Zarconia space fleet battle use of particle beam cannon


Evolution Process Caretakers of outer space Angel

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Zarconian Prison Alcatraz Island class

on enemy alien whiteman forces Zaft Zeon.

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Transformers Gobot Combiner Pretender People Sherrif Trooper

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Gobot Prison Colony ELba Zarconia was made to fight with Supremacist enemies and criminal Empires

Evolution Process Angel


Space whiteman war vs Zarconia


Zarconia Planetary Destruction missile firings on enemy alien whiteman supporter

Officer Ball Evolution Process Angel .These enemies are The Dinguil,The thumb|left|Officer Ball Evolution Process Angel|link= .These enemies are The Dinguil,The thumb|left|Officer Ball Evolution Process Angel|link= .These enemies are The Dinguil,The thumb|left|Officer Ball Evolution Process Angel|link= .These enemies are The Dinguil,The

Queen Amelia Khan Armada Zarconia flagship firing Sattelite gun on enemy

Bolars,The Galactic Empire,Klingon Empire,Alien Invid

Zarconia Flagship battlegroup Battle bs SUS REF Forces


Sol System Earth class battlefield outer exterior Zarconia Space wing vs Invid 3rd War

,The Galactic Imperium{British Space Empire},Space Communism Communism which they have family and ancestory in belief it is powerful that they are the same appearance and color as a power and race and Gamilons and Assignment Help

Zarconia Space warship Covert Ops Counter attack

Galactic Empire and more.Same appearance and color as a supremacy and to impose this on other races to destroy them to this.Many are like war cannibals and are very violent.First move is very important as they from any move try to start up a monster warfare attack and machinery.They are too military as like killers.They are too evil.Broken up.Competing Empire.Threat.Intimidate and to hide and build up in another dimension.Policies.They cannot be assimmulated from corruption.Lunitics,mentally ill,mad.History is awful.They are gore.They are disease.They have to be destroyed and defeated.They are in a stage of dormant hide behind the government and UN's of space.They are a mob and mafia.They are growing indestructable machines and troops.War machine is unexceptable and to invest in as Israel.Laws are unreasonable intoleratable.Danger.Quarantine and to exiled.Hazard.Fight and argue,dispute.Violations.Rights.Ignorant beliefs preaching,dangerous religion practice and to Allah,uphold tyranny.Allah sicks enemy upon enemy on Zarconia.Til Allah's galaxy is million degrees kelvin from defeat of all enemies us of Superweapons and Space WMD on Allah's galaxy as an insane man.Change of states of blinding glowing galaxy.Weapon after weapon used on
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Space Concentration camp Space platform

this galaxy direct hits by wave motion gun.Fired in millions at this galaxy.Deception and fight over power.Creating violence and expansion,fortify.They
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Space Concentration Camp on a moons surface

are too much police and authoratative turns into making POWS and bigotry.They must be dismantled and over thrown.They gained success from British Empire. They then made up an appearance{physical description} they call white.And ancient history to back it up,some sort of warmonger supremacists that had white supremacist characteristics in

Zarconia battleground Space carrier,Haydonite Wedge carrier assault space wing on SUS REF enemy whiteman forces

spaceZentraedi,Gamilons and Galmans,Bolars Federation

Bolar war vessel


The Sun as a planet world before sun Bolar Federation

Cyber Deep Space Bouy Probe

Zarconia space warships firing wave motion gun

The Bolar Federation has a large variety of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers... most of which are rather unnoteable. Legendra (Lagendora)

Perhaps the only notable Bolar ship, this is the flagship of the Berth Defense Force led by Captain Ram. The Legendra is

Enemy and Zarconia Warship comparisons

escorted away from an Earth base by Galman General Dagon's fleet where it is attacked and destroyed. These are all of my natural enemies.Their beliefs are worse than hostile and they are racists.They are animals and worse.They are creatures not beings.They cause and make problems and disaster and rely on manmade power.They are criminals.They are very hated.They cause a syndrome and disorder on me and are assassins.They are demon races

Wedge shape space carrier enemy base planet destroying

.They are evil and practice evil and paganism.They are occultists.They are machine mechanical warfaring warmonger menace and

Space Frigate use special weapons on enemy Andromeda fleet UFP


Gattaca galaxy Space Americans missile cruiser have no natural enemies.Evolution Process Angels maintain damn and imprisonment as they are law enforcer entity Apostles.System of maintaining "Enemies".Damnation.They cause chaos and all have their role on mob council as they squable amongst themselves.They all are not exactly a direct evil bad guy villain and from Church they have good guy in them practice.There could be more who are evil but they cut to side and obey government.And they all have stories of being good.

Space Fighter seige


Zarconia SWT space infantry warfare

Who is directly evil is hidden amongst them but was interfered with good as they believe.Heartless and cold blooded and no one would want them to comprimise,disposal of them.Manifestation.And I need my honor back from them in history as they laughed at a cowardly deceptive and cunning,guile win vs Queen Armada who is their

Space battle Sol System Zarconia Space Warship fleet warfare on enemy government Whiteman alien forces Galactic Empire. enemy,comeback and sacrifice my life to their end as I am in their way to fight them and conquer and destroy them and their mouths.They are in a phase.They all hide behind the British as their plans with the angels to

Zarco Cloaked subspace U.Boats warfare on Federation

be and enjoy being whiteman.Indulgance and pleasures at the cost of my life and others sacrificed to act up on me.Shamed my soul and body and to have put me on America planets.No honor and low lives,low mentality.They are huge and have physical strength but no mind.They all use revenge and terror.And they function their military and pretend to be people's relatives.Use being a good guy to bully and intimidation and ruin people's lives and trap and persecution normal people like murderers.Embarrasement.Arrogance.Shun.Pitty as a system creating problems and crimes to happen.Take away voice to talk and to put a voice and freedoms in whiteman.Modern hell of civilization and no use for them,useless and they beg to me when I have the upper hand,snobby cool gang enemy looks down on me times of tragedy and want me to do their bidding,role model a government to do warfare and genetics warfare and mind games and playing games and utilizing military code manpower.POW and de-militarized in humiliation for them to be class above.Put people like Queen Armada Feroz Khan class lower.Feed billy goat puke and to play more games of crisis or call police.Anti-human games.And to adopt and corrupt

Space battleground Zarco Forces Space Subs vs Enemy Whiteman Forces

my family from me to condemn to lye die fend my own policing torture,believing that I deserve it.The enemies are in stage levels.From manmade beings and machines space military to creatures and Dragons and Inbit fight amongst themselves.I think its mixed up for some of manmade beings machines empires are same level or more than creatures
Combiner battle

Zarconia Witch Combiner transexual females vs enemy

12100 B.C.E. Humans are transplanted to Praxis and Tirol.

Zarconia Space Subs/U.Boat cloaked battle,battleground of outerspace


Battle colorful galaxy Galactica loyalties vs Zarconia battlegroup

{C {C {C}{C}{C

11800 B.C.E 'Settlers' vanish. Tirolians scatter over the planet, some carrying agriculture with them, others adopting pastoralism. {C {C {C}{C}{C 11630 B.C.E Traditional date for the birth of Zor'de, first incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who drove away the enslaving P'tok demons, according to the Tirolian epic Zor'deroma. 6500 B.C.E. First appearance of walled city-states, in De'ver river valley. {C {C {C}{C}{C 5970 B.C.E. Traditional date for the birth of Lanack, third incarnation of the Tirolian deity Fanto, who defeated the armies of the evil god-king Moltok and taught the Dev'erians the art of civilization, according to the ancient Tirolian epic Lanack Estdo're. (1 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

5800 B.C.E. Writing

Zarconia Space Battlecarrier warfare vs Reptile alien Cardassians

developed in the Dev'er river valley civilization. (c. 30 A.L.)

4700 B.C.E. Earliest versions of the myths contained in the Lanack Estdo're and thumb||Zor'deroma are likely written down. (c. 225 A.L.) 2340 B.C.E Oldest extant fragments of the Lanack Estdo're and Zor'deroma are composed (642 A.L.) 721 B.C.E Ein'liba Empire reaches its furthest extent. (928 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 301 B.C.E. Ein'liba Empire collapses. (1002 A.L.) 360 C.E. Tiresians emerge as a powerful nation. (1119 A.L.) 450 C.E. Industrial revolution begins in Su'tone. (1135 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 652 C.E. Tirolians launch first satellite into Tirolian orbit. (1171 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 668 C.E. Tirolian mathematician and physicist Rogelo Turbin formulates a Superstring Theory of Everything, uniting all four fundamental forces. This result is used to derive a classical General Relativity, and predicts the existence of a six-dimensional hyperspace in addition to four dimensional space-time. Fold drives become a theoretical possibility. (1174 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 816 C.E. Explorer Tovaal Lureq leads Tirol's first attempt at colonization of the other moons. Their ships, lacking power, cannot escape Fantoma's gravity to explore other planets. (1200 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 992 C.E. Monopoles are isolated in Fantoma's rings, paving the way for the first fold-drives. (1231 A.L.) 1036 Tirolian civilization develops first fold-capable ship. (1238 A.L.) 1116 Karbarrans first contacted (1252 A.L.) 1131 Ci'Va colonized, mainly by Tirolians of Rilacian origin. (1255 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1166 Tirol unites into the Tirolian Republic. top school in jaipur Modern Tiresia founded on Tirol near the site of the old city. (0 I.C., 1261 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1172 Comprehensive Karbarran-Tirolian trade pact signed. (1262 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1274-1306 V'loxian War. (1280-1285 A.L.) 1339 Karbarra severs ties with Tirol, and gives preferred trading status to Ci'Vonia. {C {C {C}{C}{C 1343 Zor discovers Optera and Flower of Life and derives Protoculture from it. (1293 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1343-1360 Cloning technologies accelerate at a great pace, thanks to discoveries associated with Protoculture. (1293-1296 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1351 Fold drives perfected. (1294 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1355 Zentraedi are created. (1295 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C


Cloaked Vessel war,Klingon whiteman ally Supporter loyalties

Robotech Elders overthrow the Tirolian Republic and

Zarco Planetary Destruction missiles

install the Triumvirate system of Government. (139212 I.C., 1296 A.L.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

1379-1382 Karbarra invaded and conquered by the Zentraedi. (152000-154100 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1393 Zentraedi ordered to defoliate Optera. Robotech Empire starts to expand its influence over the Tirolian colonies and other worlds. (161000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

1450 Elders and Masters retire to their motherships and live in their new triumvirate clone-society,

Zarco Space carrier attack on Dinguil whiteman forces

abandoning Tirol's surface. Invid begin a fold-guerrilla campaign of terror against the Masters' outermost worlds. (202000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1481-1502 Zor retires briefly to Ci'Va to continue his researches and collaborate with Ci'Vonian colleagues. While there, he pseudonymously pens a series of political and philosophical tracts favoring federalist

Army alien Worlds battle Zarco vs Space Whiteman Forces

republicanism over the current Imperium. Zor is recalled by the Elders and is severely reprimanded, but his writings strike a chord in the Ci'Vonian people and in the old patrician families on Tirol and elsewhere. Ci'Vonian nationalism blossoms. (224000-239000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

1519-1520 The Ci'Vonian crisis begins. The Robotech Masters demand Ci'Va surrender its sovereignty to the Robotech Empire. Ci'Va balks, and a major fleet of Zentraedi warships is sent as a threat. The Zentraedi become contaminated by and enamored with Ci'Vonian culture, and eventually refuse to carry out their orders. When word arrives that an example is to be made of Ci'Va, a third of the planet's population is hurriedly evacuated by their new Zentraedi allies, just as the Grand Fleet arrives to destroy the planet. In all, 500 million Ci'Vonians and 1.7 billion rebel Zentraedi escape into the vastness of space. (250700-251900 I.C.) 1562 The Ci'Vonians, their many Tirolian aristocratic sympathizers and rogue Zentraedi armies, known collectively to the Elders and the Masters as "Zor's Disciples", declare war on the Robotech Empire. The Masters dramatically increase the numbers of loyal Zentraedi to counter the threat. (281412 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1590-1790 Caught between the Ci'Vonian War on one front, and the attrition against outlying territories by the Invid, the Robotech Empire begins to show signs of collapse. (301000-450000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

1792 A Ci'Vonian fleet arrives on Tirol and launches a massive offensive against the Robotech Empire. The Tirolian

battlefield Zarconia fleet vs Alien Inbit Empire

patricians, long stifled by the Triumvirates, throw their lot in with the "Disciples of Zor". The Zentraedi loyal to the Empire are insufficient to defend the homeworld, and the Elders and Masters are forced to bring out their Bioroid armies. The Ci'Vonians are driven back, but at great cost. The Tirolian patricians go into exile among the retreating Ci'Vonians. (445000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1800 Elders' empire is broken. Robotech Masters seize reins of power from Elders, who remain on as figureheads. Though the foundations are weakened, an Imperial renaissance begins.

battlefield Zarco Invid Regime space cruisers vs Federation Space UN whiteman

(450000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C

1850 Invid military campaign intensifies, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Ci'Vonian War. (486000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1940 Loyal Zentraedi crush the rebels and are programmed to remember the danger of contact with micronian races. Ci'Vonian stronghold is annihilated by the Zentraedi fleet. Remaining rebel fleet limps away into the darkness, led by surviving Ci'Vonians. Protoculture dangerously low. Imperial renaissance founders because of the power crisis. (545000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C 1950 Zor sent to seed other worlds with Flower of Life. (553000 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C Feb, 1999 Zor killed by an Invid ambush on a seeding mission. {C {C {C}{C}{C Macross is sent to Earth. Invid closing on Imperial core systems. (574300 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C July, 1999 Zor's battlefortress arrives on Earth. {C {C {C}{C}{C

Sep, 1999 Robotech Masters authorize Dolza to use 'any means necessary' to recapture Zor's Fortress. (574800 I.C.) {C {C {C}{C}{C
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Zarco Macross forces battle vs Dark Nebula Empire

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Zarco Macross Inbit Invid Regime Assault on REF Whiteman Forces

Jun 18, 2011 A peace agreement is reached between Macross and Breetai's fleet. Dolza's Grand Fleet arrives in the solar system, leaving the Tirolian Empire virtually undefended. Dolza's fleet is annihilated. {C {C {C}{C}{C Oct, 2013 Robotech Masters depart Tirol for Earth. {C {C {C}{C}{C

Dec, 2022 Invid invade Tirol, conquering

Vampire Parasitic Creature Quadrazillian Blackhole dimension

it swiftly. {C {C {C}{C}{C

Jan, 2023 REF arrives in the Valivarre system and begins to liberate Tirol from the Invid. {C {C {C}{C}{C Jul, 2023 Tiresia Base is completed and staffed by REF troops. Massive relief effort for the Tirolian citizenry begins. {C {C {C}{C}{C May, 2030 Message arrives on Tirol requesting help from the REF to fight the Masters. The Plenipotentiary Council orders a relief expedition to be sent as soon as possible. Soon after the relief group's departure, Edwards stages a coup on Tirol and holds the Plenipotentiary Council and the General Staff hostage. {C {C {C}{C}{C

Nov, 2030 The Sentinels and the Opteran

Zarconian Combiner battle vs Drule fleet

Army battle

Space Army warfare Zarconia Alien enemy whiteman world

Expedition return to Tirol and the combined loyalists rout Edwards' forces. Edwards is killed. Plenipotentiary Council and REF are asked by Tirol's citizenry to administrate their world. {C {C {C}{C}{C May, 2033 Marcus Antonius returns to Tirol, loaded with 175,000 triumvirate clone refugees.
Inbit attack


File:Dogon sirius.jpg

Cardassian reptile


Allah stages high level


dragon {C {C {C}{C}{C

Devil ape outer space

Battle suburbs

outside city battleground Zarconia Men Combiners,teams Vs enemy

{C {C {C}{C}{C warmongers.Spreadout for

Zarconia space Carrier,space airforce assault on Inbit

domination over other races and to spread hatred and oppression and to merge into government to oppress with upper class and upper military stature.So they will be the military and
Jungle battle

Jungle Battleground alien world vs Zarconia Parkbot Combiners

government and police.Mob.Deal and do drugs and indulgence and are racist to me and us.We cannot do this and if we do this we do
KusoCartoon 13759192988651

Zarco Macross Naval Bombardment on Enemy Whiteman UFP

it with what is
2013-12-20 21.15.53

Gobot Prison Moon

ugly and subhuman.They want domination over everything to start to dictate who is what level and what race they rank as.Criminal mentality with gang like adaptations.They are vagabond.They are outcast of society.Earns their life illegaly.And at the cost of the innocent.They are very opportunistic and unfeeling.They have a free hand.They send out trouble.Human and powerless world they were big.They were made big by Allah.They even are mad when they lose.Space the concentration camps conduct lock and corral prisoners and render them from minerals and chemicals lost their war abilities and prepared for destruction.Environments of space prevent escapes as harsh thick fences that mixed with force fields.Guards take care of prisoners in space.They have droid systems and modules to aid them in firepower on prisoners.They have vehicles for patrols and from any enemy warships the Zarconian Space Army and Navy.Force fields used and use of vacuum in space.Restraint and purpose is gain evidence from prisoners.And to poke and pressure the enemy.Lesson done on the enemy to deter them in morale against us.We disintegrate them and dispose of them.Process to destroy down enemies aggressive armies and manpower.Alloys that are warproof.Many defensive procedures for the corridors and facility areas for safety of troops,precautions in dangerous part of Zarconian.They render high tech space prisoner technology for escape as to jam out transporters and from radius distance to our territories in space.Devices are screened out from isolation.Watch prisoners with micro cameras.Behaviours studied.Much use from military pscyhiatrists to aid in mind control and drugging in space.Use of restraining fields and Zarconian manpower.Physical space restraints from other worlds in alien space and tactics.No hiding places inside any facilities for space contraband.When each prisoner is alert level of threatening us and the Concentration camps he is exterminated.Gases and chemicals.Fire and radiation.Fuels.And to have chemical and minerals treatmented them with harsh drugs.Enemy lives in Concentration camps as we do not have any accommodations for them in our laws and what criminals they all are.Zarco Alcatraz class Prison is impossible guarded island that is on space worlds.It has force field to keep prisoners on island.Boobytraps that can get rid of escapees.Mazes that in the corridors have by the guards to shut the panel door down and uses of mind control gases.Prisoners are not fed food but a supplement that provides energy for them to be prisoners.They are in cells and confinement in each building structure.They are prevented from peeking outside.They are corralled in a giant yard and walls prevent them from escape as minefields which are not fuzed,intelligent to watch enemy and detonate without taking out any other mines.Guards watch from mines and recorded.The minefields tended to and taken care of by advanced technology to maintain them from above.Vehicle patrols to run down and trap any prisoners.There is death penalties and death row for prisoners.Drain information from prisoners.Firing squad and electric chair,gas chamber.Structures are made material that is explosive proof from anyone inside or outside.Defenses from outside interference and covert ops.Goes underground like a hive in prison wings.Tunnel networks for the bunkers are narrow tunnels that have defenses.They have detection and panel doors.Crawl space but they do 50 foot drop at angle and go under as network that link buildings with the bunkers.Bunkers are a small headquarters and are stocked up and armed.Patrols can come out from them and give perspective of attack on enemies.No one can access the sealed doors of bunkers.They get supplies from other island that is landing port from space.Supplies go on vessel that goes to underground port hangar on Alcatraz class island.Troops take in supplies.Many routes and prisoner areas are sealed off or have panel doors shut as they plan in any emergency use of sealed off doors.Monitored from deep space.Defenses of island can be drone interceptors and any other warship craft.They have dropped down to the point they are all combine and military.They all have lived under their government.Their planets are lousy and not meant for looks.They have raw weather unstable and awful.They are enlisted as troops and wish for their victories.They have war experience for ages.Too unracist and use racist as murderer.They have weaknesses in their invicibility.They are wealthy and like jail.They want people they control to be a coward race and brown race and multicultural races like a cuck,peaceful and non-military.Choose their family and race to government and military them while the de-militarize

Space whiteman enemy fleet bombardment by energy railgun

and slave other races to set them up for black market and oppression.When they do crime it is a setup by the government as an ability they can go to by the Church.

urban warfare alien world

They just don't arrest.Church has all crime and mob powers.DNA they judge what race you should be and change you and to use chemicals to rob and disolve what you have and to teach you it is corrupted and obeys a code Allah put in

Alien world base Zarco Space warship ground warfare

it.Put martial powers of enemy in geeks and turds and transgenders of 3rd world origin and now they are making white transgenders.They blood cheat and use these faggots to torture coward when people are chained or restraint and use them to rape.Disgrace the body.He is part of the cool gang.A male that is a female,fag as gender.Looks of a male but female,boy face that stays young as adult,ignorant,ugly looking and red in color yet they have evolved into white race yet have not integrated and are retain to look like a 3rd,4th worlder ignorant in the white race,male or ugly face in female.Psychiatric

Dogon Vampire Parasitic Insect Creature Nibiru

patient in United Federation of Planets Psychiatrists buildings.Jew.Prostitution .Gets from his prostitute mother body parts on his and his face and body can't converge properly{brain is a criminal} and looks like Action Drama Island and Reboot.Pervert.Moustaches and Co-fers.Grow their butts and chests are flat.Ugly face and frail arms and frail nose,eyes,waist is alba.Embarrasement.Saucer heads.Sit.Transgenders tend to inflate with waste in their body sexuality for boy and don't properly sit from being white.Ignorant.Bad guy geek.No legs or butt.Female in them damages him.Female touched him and makes fake,breakdown either way.They come from a 3rd and 4th world country in world.They grow drugs have low mentality.They are from ghetto and go to trouble like city in US.They keep going to white racists and trying to live with them since Europe.They followed the whiteman.They are brown,some are like Josh and light colored,yellow.Transgender plays a geek in school and in gender.They are going after what the large man has relationship with.That is why a problem happens to him.He thinks he is right that is why he is Pakastani,Bangladesh or 4th world island or in South America.He he keeps fighting with man and large men.He wants to be a raper.From frustration and that is why he is a geek.He is his own gender which is sorily faggot.That is what transgender male is.Neither male or female and cannot do what girl does or man.Impossilbe cause does not have brains or background.Promote men to be gay as "Enemies"Transgenders are a type of criminal and belong locked up in rehab.They are troubled and don't belong crossing into other genders.Cause trouble.Many "Enemies" taken them in as rankings and took to them wrong.They promoted them criminally.They tried to make them normal which is wrong thing to do.You don't have them in society.Transgender males mean sex with man.Never happen.Its like he wants to be a redneck and that is why he has problems.He also is psychotic and should have experiments done on poor excuse of human a criminal.He is criminal because of his gender and everyone laugh heads off at him for what he really is.Funny how he wants a thick wadded moustache as female.Trannyboy that looks to rowdy trouble and trouble with night lifers.He has a problem that ends up they biggot his rear that is reddish and bounce him on his head.He though is fed by criminal and housed.And he scammed British cities in Canada and in America to build construction,facility for him to spend off brainlessly federal money.They all cannot do their taxes and go to prison instead.Refugee's center in US has guards that hate him and neutralize him in his fear to be gay.Painfull and exagerated in his mental disorder to try act to portray a man.He inside is not and it punishes him to do male.They all look childish looking like beggar kid.Like a plant they sperm him and he starts growing body parts.Kids and all sorts of racists attack and mob them.They are abnormal as history shows.People hatred them.They hate gay people which he is under.Gay people are simulating his people.He is just a bum that wanders to racist cities.He has a problem with whiteman and white race.Its funny how they are destructive to him and his body,looks and not his slave as he wants.He is bad guy and Shtt mouth.Very hateable.Funny when a serial killer goes after him.Video to see a camp torture him and all kids that are normal laughing at the video.Everyone acts really funny to low life form.He just is armed,has a tazer and knife,gun from 4th world.Stubborn to carry this,thinks he's being white.Color is reddish.He is also in a Communist bio agent labratory where he was cloned with bio agent.They use him like Taliban.Part of army has transgender.India hatreds transgenders and openly justified racist to problem spread like pest.He can't use a toilet and is constipated.He has his butt area hypervated.From many men that follow him to do his hairstyle.He has cartoons and songs.He is a prostitute.He has no lyrics to song and to go upfront and sing his language for his favourite songs.We want him to not speak english at all.Send him back to gutter island he's from.Bum.Smells like methane overflowing in his body.Men do physical combat sports with him.He is fat,no body meaning skinny,no rear or some have flab and its all like male but white.Men are not going for that.Negative.Over powered by fag in body growth to be easy to rape gay.No mentality,very primitive in gender.Ugly looking and jealousy to good looking.But can speak fast like European.Body is easy to manipulate and changes to man.No power in brain or genes.Going to fast in 3rd world country greatest features and they all retain being ignorant like in his cartoon Chris{female name}Utter fear of man and man naked.Coward.,54809.msg342451.html#msg342451 Grows hight of a girl or what he robs from white females{criminal brain}.Military

Zarconia Army assault on enemy alien whitman world

genes.Coward.Jail and Prison as transgender experts of Jorn female name South Africa.Prison colonies and vigilants and skin
KusoCartoon 13857759249804

2 Transgenders playing Feroz compliments government

heads and more white supremacists,Greek

Romulan confrontation vs Zarconia Invid Regime

Empire,NJ,Arizona,serial killers,Hamilton ON.Mankind.Whiteman.Bikers and weightlifters and Jamaicans and Africans and Klingons and Italians,Polynesians,APTN .He has no black

Zarco Sewer Concentration Camp Incarceration network

in him and he looks ugly,he has no man in him and goes to white girl as a man instincts and evolve.To him

Battle of Gattaca

ugly white girl is mankind because women have more men in him from ancestory.He is simulating his looks and looking

Zarco Combiners Sharktibot vs Decepticon and Metal Robeast

ugly.Soul is very weak and he has no personality,not strong.

Zarconia fleet wave gun enemy

Experimentation by military and Resident Evil and National Geographic Alpha quadrant on Jornie.Action Drama,Reboot,Cab Transformers,Aybar Co-fer ,.But he has military rank in British procrastinating and they said he is a normal being and upgraded him and they say he is the same as them as a world peace belief and trying to change him upgraded man with technology and he is on their war vessels.Alter his face to please the world.Aim the shock cannons at his side of the ship.Decipher code to black people,signal transmission from screw up of having transgenders on their ship,part of their nature.Teach him he is not,coverup for him and help him to look like a

Zarconian forces using Nanoparticles Special weapons

guy.Transgender community and government help.Shitmouth.Enhanced to not being virgin from white girls.They taught to call themselves names in supremacist,3rd and 4th world.Transgender males get into crime and drug dealing.They are housed by the mob.They are homosexuals in species.The criminal world has a purpose for them.Made gangs for him.Many don't know what one is.They coverup up as a boy He has a bad attitude towards life to mix himself up and picks up trouble.He wants to be a lesbian with man.Go to white girl means he wants to be lesbian.Does not understand man and women matrimony at all.He is doing the things he does lack of knowledge about man and women.Drug run.Part criminal world.They use him in torture inferior.The atmosphere and danger level of many enemies being like convicts and gangs on the loose.They have a cycle and continued by British and their allies Galactic Empire.Fueling USA.They are all outlaws and vigilantes.Courts are more white supremacisits and Galactic Empire.They make terrors and blunders.

Space concentration camp installation

KusoCartoon 14357331976289

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