.33.38

Cartoon Force Five Aircraft Carrier

HMS Dreadnought in spaaaaace by JanBoruta



WW2 battleship schematics


Tirpitz schematic

Nelson-class schematics

Nelson battleship schematic


WW2 Allied Aircraft carrier schematics

Yorktown-class carrier technical drawing 1953 (1)

USS Yorktown Aircraft carrier schematics


WW2 US aircraft carrier blueprints


WW2 Allied Aircraft Carrier schematics


US CVN-76 schematic aircraft carrier

SHIP CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt Cutaway lg

Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier schematics

Battle carrier uss kerasage by tacrn1-d4r29qg

Battlecarrier USS Kerasage

Z0lqlsl (1)

WW2 German Sub schematics


WW2 German sub schematics


WW2 German Submarine schematics

Oberon layout b

Oberon Submarine schematics


WW2 US submarine schematics

Type VII cutaway

Type VII Submarine schematics


German WW2 Submarine schematics

SHIP SSK Kilo Class Cutaway lg

USS Kilo class Submarine schematics

SHIP SSN-688I Los Angeles Class Cutaway lg

Los Angeles class Submarine schematics

US - SSN Virginia Class Cutaway 774-794731

USS Virginia class submarine schematics


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