The Bolars are a warmongering race of advanced space technology.They specialize in carrying missiles and
Bolar race

Bolar race

Gunship bolar

Bolar Gunship

HEL.They are like the Communist Germans of outer space.
Cruiser bolar

Bolar cruiser

==BOLAR AD 2203 The expanding war between the Galman and Bolar Empires spread into the Galactic spiral arm containing the Earth, and a stray Galman missile detonated inside Earth's sun, setting off a chain reaction of nuclear fusion that would accelerate sun's the life cycle, leading to solar collapse in one year. The Argowas sent on a mission to locate a suitable planet for emigration, but instead became embroiled in the Bolar Wars. This lead to the discovery of Princess Mariposa, heir to the throne of Gardiana, who had been imprisoned in the heart of Planet Phantom. Phantom turned her over to the care of the Star Force, who returned her to Planet Shalbart (AKA Gardiana). In return for their help, the Vault of Yesterday was opened, and the elders of Shalbart provided the Star Force with a device to restore Earth's sun. In a subsequent battle near Earth, Desslok destroyed the Bolar Black Hole fortress and Bolar Prime Minister Bemlayze with it, effectively decapitating the Bolar Empire.== Bolar Federation are in the Alien Whiteman Empire and play a role.They are much like warmongering enforcers.They rely on brute warfare and have lasers and missiles.They will use bio war and have arsenal of bio war.They live on their home planet.They are bad buy like but much like space Communists.They are building up and making outrageous laws to merger and import government POW's and slaves.These were people the British captured and rendered their defenses useless.Bolars prey upon that and supremace and destroy anything in their way.They are taking advantage of British government work.They will do unfair laws of persection and dictarship powers.They are unliveable as a society and are a danger in Whiteman.They were part of Soviet Union like Germans.They have secrets and secretive.They are building up and functioning their empire.They are quite powerful as they are warmongers with Star Trek technology.They are enemyside of government.

Bolar ships  Bolars are beyond communism in space.They use biological warfare.They are warmongers.They are very cunning.They have shields and engines to travel space.They trick and impose themselves force to make their borders larger and larger.They grow larger and larger and underated in Star Blazers.They are much more powerful than that and have very large ships in quarters of mile in dimension.They have upperhand towards enemies in government technology as murder.They cheat like hell in war to give them advantage and are universes wisest of races proven to eliminated other races.They are advanced in robot beings faction of vehicles of their universe.They are interacted with them and this is why their troops are artificial intelligence.Their robotics and transformation is high level in mechas.Interacted with robot beings faction of this universe and grew higher.They have balance of military and endless troops and manpower for space communism war.They use their armies in space.They use biologica weapons and experiments using disease and germs in warfare.They exterminate prisoners.They are not as powerful as Dinguil.But are powerful a force in universe.They have secretive weapons and have superweapons.They use dirty tactics and high intelligence.They are very heartless.They are ruthless.They have alien government advances but as an evil enemy.They use copying things and infiltration from exterminating.They make traps.They have attackcraft and space airforce.They are at a high level in mechas and attackcraft and transformation with robot vehicle faction beings intelligence.They eat away at enemies and grow more powerful.They adapt and learn from enemy secrets.They get more powerful the more they know the enemy.They are from a large continent on planet large like a gas giant.Being from such large continent is threat on universe and their conquests.They use spies and espionage.They are like murderers but military.They have refined out their military skills.They are a giant faction from Mechas,Armored Core,Voltron and Force Five as a race of people that are communist Germans.They have interacted world of robotics and warfare.They have infantry in armies,navy and rest of militaries.They have giant warships with advanced technology.Bolars have German weapons and alien like weapons.They are skilled but when they capture everyone they will exterminate and more tactics.They will grow to share the spoils with their cousins the Dinguil.They have armored core mechas and warships.Marines and more troops.

Bolar warship

All Bolars appear only in the 3rd TV season (YTV3).

The Bolar Federation is based somewhat on the old Soviet Union.
Dreadnaught bolar

Bolar Dreadnaught

Particularly, the names of several characters are Slavic in sound. Most of the Bolars have light blue-grey skin, though those on Planet Berth have green skin.

Prime Minister Bemlayz (Prime Minister Bemlahze)Edit

Another power-hungry tyrant, Bemlayz enjoys verbally sparring with the leader of his chief military competition, Leader Desslok of Galman. Bemlayz is particularly opposed to worshippers of Queen Guardiana, since they pose a threat to his authority.

Brozof (Borozof)Edit

Brozof is the General Governor of planet Berth, the planet that has been under attack from Galman General Dagon's fleet. Welcoming the Star Force to a dinner reception, Brozof suggests an alliance of mutual protection and friendship... hoping to establish a Bolar presence in Earth space.

Captain RamEdit

Captain Ram is the commander of the flagship of the Berth Fleet, Legendra, and a member of a green-skinned race incorporated into the Bolar Federation. His fleet is the only thing between General Dagon's forces and Berth. The Star Force befriends him and his crew, and escorts his damaged ship out of the war zone -- thus making themselves an enemy of Dagon.

The translators for the 3rd Season cut and chopped the original Japanese script so much that they really make it appear as if Ram is originally part of the Earth Defense Force. This is because they slice out a section of the battle at planet Berth and move it earlier into one of the first episodes. Make for some real confusion to the viewer!

Hawkins (Hahkins)Edit

Commander of the 8th Defense Fleet Strike Force.


Bemlayz's deputy officer and General Staff Officer on Bolar Prime.


Admiral of the Berth Support Fleet.


Bolar Home Planet Main Fleet Commander.oosely based on the Soviet Union, the Bolar Federation (ボラー連邦) is one of the two galactic superpowers at odds with the Gelman-Gamilas Empire. They hold 35% of the star systems on the opposite side of Orion Arm.

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