Elysia Khan being witch tranny mode pilot Cpt.


Princess Armada Elysia Khan


Princess Armada Elysia Khan

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Sparks starter Pirates middle 70's to late 80's sidearmer
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Princess Elysia Khan Armada

Elysia is hybrid and from futuristic generation.!/QueenFerozK She is white and is on my PS Home character.She investigative.She is pilot of the future.She utilizes state of the art systems to their fullest.She is a daredevil and her squadrons will work with Younice .Elysia is self sufficient and intelligent and secretive extremely clean and showered clean rear,reproduction from transexual females . Elysia has hand out on the field experience for science.She is well spoken and is born from me in evolution getting older and she is new blood and is replacing the old past with upgrading.She is a great innovator.She has a situation and can think of many choices or decisons.She uses her thinking and what is stored in her knowledge.She has reflexes in situations.She will go with protocal.She uses and sets up using hybrid technology with firepower and raw technology.She has enginuity with technology.She gained and beats her grades.She gets the job done in guidelines and stays within those and nothing extra.Controlled instructions.Uses format but will innovate a new protocal.She is for complications.She works on instructions with complicated memorized patterns and fundementals.Use scouting and recon.She is more fo persuer.She sounds the tactics and leads to send out forces.She customizes her things with complicated systems.Fully prepared and she goes out.Excellent judgement.Elysia is a doctor MD's degree.She is into medical.Pitch in.Contribute.Elysia is going to grow up in a supercontinent of robot beings.They are space travelling and futuristic.Modern and solid in government and sectors the continent is divided into.We will live in between touching equator alien planet to covering the poles.We will live in the historic area city where it is cold and cloudy and fall like ON weather.Cloudy and she will travel to school on her transatmospheric skateboard to school with her sisters Princess Armada's.They will hangout and come home many miles to giant historic home.They will commute and investigate the tropical coasts of continent that go from equator to poles.Cities are developed and booming with space travel.They then can go on the space highways to industrial parks of electronics and other industry and borders a giant woods and forests with the two coasts one being tropical,10C.Woods goes to the poles and is developed for robot people.Mountains with highways and cities above.Then the poles and their cities booming with 10C weather and rainfall in poles.Part of it is subarctic.She

Princess Aramda's tomb souls of attractive women "Atlantis"

is taught by me her Mom fill her with teachings and she only trusts me and she is like a Contra in my hierarchy.I am going to train her in flight and to do warfare and fighting and terminating martyrs present.She is very tough in attitude.She is my martial and is like my own death angel.Elysia is technologically intelligent and is part of her power and abilities.She is authoratative strong.She is very intelligent like a veteran.She is wise.She takes my teachings serious and will land on Mom's flagship to do inspection and in bridge to see her olders sisters and Mom Feroz.She will have decontamination done as fighters

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do.When she is a transformer gobot she is very fierce a fighter and commands and reading the book of Zarconia policies and manual of government space.History is her strength.She uses and goes into Space BETA,PARCS,DEW as she is a technician as being smart in sciences .She is like a secret agent.She from her intelligence has psychic telekenetic power.She is for her family and pride of McLaughlin family and to
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GAH Instructions Venusian Aliens

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Inside Venusian UFO

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Venusian UFO

bring it back with her victories.She is authoratative in nature to threaten like a police in my family souls.She does things properly.Very efficient and well spoken.She is a reader,some of that past relying on books and paper backs,encyclopedias,fiction and novels for knowledge as she investigates.Literature.And
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GAH instruction booklet


GAH instruction booklet

religion book,Quran.She flies properly from me but cuts down enemies.She makes reports and is a scouter.Using Space BETA.She is very hybrid.She can have abnormal skills as she does in her participation.Looks over systems check and their working.I want Elysia to be there on her space Carrier when Azalea or Feroza,Gloria calls for air support from Space wing emergencies Elysia is there very fast to my flagship.Takes down reports.Network and uses IPODS and cellulars.She takes
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Princess Elysia Khan Armada PSN

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Elysia Khan ON PSN

matters with me very serious and is an attacker.She will penatration the enemy and exterminate them,waste them.She is deceptive.She is very futuristic and hybrid and is much like youthful but wise.She is fighters.Elysia has elements that are spread out and need to be collected and put into me by Transformers Gobot Universe Guardian.She as all of them are like me,I put myself into them so they can fight and are smart in situations,make right decision.She lives inside of me as souls of attractive shemales.I have put fundementals and
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Giant Pretender Planet

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Poles Continent Alien World Cities

regulations on their lives where it does not bring in trouble to us in our family down from me.They will be made wise by be and we will go out and have hand experience on the field and training and practice.I am not a harsh mother to shemales and they will learn alot from me cause that is the way I am.They will practice my rules on their own.I am allowed to meddle and enter any type of teachings to them and to take them out and practice and fly through space as a family.They will have their dreamworld space skateboards and are taught to add respect and to follow rules in my life that cycle in not bringing in problems.They are not continuing for the Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin family and are committed to Zarconia.I have given them Sci Fi military space cartoons but real.They are the ones I chosen and in that order.Then I will teach them real things in our family,harms,dangers,procedures,rules,health,safety,report to me as mother and their only parent as I have invented her as I had to,transform and fly through space,journey,growing to adult and long journeys and as a Khan they are from and isolationist family that journeys far and needs defenses and rules fall back in.We are strangers.Not to be over loving and ones from me Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin since she is riding inside of my chest like a seat viewing out my eyes and made of me and into technology evolution proces.You can count on me Queen Armada,Princess Armada. I have mother rules on her and for other races and socialize which is not popular with me so she has her own sisters as family.We have some sciences and practicality which brought me in as a judge.She does not live ordinary but lives positive to cope with negativity.They are taught of the cat family of beings and we are as people and tribe but don't look as cats with hair on our body,realities,teachings,family,background,history,religion,race,interact.And history.And to be an improvement of me and learn why I am my way and to enter me in.Every Princess Armada is my genuine daughter,not from another family at all,shut and lock off and have ways to approach them.Laws and government.protocals,history.They like attractive women and the same as themselves but under our family.Elysia is outgoing and non-mental,she did not inherit disease from me.I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process inside my body as Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin,transexual female mother's name.Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin.Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny.I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities..Self sufficient and a leader.She likes what she can reproduce that is in her level which is really beautiful from me Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin.She also can make a direct action.She also upholds my rules and regulations and enforces them and believes in them as strength.She is a fighter all of them are and she is the leader of Princess Armada.She is supposed to take on our enemies.Elysia is perceptive.She picks up on things as a master advanced future fighter pilot and can carry out sorties and is excellent nocturnal outer space.She is spacebourne.She is great at other roles and I picked her for pilot and Space Airforce and space carrierbourne.She does preparation and is loaded and ready.She is above average pilot.All of Elysia's elements are found and put in me then she can be born as robot jinn which will have every single thing from Elysia to become by eighth born.She is in Space Airforce and Spacecarrierbourne.She will protect my space battleship with her sister calling and talking to her military from bridge.Elysia uses her systems in attacking.She is a fighter and will attack vicious.She understands future hybrid new generation material.Temper but cools down regain herself.

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