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Zeta Khan Princess Armada Propulsions,navigation,piloting,helm

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Sparks starter Pirates middle 70's to late 80's sidearmer

File:Leslie Kean.jpg Zeta is reliable.She is every of my character,smart in science and she can fight but she is great at navigation and propulsion.!/QueenFerozK She is
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Princess Zeta Khan Armada

great at piloting and driving and helm.She as all of them are like me,I put myself into them so they can fight and are smart in situations,make right decision.They like attractive women muslims and the same as themselves but under our family Islam.Zeta is outgoing and non-mental ,she did not inherit disease from me.Self sufficient and a leader.She likes what she can reproduce that is in her level which is really beautiful from me  Queen Armada McLaughlin.She also can make a direct action.She also upholds my rules and

Princess Armada and Queen Andromeda clone endo enemy design Being modes transformed combiners

regulations and enforces them and believes in them as strength.Zeta is very calm.Type to go to protocal and is emergency thinker.She has quick thinking.She can solve out puzzles.She likes to imput knowledge.She is more layed back and makes decisions.Choices.She can be like a cop when bugged and that is how she is aggressive.She will remember things.Great memory.Reflexes.Privacy.She lives inside of me as souls of attractive shemales.I have put fundementals and regulations on their lives where it does not bring in trouble to us in our family down from me.Zeta is going to in space and in Antarctica Greenland to be into banking.Banker.Our new home in future a giant continent on alien planet.It has tip touching equator and goes down to the Subarctic poles.It is a giant wonder and futuristic and super space travelling.800 Million people robot beings have made many sectors and areas of cities booming with ariports travelling to outer space iwth many climates.Continent will have our home McLaughlin family at the historic cities area.There Princess Armada will use her space skateboard to travel to school in historic cloudy and fall like ON weather.But it gets hot to 24C and the skies have polarity and nevulas and clouds in space visible with the stars.Gives an effect to it.Reaction.Tropical coast and its weathers of blizzard and solid cold with solid tropical

GAH instruction booklet

paradise weather hot.Then to the industrial parks electronics to the woods and forests jungles which have a giant perimeter to the poles and mountains with cities up there and space highways,commuting to the them access.Cold weather of 10C and cloudy.They will be made wise by be and we will go out and have hand experience on the field and training and practice.I am not a harsh mother to shemales and they will learn alot from me cause that is the way I am.They will practice my rules on their own.I am allowed

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to meddle and
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GAH Instructions

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Venusian UFO

enter any type of teachings to them and to take them out and practice and fly through space as a family.They will have their dreamworld space skateboards and are taught to add respect and to follow rules in my life that cycle in not bringing in problems.They are not continuing for the McLaughlin family and are committed to Zarconia.I have given them Sci Fi military space cartoons but real.They are the ones I chosen and in that order.Zeta does not change.She imputs and then goes on archives past as I act like about past as a power and memory.Her propulsion piloting is able to direct a giant machine as Space warship through space with verniers command and to do  Queen Armada McLaughlin instructions as this is Mom in Cpt's chair telling Zeta.Zeta with precision and to every system.Interface with bridge and control the transformation to a being robot.Zeta go over the camera systems for views as she is an officer.She is stealthy and not type to fight.She though does driving and piloting really great,she uses all systems and controls steering.She will make reports.She is controlling a giant machine as a machine operator.Concentrate and read.She can guess what I want and the format..Controlling the ship's aim firing the ondulation gun and the turret shock cannons for Feroza,Gloria and Azalea.Weapons and systems.Watchman.Trust and durability,endurance to pilot us very far and for all types of warfares,operations.Guess disasters in space.Psychic telepath.All best drivers in my family Khan.Use our
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Giant Pretender Planet

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Poles Continent Alien World Cities

armor to ram enemy without any damage to our delicate weapons and systems.Then I will teach them real things in our family,harms,dangers,procedures,rules,health,safety,report to me as mother and their only parent as I have invented her as I had to,transform and fly through space,journey,growing to adult and long journeys and as a McLaughlin they are from and isolationist family that journeys far and needs defenses and rules fall back in.We are strangers.Not to be over loving and ones from me  Queen Abigail McLaughlin since she is riding inside of my chest like a seat viewing out my eyes and made of me and into technology evolution proces.You can count on me Queen Armada,Princess Armada.I have mother rules on her and for other races and socialize which is not popular with me so she has her own sisters as family.We have some islam and sciences and practicality which brought me in as a judge.She does not live ordinary but lives positive to cope with negativity.They are taught of the cat family of beings and we are as people and tribe but don't look as cats with hair on our body,realities,teachings,family,background,history,religion,race,interact.And history.And to be an improvement of me and learn why I am my way and to enter me in.Every Princess Armada is my genuine daughter,not from another family at all,shut and lock off and have ways to approach them.Laws and government.protocals,history.She is a fighter all of them are and she is the leader of Princess Armada.She is supposed to take on our enemies.She is great at directing us.Travel.She though is where they break off from Feroza.Zeta has elements that are spread out and need to be collected and put into me by Transformers Gobot Universe Guardian.All of Zeta's elements are found and put in me then she can be born as robot jinn which will have every single thing from Zeta to become by third born.3rd eldest and she is to herself but I gave her options.She is extremely clean and showered clean rear,reproduction from transexual females.  She will be enhanced level and University but in dreamworld afterlife.She is religious.I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process inside my body as Feroz,transexual female mother's name.

Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother Queen Abigail McLaughlin  .Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny.I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities.
Princess Armada bicycle

Princess Armada bike mode

They have power much like mine but since it is not my power it is not heavy duty level like mine.Covert Operations and is careful.She drives things thoroughly and perfect.And she mastered all of the combos for flight like split s,double barrel role,commands.Monuvers and training.  to 80's.

fast car


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