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Florence is expert in Transatmospheric and outer space,deep space.!/QueenFerozK She is intelligent and is a soldier but Princess.Florence is reliable.She is 5th and from my ones under her she is important. She pilots mobile doll droid battloid mecha.She has excellent reflexes and battlefield aquisition.She will use her systems well and I made them for her.Armaments to protect our Space battleship from interceptors.She can skateboard.

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She has leadership and is leader of an army.But many times in durability and longevity extremely clean and showered clean rear,reproduction from transexual females has elements that are spread out and need to be collected and put into me by Transformers Gobot Universe Guardian.She as all of them are like me,I put myself into them so they can fight and are smart in situations,make right decision.They like

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attractive women muslims and the same as themselves but under our family Islam.Florence being in the middle of group of sisters come up to par with situations able to handle them.She studies and practices out format.She is outgoing Florence is an investigator.She is very patient and mild mannered.Excellent mentality.She is anti-mental.She gather research before she attemps things with consulting her sisters and family.She is to herself.Florence is into saleswomen.Sales.She sells things in companies.She is smart but in format.She is modern warfare.She though can get impatient and to down and to be frontliner.She won't wait and knows tactics as expert.Its the way she is.She is going to command all of our warships mobile doll droid battloid soldier mecha.She can out do enemy from reports and studying.Study to make judgment like recon to bring back things to study under microscope.She will continue studying til answer or to give it to Amelia.She works great as a team excellent co-operation and expressive.Gets her point to outsiders and proves to them with her talent.Gathers.And spots or watch.She is intelligent gathers info and data and goes over encyclopedias.She learns.She is very determined and is authoratative from learning.She will become a teacher.Florence will grow up on a super continent on alien world.Tip touches equator and then goes down or up to touch cover poles.It is super modern and space travelling.800 million robot beings made sectors and our powerful space government.Their citizenship and more powers in this universe.Our city we live in is historic area,cloudy and cold but gets hot in seasons,24C.when they look up in sky they see

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polarity,nebula clouds and stars glisten and enlarged.Giant city and our home is there.Historic in build and Florence goes to school on her transatmospheric board and hangs out
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seeing her sisters Princess Armada's.They all can commute across and throughout the continent.They can when they get older transform and travel to the industrial parks outer forests cold woods of 10C near poles.Forests and it is dusk phases for the day.Mountains have cities up their with space highways.Then the cities area urban poles area Subarctic of the planet.Developed space level.She though investigates and is an investigator.Florence will examine and go through the GAH instructions.She does daredevil as skaterboarders do.She uses this skill for her abilities.Equips herself properly for her purposes,she then goes over a inventory.She follows policies and is base on my flagship as I chose battloid Soldier droid mecha mbile doll in my hangars for its speed and soldier like speed.Fighters need a long takeoff and platform and that is not my flagship warship.It needs something fast than needs no length and time.Fast as it is get rid enemy loaded proper weapon's packs.Fitted for sortie.Investigator and her sharp shooting laser aim.Predict in her thoughts to avoid danger.She can utilize heavy firepower.And when she gets angry she destroys and completes missions with damage from my permission.Squad.Works awesome as a team with her droid mbile doll beings soldier mecha.Florence is a soldier of futuristic space but of present.Probes to her and she has supernatural skills.Dropships I made for Florence and she can command in

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warship mode.Utilizes systems as Space FLIR.Infiltrate special ops I want as my solid infantry for my flaship.Intelligence in battlefield aquisition.Thinker and takes action.Fiesty but is very
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pationt to do with her work afterlife to present day.Combat skills of martial arts brawling technical.Past is strength to her to use.She is of machine beings world.Florence is outgoing and non-mental,she did not inherit disease from me.Self sufficient and a leader.She likes what she can reproduce that is in her level which is really beautiful from me Feroz.She lives inside of me as souls of attractive shemales.I have put fundementals and regulations on their lives where it does not bring in trouble to us in our family down from me.They will be made wise by be and we will go out and have hand experience on the field and training and practice.I am not a harsh mother to shemales and they will learn alot from me cause that is the way I am.They will practice my rules on their own.I am allowed to meddle and enter any type of teachings to them and to take them out and practice and fly through space as a family.They will have their dreamworld space skateboards and are taught to add respect and to follow rules in my life that cycle in not bringing in problems.They are not continuing for the Khan family and are committed to Zarconia.I have given them Sci Fi military space cartoons but real.They are the ones I chosen and in that order.Then I will teach them real things in our family,harms,dangers,procedures,rules,health,safety,report to me as mother and their only parent as I have invented her as I had to,transform and fly through space,journey,growing to adult and long journeys and as a Khan they are from and isolationist family that journeys far and needs defenses and rules fall back in.We are strangers.Not to be over loving and ones from since she is riding inside of my chest like a seat viewing out my eyes and made of me and into technology evolution proces.You can count on me Queen Armada,Princess Armada.I have mother rules on her and for other races and socialize which is not popular with me so she has her own sisters as family.We have some islam and sciences and practicality which brought me in as a judge.She does not live ordinary but lives positive to cope with negativity.They are taught of the cat family of beings and we are as people and tribe but don't look as cats with hair on our body,realities,teachings,family,background,history,religion,race,interact.And history.And to be an improvement of me and learn why I am my way and to enter me in. Every Princess Armada is my genuine daughter,not from another family at all,shut and lock off and have ways to approach them.Laws and,history.She also can make a direct action.She also upholds my rules and regulations and enforces them and believes in them as strength.She is a fighter all of them are and she is the leader of Princess Armada.Florence is reliable leader and is attrition in fighting and in soldier situation she is a thinker and utilizes her skills and advancements.Her hair is curled naturally and she has sharp features and black circles around her eyes.She is supposed to take on our enemies.All of Florence's elements are found and put in me then she can be born as robot jinn which will have every single thing from Florence to become by fifth born.I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process inside my body Queen Armada Feroz,transexual female mother's name. Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother Queen Armada Feroz Khan.Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny.I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities. Earther and Peel Ontario.She does not wander.She investigates.She is into reading and Sci Fi and space.She concentrations. She can figure out things.She is smart in English and Geography and History.She can speak alien languages.She is spacebourne.He hair is curled partially.She goes by playbook.She is strict.Transformers Gobot Dreamworld legitimate universe sisters and their souls are from this far away region in space and are Mom Abigail McLaughlin children and they are transexual witch.
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