FANDOM  The Dragon Empire is an Empire of warfare in outer space to the

Dragon Predacon symbol

domain of the dragons and their evolution process in warfare and alien people.Dragons are their own

Dragon Coat of Arms

empire.Dragons were a factor in universe.They gathered with a humanoid but dragon features God.Dragons were into biotech. .They used dragons to combat mechas of enemies.They were made into Robeasts.As a collective Dragon race and galaxy.Dragon Universe would expand.Spying.Gather info and expansion.They have clashed with machines ease.They had armor and in biogenetics raised powers on them for war.Bite and claws,fire breath and energy breath.They were

Dragon Emperor

made into metal robotic dragons.They have reptile beings or race with advancements in technology.They have engineered their own dragons for warfare.From  robots to invincibility technology dragons with bio engineering.Dragons as a race are to conquer and provide warfare.Dragons are above the Inbit Invid and Vampire.They can tear apart and 

Red Dragon

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Dragon Robotech

eat Invid as they are mullusks.Vampire is an insect and the Dragons would snap them apart.But in bio engineered Dragons war weapons would have no effect and they would have a new type of fire breath and weapons .Dragons as a race of aliens would build up an empire and technology.  Race of Dragon people would get into energies and would make weapons.They would supply being a technological and warfaring enemy.Reptile like people and could be dragons as a

Dragon Robeast

race.Seems that would be engineering dragons to obey them in warfare.They would make warfare dragons.From their galaxy which has the rest of the evolution process of 
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Dragon movie

dragons.Dragons have powerful wings they use to attack with and weigh alot.They can fire a stream of fire and have many senses.They have thick armor and can fly in space.They would need a leader or Regent for dragons to lead them to war on humans.To invade and destroy enemies.They would be launched from warships.Conduct a war and could win through swarming and to invasion.Many Space weaponry would have very little effect from adapting to war.They would need experience to fight war.Many
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Smaug Dragon

dragons and dragons to take on warships.Growing them and robotic dragons for war.Take on enemy infantries and mechas,fighters and superiority of

Transformers Dragon

proper space warfaring dragon either bio engineered and robotic and mixed cyborg.Dragons then would have types of weaponry and adjusted to Kinetic Joules and HE.Lasers and many more weapons of a military.Their big move to spread throughout space and conquer send out types of dragons like warrior and scout.Types of dragon classifications.One that against the Vampire and Invid would defeat them.Their alien races of dragon evolution process and their Cardassian like military.Bases.Burning HEL and hydrogen stores.In weapons 

Dragon flag

with armor and more to the Cardassian knowledge.Success in war on

Dragon Hobbit

humans and Transformers.Invincibility and armor.Can they fight military warfare and robotech.Apes and dragons.Apes detest dragons and there are giant apes in outer space.Apes defeat dragons or go after their jaws.But dragon is well armed.Dragon's were managed as an Empire.But they are w

Mechanical attack Dragon

ell hidden and not elusive.Numbers for war types of space infantry attacks on t

heir enemies fighters and warships.Types of explosives and missiles learned to make and of course many types of HEL they would go with.Beings race would


use types of tracking systems and developed technology.Them stockpiling matching superweapons with space.Temperature going up.Creatures are very powerful and abuse machines.Machines also as mechanical dragon troops.Big size and advantage.Making their troop
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dragon lair

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dragon alien

ers more dragon like and real but in a technology.This creature is big for warfaring creature.Intelligence and guidance by race.Hand in hand.Bring this animal for centuries and beginning of time in its intelligence to co-operate with alien race it is.Being alien and Cardassians.Dragon symbol.Dragon has warships in space from their race aliens.Organizing themselves desperate for war for the creatures to co-operate with the beings as united Dragon Empire of aliens.Use their knowledge competing in space for a cause.Dragons need intelligence and leadership.They are to counter the government and many warships to change for war.They would have the beings r

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dragon fire

ace seperate from the creatures.The beings were in an arms race in outer space with other alien races.They then from desperation in a way to change their type of warfare which was becoming to much like beings and aliens.They needed to capture and experiment on dragons.To change them to robots as a design

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winged dragon

and make them bio engineered for war.Build systems and weapons for the Dragons and their success in war in history.Many dragons when they got bigger and better.But being an old creature with race of beings as Dragon aliens.They do not crave for power but with the fighting they could go in for the spoils because dragons beat many types of machines and warfaring creatures.If they grew which they will in future.They will then unload and release a dragon to go

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dragon fire stream

and destroy things.They would need to fight with the EDF and UFP.But being armed up with weapons and projectile weapons.From war HE.Many types of laser guns to place on
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Dragon Empire Military

a mechanical dragon and cyborg dragon mixed with bio engineering.It has projectiles and bays to launch them at enemies.Many Robeast and Sauceranimal Mechasatans.Giant Mecha dragons.Cardassians are the Dragons as a race.Cardassians though have not gone to such crude tactics but will and mix Cardassians with dragons to production them for war.Types of magic powers and things to gather from drago
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ns.They heat of their hydrogen is anti-parasitic.Dragons gaining momentum space level flight with such power more than 30 000lbs of thrust and more,60 000 lbs of thrust and to do with warp drive and light speed.And with rocket boosters as in cyborg bio engineered dragon.Then to refined Cardassian technology.They would research

Dragon Robeast

breakthroughs in control of the dragons and to make new ones for war.And to put a control on them to obey an intelligent form their Creator for dragons a
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dragon cartoon

nd Cardassians.He would be a being with Dragon features as alien but humanoid.Like a Cardassian but more primitive showing teeth and talking strange,scarey and unstable.But intelligent.He

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Dragon cartoon

could change to a dragon and made them in the form as a dragon.Types of fire breathes and energy fire.Robots would be obedient as machines and dragons.But to get them more closer to organic and invisibility.Armor peircing technology

Dragon Serpent

as in their claws to claw through alloy and enflict damage on enemy Space government.War tactics on alien worlds.Many of their troops being beings but with alien features and many types in a scale from top to bottom in hierarchy of military and government.Troops could do the things the giant dragons could not do and to combat the humans.They might pilot and ride in a dragon.Conduct experiments to improve their giant dragons.Create like weapons and resources to thrive many types of bays for transport and attack,release dragons and from Swarming.Sure control to brainwash dragons to victory over humans and more aliens.Leadership and Cardassian control.
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Dragon movie

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Dragon Empire is going to grow large.They are going into military powerup and wipe out White races of outer space.Government will go one way when the Dragon forces invasion EDF,UFP,Zeon and Zaft,Macross,Eden,Stargate.Only the Dinguil know what to do against the Dragon as Bolars.They fend for themselves and destroy any earth white human forces.Dragon's immense fleets and powerful weapons showed the White race that they are aliens and used vast alien that humans only knew part aspect from thousands alien traits they have.Their creature forces from Dragon Emperor will go to battle and slash and bite,claw through hulls warships and fire plasma hydrogen on enemies and combat them with wings destroying them as they are warmongers.They are from a galaxy in stars of Queen Armada's continent on alien world and galaxy and universe represented by eyes dragons as stars.They are getting prepared to destroy all fleets one way.They immense in alien weapons and will battle Zarconian in end for universe creeping to our borders to force us to one way war.They have vast technology in miitary and solidiers fight fierce.Their high command will say to white race forces as UFP and EDF and space Americas.REF forces.We don't know their main weapons but know they have immense warships,spacecraft fighters and military for space and war.Allah did not come close to favouring the Dragon which is Shaitan.All Dragons gathered robeasts to Mechasatans and other robot dragons creations.Gather them and make design dragon has military weapons.Mechanical and bio engineered dragons for war.Gives Dragons immense size in war to races fo big sizes.They have subspace weaponry.The Cardassians are part of their forces.And their are Dragon humanoid aliens.Get through entire Galactic Empire and white race government.Predacon Dragons and they get in between Zarconian meeting the other robot races of vehicles and robots.Gundam and robotech.Dragon Empire emblem.Phase of dormancy to conquering.Pressure to push immense size race to destroy the universe and beat each earth class planet.Dragon armies of humanoid aliens.Leaders and ranks.Strategy.Planning and fighiting Dinguil.Dragon as a race will jump in technology and go to the past and future for new technology that will leap ahead of everyone they take on.They made a leap in troops.They defeated enemies militarily.Factors not just beasts.They had them play roles to take out mechas and giant robots and navies and bases.They are unbeaten in type of space infantry.Leadership was at high level to go for every universe and Stargate.Their weapons are vicious and they defeated in my pastlife Galactic Empire.They crushed everyone including UFP and EDF of Star Blazers.They began to be a ship builder with Cardassians.Logic and they primaly took on universe for the guile of an alien race to wait and no more patience.They have every area and travel to star sytem to star system in conquest.Alien Dragon race as the leaders of Cardassians.Resources and all sources of war.Just to rule the universe and with prisoners former Captains.And the Allah Pak the Creator.Judgement Day end of the universe to challenge Allah the old man as white man tychoon.Angels defied Dragon history and took to being white race and government.Factions and parties in Dragon alien race.Their government.And their emperor is part Shaitan and wise.They were in a star system far away and to travel by navy.Zodiac and astrology of Dragon alien race.Manpower to put together things to go for wars.Success.Alloys.Larger troops or ones from past successful.Beat them in military vs white race military.Their first wars to get the whole thing even travel so close to Stargate.Mind games.Brainwashing.Spying.Dominating council.Their spacecraft interceptors and pilots.Their craftyness in technology concept Dragon.Known what Dragon's will eat as diet.Eat flesh.They breath fire for war as creature.Symbol of empire of future or present.Sciences and abilities to time travel.Research.Experiments of technology and on enemy.Bio engineering and biology.Xperimental weapons on shelves from past,cannons.And eating up the enemy and re-creating them when long gone and Allah thinks to go save them and rebuild them.Mimic out what they are and they are gone.Merger and takeovers.Alliances of Dragon and how evil they are to do with hell and supernatural.As people.Evil militarily.Know everything of the enemy.Gaining technology from spoils of war.Getting better and better from winning wars.Who is their war rating level and power level of their empire.Past to present and future.Armies no civilians.Miliitary society.They are warfaring race on technology.They are small faction but specialize in military warfare as a people.They can sway of faith in nature.They have alien weapons and technology like warships.They have armies of humanoid alien Dragon people.They must have from their immense size as humanoids a giant warship with monster tech.They will make cannons and specialize in cannons for space.They have cruisers.They must use type of energy they harness in space for war.They know of mechas and robots.Races bred for wars on aliens with past wars.They have an alien name for a race into robotics and mechas as story from Force Five.These are Dragon's people.Bred on warfare and very powerful a superpower.From quadrant in space as their home.


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