Princess Armada

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Princess Armada


Gloria Khan Princess Armada 2nd eldest all of them same parents me


Gloria chopper gunship


Tactical Robot mode Spacebattleshipbot Princess Armada

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Princess Gloria Khan Armada

is my 2nd eldest and backup to Feroza.She is martial.She is taller and bigger than me!/QueenFerozK

Princess Armada Gloria Khan 2nd Eldest Cybertron Gobotron Zarconia upgrade cs=1&s=13&p=2&w=420901&t=118&c=0&mpa3track=NDIwOTAxfDEzfDJ8MTE4fDB8MQ==# .Shorter than Feroza.Gloria is responsible.Earther and from Halton,Ontario.Gloria has elements that are spread out and need to be collected and put into me by Transformers Gobot Universe Guardian.Gloria will grow up on a super continent that tip is at the planet's equator and covers the polce in Subarctic.We will live in this 800 million robot beings population super civilization.Spacebourne and travelling at the airports and futuristic modern.They will grown up in historic city area and use her atmospheric board to travel many miles away inside the city.It is cold and cloudy but has its hot season of 24C.It has nebula clouds and stars from reaction in atmoshere.They can visit the tropical coast we have with blizzards and tropical hot weather.Cities and giant.And the mountains and space highways.Electronics corporations and industrial parks iwth their factories in 10C all year round and dusk and times during cold day as the day.Huge forests and jungles woods in cold.And industrial park outside of this travelling on space highway.Mountains and their cities near subarctic pole.We all have comuter access to the wonders of our giant Super modern continent.Many climates.Even the hot at the tip near equator and its desert and cities.Robot beings Transformer Gobots.She as all of them are like me,I put myself into them so they can fight and are smart in situations,make right decision.They like attractive women muslims and the same as themselves but under our family Islam.Gloria is outgoing and non-mental,she did not inherit disease from me.Gloria uses scouting.She is very patient at playing cat and mouse with opponents.She can be aggressive to solve matter she will bull over oppostion sophisticated.She relies on Advanced Technology.She is very martial.She works hand in hand with Feroza and her other sisters.She is fully educated in military for space.She is smart.She would be like a commander.She is very sturdy in her nerves.She gets very good when the game is difficult.Self sufficient and a leader.She likes what she can reproduce that is in her level which is really beautiful from Queen Armada McLaughlin .She also can make a direct action. She also upholds my rules and regulations and enforces them and believes in them as strength.She is a fighter all of them are and she is the leader of Princess Armada.She is supposed to take on our enemies. All of Gloria's elements are found and put in me then she can be born as robot jinn which will have every single thing from Gloria to become by second born.Gloria is soul in my hierarchy and is my own family.She is for military.She is a commander in nature.Gloria is a brilliant mind.She is an explorer and researcher.She is very self sufficient and martial.Very stern and serious   .She can be enfluenced by Airwolf.She will change into a cat though not a wolf.She is

GAH instruction booklet

a beter pilot as she has that military fundementals,and she will utilize
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GAH instruction booklet

systems of Airwolf consecutively.One after the other in using something high speed and anti-fighters gunship.I support this and want Gloria to be Airwolf's pilot and she can reconfigurate systems so co-pilot is in the front as number 1 pilot.She is spacebourne.On my bridge she is 3rd in command

Photo ID G.Khan

and can be 1st though to do with me.Gloria's skills are in explosives.She can control the weaponry and main battery shock cannons in situations.Programming the battery in consecutive and using the hand stick to manually aim the turret hydraulic machines.Thumb to fire it as she switches moves stick forward.Calculations and controlling hydraulics,machinery commands,other systems and data to when Gloria is in controlling weaponry.She is taking out enemy with HE.Her aim and what she is ordering up from Azalea and Feroza.They are all a station of officers on my bridge.Mom is the best Captain and tranny muslim.My station supervisor to go over anything.Gloria does calculations and Friend-Foe interrogator for bogies.Laser designator and reports,scouting done by Feroza and Azalea.Tactical Operations for precision and heavy firepower.Consecutive one after the other in ops,mission targets hit,nerves of Gloria,she thrives on these operations.Expert in HE.She works as a team with her older sister Feroza as I have commanded and to younger Azalea.Gloria will call Younice,Elysia,Florence,Niriyuh,Mylene as they are fighters boarding,responsibilities of Gloria and Feroza as their older sister example their in hangar.Come to bridge after process decontamination passed.She is also security.Space Maritimes operations searching for cloacked and subspace enemies.Boobytraps in space by enemy military annalysis figure out solutions.She lives inside of me as souls of attractive shemales.I have put fundementals and regulations on their lives where it does not bring in trouble to us in our family down from me.They will be made wise by be and we will go out and have hand experience on the field and training and practice.I am not a harsh mother to shemales and they will learn alot from me cause that is the way I am.They will practice my rules on their own.I am allowed to meddle and enter any type of teachings to them and to take them out and practice and fly through space as a family.They will have their dreamworld space skateboards and are taught to add respect and to follow rules in my life that cycle in not bringing in problems.Gloria is inspecting and interpreting the GAH instruction booklet for its powers and similiar
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GAH Book

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Inside Venusian UFO

instructions ours has.They are not continuing for the McLaughlin family and are committed to Zarconia.I have given them Sci Fi military space cartoons but real.They are the ones I chosen and in that order.Gloria's job is in theater and actress.Movies and acting,commercials.She'll do this in our continent.Then I will teach them real things in our family,harms,dangers,procedures,rules,health,safety,report to me as mother and their only parent as I have invented her as I had to,transform and fly through space,journey,growing to adult and long journeys and as a McLaughlin they are from and isolationist family that journeys far and needs defenses and rules fall back in.We are strangers.Not to be over loving and ones from me Queen Armada McLaughlin since she is riding inside of my chest like a
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Poles Continent Alien World Cities

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Giant Pretender Planet

seat viewing out my eyes and made of me and into technology evolution proces .You can count on me Queen Armada,Princess Armada.I have mother rules on her and for other races and socialize which is not popular with me so she has her own sisters as family.We have some islam and sciences and practicality which brought me in as a judge.She does not live ordinary but lives positive to cope with negativity.They are taught of the cat family of beings and we are as people and tribe but don't look as cats with hair on our body,realities,teachings,family,background,history,religion,race,interact.And history.And to be an improvement of me and learn why I am my way and to enter me in.Every Princess Armada is my genuine daughter,not from another family at all,shut and lock off and have ways to approach them.Laws and government.protocals,history.She is alert extremely clean and showered clean rear,reproduction from transexual females  has dreamworld powers as all Princess Armada's do.She is a daredevil and skater and goes as a team with Feroza.She changes into a helicopter gunship and is influenced by Airwolf.Airwolf and he is the report but did Airwolf episodes and looks like String but shiny face serious.He is much better a pilot than String and knows Airwolf inside out.He is a master of Airwolf.Airwolf is beyond a military machine.He is the military String.Very intelligent and goes to the targetting window and speed visor.Target scanner.He is one of space's in history best chopper gunship pilots ever.Gloria .Gloria in Airwolf train co-pilot and start training as Khan.Gloria's co pilot in Airwolf is Janine Khan younger sister.She likes my music too.She has her station and ranking on bridge of spacebattleship.She is weapons and tactical.She handles torpedoes and things to calculate and prepare.She is smart but not as smart as Feroza.Transformers Gobot Dreamworld legitimate universe sisters and their souls are from this far away region in space and are Mom Feroz's children and they are transexual witch  .She had a pastlife in robotech but my space battleship Mom made is better.She is an officer.I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process inside my body as Feroz,transexual female mother's name.Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother Queen Armada McLaughlin Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny. I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities.
Princess Gloria Armada

2nd eldest Princess Armada




Gloria Khan

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Sparks starter Pirates middle 70's to late 80's sidearmer{C
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He won vs Boston,Orioles,Oakland,Giants,Tigers,Yankees,Twins,Brewers,Royals.From 70's to early 80's.

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